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Introducing Our New Executive Director

Lynne Swartz has joined Parenting Now! as our executive Lynne Swartz director. Lynne brings a back- ground in social science research and a focus on parenting and child development.

   In addition, Lynne is an alumnae of our parenting groups!

   She has ideas for reaching families digitally, so stay tuned for more news.

SAMHSA Grant Offers Evaluation
Parenting Now! has received a research grant to evaluate its curriculum, Make Parenting A Pleasure. The funds from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration let us recruit Oregon parent education sites currently using this curriculum from Jan-April 2014.
     For more information about the study and how you can participate, please contact us at or 541-349-7782. 
Parenting Now



Technology is a common part of the parenting experience. We look at it in this issue - and we also look at how you can attract parents to your groups and retain them. Thanks, as always, for your work with families!
Spotlight: Gain and Retain Group Members
Interviews with Parent Educators
Parent Educator Ana Maria Dudley (right) greets two parents at the lunch table. A parent educator at Parenting Now!, Ana Maria always provides nutritious, low-cost food and recipes for her groups.
What combination of incentives will help you attract families and keep them attending? Will child care or food make the difference? Are there incentives that reinforce the parenting values you're teaching?

Read the advice and experience of parent educators who share their tips for filling groups and keeping attendance high. We've also included ideas for recruiting volunteers.
Ways to Get Your Community Involved

Looking for ways that people in your area can support your program and families? Here are examples of outreach done by several parent educators and the resulting support, including holiday gifts for the children of family members.

One example of community support comes from Isabella. For her 11th birthday, she asked for donations of supplies and money for parenting groups at Parenting Now!

For Parents: The Impact of Technology on Parenting
We see it all the time: Parents are using smartphones and computers with their children and while they parent. Research is beginning to

discover the ways technology can help or hurt the parenting process and children's development. Here is a handout with information that may be useful to your families.


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