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City of Verona Newsletter
Issue Three - December 2012, January 2013
This Issue:
Alternate Side Parking Regulations In Effect
2012 Property Tax Bills
2013 Dog License Information
Snow and Ice Removal Reminders
Winter Vehicle Safety
Verona Public Library Exhibit
Holiday Tree Collection Information
Presidential Election Recap
December Events
3:     Senator Feingold Author
         Event, Library 7:00 p.m.
6:     "KJB: The Book that
         Changed the World" Film
         Screening, 7:00 p.m.
10:   The King James Bible and
         Its Historical Context
         7:00 p.m.
12:   Santa Visits the Library
         5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
13:   To Be! Shakespeare Here
        and Now 6:30 p.m.
14:   Senior Center Holiday
         Party 11:45 a.m.
15:   Breakfast with Santa at
         American Legion Hall
         8:30 a.m.
17:   2013 Dog Licenses
         Available at City Hall
18:   Senior Center Holiday 
         Lights Trolly Trip
20:   Literary and Cultural
         Impact of the King James
         Bible in England and
         America 7:00 p.m.
21:   First Day of Winter!
24:   All City Facilities Closed
25:   All City Facilities Closed
31:   Library Closes 6:00 p.m.
January Events
1:     All City Facilities Closed
2:     Holiday Tree Collection
14:   Alice in Wonderland Tea
        Party at Library 6:30 p.m 
 Holiday Events Around Town 
Santa Visits the Library
Wednesday December 12
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Visit with Santa to let him know what's on your wish list this year and enjoy holiday music  provided by the Verona High School Orchestra. Library staff will be on hand to take photos. No registration required.
Senior Center Holiday Party and Lunch
Friday December 14
11:45 a.m.
Entertainment: Al Anderson, trombonist.
Breakfast With Santa at American Legion Hall
Saturday December 15
8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. American Legion Hall, 207 Legion Street. Hosted by the Verona Lions Club. For more information, call 845-6067.
Senior Center Holiday Lights Trolly Trip
Tuesday December 18
For more information, contact the Senior Center at 845-7471.
Public Library Upcoming Seminars
Registration is recommended for all programs. All events are free, accessible, and open to the public.
 The following seminars are presented in conjunction with the current exhibit at the Library: Manifold Greatness: The Creation and Afterlife of the King James Bible.
KJB: The Book That Changed the World Film Screening
Thursday December 6, 2012
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
As host of this documentary, John Rhys-Davies takes us back to a darker time - one of saints and sinners, power and passion. The greatest translation of the Bible emerged into a world and culture that would never be quite the same again.
The King James Bible and Its Historical Context
Monday December 10, 2012
7:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Johann Sommerville, Ph.D., history professor at UW-Madison, will describe how the early decades of the 17th century were a watershed era in English history, marking the transition from Queen Elizabeth's reign (1556-1603) to that of King James (1603-1625). He'll discuss the social, cultural, and political milieu of this period as it relates to the pervasive influence of the King James Bible.
To Be! Shakespeare Here and Now
Thursday December 13, 2012
6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Join actor Ron Fry as he portrays William Shakespeare in this interactive presentation. His dynamic interpretations of excerpts from some of Shakespeare's most famous works combine with a humorous look at life in Renaissance England. Audience members will be able to star alongside the Bard. Ages 6-12.
Literary and Cultural Impact of the King James Bible in England and America
Thursday December 20, 2012
7:00 - 8:00 p.m.
David Loewenstein, Ph.D., professor of English at UW-Madison, will trace the influence of the King James Bible on the standardization of the English language. Along with the popularity of William Shakespeare's plays in the same era, the Bible gave English new power and consistency. It further influenced much subsequent English and American literature, from John Milton through Ernest Hemingway to Allen Ginsberg.
111 Lincoln Street
111 Lincoln Street
Commercial - 845-0963
Residential - 845-0909
410 Investment Court
111 Lincoln Street
845-7623 - Non Emergency
101 Lincoln Street
845-9401 - Non-Emergency
500 Silent Street
108 Paoli Street

Alternate Side Parking Regulations In Effect from November 20, 2012 until April 1, 2013
Alternate Side Parking regulations are now in effect and are necessary to assist the Department of Public Works with the efficient removal of snow and ice. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.
The following regulations apply to the parking, stopping or leaving of any vehicle within the City of Verona between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., and between November 20th and April 1st of each year:
- Vehicles should be parked on the even-numbered side of  any public street on even-numbered calendar days.
- Vehicles should be parked on the odd-numbered side of any public street on odd-numbered calendar days.
- Alternate side parking regulations do not apply to the turning radius (bulb portion) of cul-de-sacs and as otherwise posted.
For questions regarding the City's parking requirements, please contact the Verona Police Department at 845-7623.
2012 Property Tax Bills

The City of Verona collects property taxes for five taxing  jurisdictions. The bill includes tax amounts for the State of  Wisconsin, Dane County, Verona Area School District, MATC, and the City of Verona. Property tax bills will be delivered no later than December 17, 2012. You may also view your tax bill information HERE.


Due Dates

Real Estate Taxes may be paid in one or two installments. The first installment is due by January 31, 2013 and should be paid to the City of Verona Treasurer, 111 Lincoln Street, Verona WI 53593. If paid in two installments, the second installment is due by July 31, 2013 and should be paid to the Dane County Treasurer, P.O. Box 1299, Madison WI 53701-1299.


Payment Options

By Mail - Checks should be made payable to the City of Verona  Treasurer. Please provide separate checks for payments made for real estate taxes, personal property taxes, and dog licenses. If you would like a receipt, please include the entire tax bill along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Payments postmarked by December 31, 2012 will be credited as a December payment.


