RECALL: Auvi-Q (United States) Allerject (Canada) Epinephrine Auto-Injectors
What Should I Do? 

Contact Your Healthcare Provider
Contact your healthcare provider to acquire a new epinephrine prescription. As you may know, EpiPenŽ Auto-Injector is still offering $0 co-pay cards. I have assurance from a Mylan representative that EpiPenŽ is fully stocked at all wholesalers and pharmacies.

Contact GENCO Pharmaceutical
Sanofi has contracted with GENCO to assist you with your return of Auvi-Q auto-injector devices and acquire reimbursement, 1.866.726.6340.

This situation is unsettling and has been an inconvenience for all involved; however, it is quickly resolved with the above mentioned steps. Be sure to manage your stress and any anxiety that this situation has caused.

United States Auvi-Q Recall

Click to review the press release and view a video message from Dr. Paul Chew, Sanofi Chief Medical Officer.

Canada Allerject Recall

Click to review the press release.

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