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Media Matters
February 2016

The Best of the Best
Celebrate the freedom of expression by submitting your poetry, stories, essays, drawings, or song lyrics for the 
Best of the Best Literary Magazine. Explore your 
creativity and renew your spirit in this year's 
"Once upon a Time" publication. 
Contact Mrs. Ternes or 
Mr. Pavlik for details. 
What is on your mind?
Kansas Read Week
Kansas celebrated its 155th birthday this year. The library staff selected both fiction and non-fiction materials highlighting the state, its history, and famous Kansans. Recommendations can also be found on the Kansas Historical Society website.
Congratulations to the winners of the library candy count: first place Alondra Garcia, second place Nicky Gannon, third place Miguel Delgado, and teachers Ms. Young and Mrs. Roth. The correct answer is 345 candy pieces. Visit the library for details.

Honor our Presidents
Enjoy the Presidents' Day bulletin board and glean details about EHS educators. Learn interesting facts about our country's leaders

Enjoy the library's displays featuring for the Civil Rights Movement and Black History Month. A wealth of information is available in traditional print and electronic resources.

Blind Date with a Book & Recommendations

If you are tired of the same old relationships, enjoy a gift wrapped book. If you're stuck in a literature rut or just looking for something new, stop by the library and select a surprise! rapped staff-selected 
If you don't like the book, simply return it; its feelings won't be hurt. Complete a book recommendation for a treat. For crafty ideas and romantic stories, enjoy the Valentine's Day playlist.

Digital Learning Day is February 16!
Enjoy a virtual tour of digital equity. "Digital learning is any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student's learning experience emphasizing high-quality instruction and provides access to challenging content, feedback through formative assessment, opportunities for learning anytime and anywhere, and individualized instruction to ensure all students reach their full potential to succeed in college and a career." Visit the library after school for an innovative MakerSpace event and refreshments. Details are available online.

Grouping Guidelines

"Team Shake provides a technological and environmentally friendly way to choose teams for board games, sporting events, tournaments, school projects." Balance groups randomly or based on skill.

"Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!"

How you define yourself is purpose of the Lizzie Velasquez TedX. Gain insight from a strong young lady who weighs less than 100 pounds in an interview with Katie Couric. 

Core Values and Code of Ethics

The American Library Association has endorsed the "Core Values of Librarianship" and the "Intellectual Freedom" positions promoting equitable service and the Freedom to Read.

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