Walk In - Taxes may be paid in person at Verona City Hall, 111 Lincoln Street, Verona WI 53593 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


Drop Box - A drive-up drop box is located in the parking lot in front of the City Center. An inside drop box can be found in the main entrance of the City Center.


Online - We accept credit card and electronic check payments online only. Go to and follow the instructions provided. The fee for a credit card payment is 2.75% of the amount paid. The fee for an electronic check is $2.75.


Lottery Credit

The lottery credit applies to real estate occupied by the owner as a primary residence on January 1, 2012. The 2012 lottery credit is $117.56. If you qualify for a lottery credit and the credit is not already appearing on the tax bill, please make sure to ask for a lottery certification form at the City Center or download one HERE.

2013 Dog License Information
The City of Verona requires a dog license for all dogs over five months of age. Licenses are issued on a calendar year basis.
The 2013 licenses will be available for purchase beginning December 17, 2012 and must be purchased no later than April 1, 2013.  In order to purchase a dog license, proof of rabies vaccination from your veterinarian is required. The proof of rabies vaccination should include the vaccination manufacturer name, the serial number of the vaccine, and the expiration date.
A letter and license application form will be mailed in mid-December to all Verona residents who licensed a dog in 2012. Forms are also available at Verona City Hall. The completed license application form and rabies vaccination proof may be brought in or mailed with a check made out to City of Verona. If the application is mailed, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope so we may return your information along with the 2013 dog tag.
2013 Dog License Fees
$15.00 Spayed/Neutered
$20.00 Not Spayed/Neutered
$ 5.00 Additional late payment fee after April 1, 2013
It's Snow Removal Season! Here Are Some Friendly Snow and Ice Reminders:
Clear Your Sidewalk
Be a good neighbor and shovel your sidewalk. Make your sidewalk easy to navigate for the elderly, disabled, parents with strollers, and children walking to school. As the property owner, it is your responsibility to clear off any snow or ice that accumulates on the sidewalk that is immediately adjacent to your property. You are required to clear snow and ice from the sidewalk within 24 hours after the cessation of any snow.
Prohibited Placement of Snow and Ice From Your Driveway and Sidewalk
Please do not deposit any shoveled snow or ice on the street.
Fire Hydrants
The Fire Department and Water Utility ask residents and businesses to help in keeping fire hydrants clear of ice and snow.
It's important to clear a minimum of three feet around the hydrant to give the Fire Department room to work and to get quick access in case of a fire. If a hydrant is lost or buried in snow, firefighters can lose valuable time trying to locate it when they first arrive at a fire.
Mail Box
It's important to clear the snow in front of your mailbox so not to  jeoparedize mail delivery. Due to the weight of the snow, many times the Public Works Department is unable to push the snow back without damaging your mailbox. If your mailbox is damaged, please call 608-845-6695 to report the damage.
Winter Vehicle Safety: Warming Up Your Vehicles

With cold weather upon us, the Verona Police Department would like to remind residents about the risks that come with warming up your vehicle during the winter months. Leaving your vehicle running unattended on the street is not only against city ordinance, but it also gives someone the opportunity to steal your vehicle. More importantly, there is a potential life-threatening risk with warming up your vehicle in snowy conditions. If your vehicle's exhaust pipe is blocked by snow, there is a possibility of carbon monoxide building up inside your vehicle, enough to cause poisoning.


Please be careful and make good decisions when warming up your vehicle. The Verona Police Department may contact you if an Officer observes your vehicle idling in violation of the ordinance or just to make sure anyone in the vehicle is okay. If contact is not able to be made in cases of ordinance violations, the Officer has the option of removing the key from the vehicle and returning it to the Verona Police Department for safekeeping.

KJBVerona Public Library Exhibit Manifold Greatness: The Creation and Afterlife of the King James Bible

This traveling exhibition tells the little-known story of the origins, creation, and impact of one of the most widely read and printed books in the history of the English language: the King James Bible, which marked its 400th anniversary in 2011.


The words of the 1611 King James Bible resonate today in books, poems, popular songs, speeches, and semons, making it one of the most influential books in history. But who translated it, and what made this particular translation so influential?


Join us for upcoming seminars at the Library to explore the origins and impacts of the King James Bible. Upcoming seminars are listed below. Descriptions of each seminar can be found in the left column of this Newsletter.


KJB: The Book that Changed the World Film Screening

Thursday December 6, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.


The King James Bible and Its Historical Context

Monday December 10, 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.


To Be! Shakespeare Here and Now

Thursday December 13, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.


Literary and Cultural Impacts of the King James Bible in England and America

Thursday December 20, 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Holiday Tree Collection
After the Holidays, the Public Works Department will begin  collecting Holiday Trees. All trees are chipped at the curb. To avoid damage to our equipment, we ask that you follow these guidelines:
- Place trees at curb side.
- Remove and discard tree bags.
- Remove all tree stands, ornaments, lights, and other metal objects.
- Trees that are not properly prepared will NOT be collected.
Collection Schedule
Wednesday, January 2 through Friday, February 1
Christmas Tree Drop Off Site
410 Investment Court: Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Election News:
Presidential and 2012 General Election Recap
At the Presidential and General Election held on Tuesday November 6, 2012 the City of Verona had an 84% voter Mayorturnout. 6,910 voters voted in the election and there were 564 new voter registrations on Election Day. This election sparked a large interest in absentee/early voting with 2,714 voters voting by absentee ballot. The City Clerk wishes to thank all of the Election Workers for their hard work and assistance before the election, on Election Day, and after the close of the polls.
The next election is the Spring Election for local offices to be held on Tuesday April 2, 2013. If a Primary Election is necessary it will be held on Tuesday February 19, 2013.