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Happy Holidays to you! 


The holiday season is upon us again, and we hope yours is full of happiness and good cheer. For those who have a child, parent, sibling, teacher, student, or other special someone involved in music, it can be hard to find the right gift at the box stores.  Let us help you this year to find the right gift!  Whether it's a stocking stuffer or a gift to wrap and put under a tree, Shattinger Music has a variety of gift ideas. Take a look, maybe one will be just right for you!

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Books and Scores           CDs
StockingStuffStocking Stuffers under $10
Notecracker Musical Trivia Notecracker Jokes and Quotes
Notecrackers are handy little packs of facts, tips and entertainment on musical topics. They give instant reference to things like chords and music theory as well as musical trivia and jokes, making them perfect pocket-sized gifts. Each pack is 1-1/8" high x 3-1/4" wide and features drilled laminated pages with one fact or theory per page so you can quickly flip through the pack. Perfect for stocking stuffers or student gifts!
Available in: 
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Composer Statuettes

Composer Statuettes
These little  5 1/2" vinyl busts make great decorative accents on your musical bookshelf, desk, or study. Available in the likeness of several major composers. Add a touch of musical class to your decor, or use as an award for a student. Available composers: Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, and Wagner
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Essential Dictionary of Music

From foreign musical terms to composer biographical information, basic music theory to instrument and vocal ranges, this pocket sized dictionary is invaluable to students and professionals who need a quick reference to an unknown musical term or piece of musical theory.  

GiftCertificateGift Certificates

When in doubt, get the gift that every musician can use - Gift Certificates to Shattinger Music! These certificates can be used in store, for phone, email or web orders, or in person at any of the conventions we regularly attend. Available in any amount - contact us if the amount you want is not listed on our sale page.

GiftsMusical Gifts and Accessories
MetalMan Director      MetalMan Female Director     MetalMan Music Teacher      MetalMan Female Music Teacher

Here's a little gift for your current or aspiring music teacher. These adorable constructions use simple metal pipes and common nuts and bolts to create a variety of amusing profiles. Also available are metal men playing instruments of all types - call for details or search our main website for "Metal Craft" and the instrument name.  


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Metronomes, Tuners and Pitch Pipes

MR-500 Metronome       Pitch Pipe        Taktell Metronome         Metronome Tuner

A great gift idea for music students or active teachers. These metronomes will help you identify the perfect tempo and keep it, while the tuners and pitch pipes will help keep you or your students in tune. 


Matrix Quartz Crystal Metronome: $25.95
Pitch Pipe (available in C or F): $9.95
Taktell Metronome: $59.95
Cherub Metronome-Tuner: $27.95

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Mighty Bright Music Lights


Stand lights are a must for any active performing musician, for all those dim theater orchestra pits, outdoor evening performances, and reflective church services. Mighty Bright offers a variety of LED lights on flexible heads that allow musicians to position the light exactly where they need it. Batteries included.
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Hamilton Portable Music Stand


Built with feature-rich designs and high quality materials, the Hamilton KB200CB folding music stand out-performs and outlasts the competition.
Two section folding music stand; fixed angle desk; automatic clutch; chrome telescoping tube with black outer finish; includes carrying bag.





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BooksBooks and Scores
 Eulenburg Audio Study scores with CD 
Beethoven Symphony 9

These pocket sized orchestral study scores have an extra bonus - a CD recording of the work included. Eulenburg produces a wide range of famous orchestral works in a convenient size and price for serious or light study as you follow along with the music. 

Because of the large number of scores available, we have set up a separate web page to list them all, just click the image on the left. You can add scores to your cart, then click the link at the top of that page to view our other gift items, or go to our main web page to shop further. Either way your items will remain in your cart until checkout. 
Eulenburg Study Scores: from $12.99 to $22.99
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Idiot's Guide to.....
Idiot's Guide to Condcuting Idiot's guide Playing Piano Admit it - you know someone that one of these books will be perfect for! Actually, these books are very informative and practical for someone that wants to learn a musical topic without getting bogged down in a dry, academic layout.

Available topics include:
  Conducting, Songwriting, Singing,  Playing Harmonica, Playing Fiddle, Playing Percussion, Playing Piano, Piano Chords, Buying a Piano, The Music Business, and Teaching Music on Your Own.

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Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music CDRom

Heritage Encyclopedia
Formerly in hardbound format, all of the information from the original 3 volumes plus an additional 2 volumes worth of new material are now on one CD-ROM for any PC. This comprehensive CD Rom contains bio's of thousands of band music composers as well as complete & newly revised lists of their compositions. this searchable database is an incomparable resource for anyone interested in band music. Vast listings of band composers, band arrangers, band compositions and arrangements along with publisher info and copyright dates. Should be in every band library!  PC computers only.

Eric Whitacre choral CDs
Water Night CD                Light and Gold CD             Cloudburst CD   
If your kids sing in a chorus, chances are they know Eric Whitacre's music. Eric has become a superstar in the choral world, with throngs of students and teachers lining up at music conventions for autographs of choral sheet music and CDs. His unique harmonic language has captivated millions of musicians. Each of these CDs contain several of Eric Whitacre's signature compositions. Get one for yourself, your child, or your student to listen to and enjoy.

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Holiday favorites for Wind Band and Brass
Spirit of Christmas Jingle Them Bells Cd In the World of Spirits CD   
Winds of the Season    Sleigh ride - Over the Top! 
How about a little holiday music to get you in the mood for the season? These wind band CDs of classic Christmas favorites will set the tone for your next holiday party, gathering of musical friends, or just listen to it for your own pleasure. CD track information can be found on our website, or give us a call for further information.


The Spirit of Christmas: $14.95
Jingle Them Bells: $17.95
In the World of Spirits: $9.99
Winds of the Season: $15.00
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Naxos Wind Band Classics CDs

Converging Cultures
Rest CD      
The Wind Band Classics series from Naxos is devoted to presenting the best in symphonic band music, performed by international wind ensembles such as the President's Own US Marine Band, Peabody Conservatory Wind Ensemble, University of Houston Wind Ensemble and numerous others. 
Trendsetters CD Passaggi CD
The series includes world premiere recordings, as well as arrangements of well-known popular works from the classical repertoire. In addition, every CD in the series is priced at just $9.99, making them a very affordable addition to your wind band library. An indispensable set for collectors and fans of band music.
Wolf Rounds CD Old Wine in New Bottles
Converging Cultures - Lone Star / Corporon
Rest - Ohio State University Wind Ensemble
Passagi - Hartt School Wind Ensemble
Trendsetters - Peabody Conservatory 
Old Wine in New Bottles - Youngstown State
Wolf Rounds - University of Miami

Many others available as well, contact us for more information

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Jeff Girard
Your Shattinger Music staff
From the entire staff of Shattinger Music, we wish you a safe, happy, and memorable holiday season. Whether you spend your time with family, friends, or other special people in your life, we wish you all the best for the coming new year!
Jim Cochran and staff
Shattinger Music Co.

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