Staff Bulletin | June 9, 2016
Be Cautious 
With Campaign Communication

Think before you click!

With the political season upon us, it's always a good idea to review the laws that govern campaign ethics.

If you are sending an email from your school computer, or simply forwarding an email, that deals with advocating for the election or defeat of a political candidate, you are violating state campaign ethics law and could be subject to a fine of up to $5,000.

Carol Williams, executive director of the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission, said she recently received a couple of complaints from legislators that school officials may be using their district computers to send out political emails.
Emporia Board of Education

Personnel Report


Amber Clay
preschool, Maynard ECC

Jeni Barnett
grade 8 language arts, EMS

Meghan Robison
elementary teacher, WA White

Alley Lehman
elementary teacher, WA White

Carman Coughlin
grade 2, Logan Avenue

Alishia Bush
computer applications, EMS

Stacy Wells
intensive reading, EMS

Lesley Garay
secretary, MHEC

Brandon Barb
library clerk, EMS


Briana Boyce
special education, EMS

Amy Furman
instructional strategist, Village

Lisa Glover
special education, Village

Shawn Wilson
social studies, WA White/TPA

Holli Dawson
grade 8 language arts, EMS

Sara Webster
elementary teacher, WA White

 Emporia Public Schools
1700 W 7th Ave
Emporia, Kansas 66801
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Good Things!

Kansas Principal of the Year
EHS Principal Britton Hart has been selected as the 2016-17 Secondary Principal of the Year by the Kansas Association of Secondary School Principals. Dr. Hart also is the state's nominee for the National Secondary Principal of the Year. He will receive the KASSP award in the fall. 
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Emporia Public Schools
Board Goals Report:
Student Performance
Ryan Karjala, associate executive director, Assessments & Accountability, reviewed student MAPS data for reading and math. Using a correlation study that compares MAPS scores with State Assessment results, his report shows the percentage of students performing on grade level in math and reading. The report also indicates the percentage of students who would be considered "college and career ready" upon graduation. 

The reports shows improvement over the past three years. However, board members requested more information to show how we are addressing a drop in performance as students move from elementary to middle and high school.

Other Board Business
The board approved:
  • The Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program grant for five elementary schools; the district will fund the program at the sixth school
  • A low bid from F & A Food Sales for milk and juice products
Consent Agenda
The board approved the following:
  • Annual Teaching & Learning software agreements
  • Request to dispose of surplus technology equipment
  • Site council annual reports
  • Donations: $2,365.85 from the WAW/TPA PTO; $1,014.17 from the Walnut PTO; and an anonymous donation to the Walnut orchestra program

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