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June 2013
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How Active Are You - REALLY?
Batter Up!
Stress Reduction Through Acupuncture & Massage
Strength Linked to Fat Loss
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"Exercise" vs.
"Lifestyle Activity":
How Active Are You -
We all know that it's important to exercise regularly if we want to live a long and healthy life. However, if you find the idea of trotting along on a treadmill for 15 minutes and then spending half an hour of working out on Nautilus machines to be about as exciting as a trip to the dentist, then this article is for you!

Experts recommend we get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week to stay in shape. But many people find taking this much exercise at once (or in three 50-minute stretches) too daunting. But now that summer is here, there are plenty of opportunities to "get moving."

Activities such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, using a push mower instead of a riding mower, etc. can add up to a significant amount of energy expenditure. A recent study conducted by researchers at Boston University, published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, found that bouts of exercise lasting less than 10 minutes a couple of times daily, such as the kind you get with these and other activities, are sufficient to meet our weekly exercise needs.

Assistant professor at Boston University's School of Medicine, Nicole Glazer, says "This study really speaks to the idea that some activity is better than nothing. Parking a little bit farther away, getting off the bus one stop early-all of these little things can add up and are related to a healthier profile."

For years, researchers have studied the effects of exercise from practicing sports or visiting the gym. However, according to Glazer, "This idea of lifestyle activity is one that is under-measured in research studies."

Experts still stress that it's important to also get in some traditional forms of exercise and not merely replace it with lifestyle activity. Still, any exercise is helpful.

Batter Up!

Professional Baseball Players Have Relied on
Chiropractors for More Than 100 Years
to Help Keep Them Healthy and Pain Free

Since the 1920s, when the New York Yankees traveled with a chiropractor to their games, many professional baseball players have been taking advantage of the edge that playing pain-free gives them. Many baseball players from the major leagues have attested to the fact that chiropractic care has been instrumental in helping them perform at their best.

barry bonds Barry Bonds, who retired from baseball after a successful 21-year career and still holds the all-time Major League Baseball record for home runs, said before his retirement, "I go to my chiropractor on a regular basis, because I want to prolong my career as long as possible. I see him about once a week, in between my training (sessions)." Bonds noted, "I think it should be mandatory for athletes to see a chiropractor."

Former Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees third baseman Wade Boggs said of wade boggs his chiropractic treatment in a 1997 interview, "I don't feel that stiffness in the entire midsection anymore. I haven't winced since I started this... The muscle relaxants weren't working, the prednisone wasn't working, nothing was working anymore. My legs were like jelly." After his experience, Boggs became something of a self-described "torch-bearer" for chiropractic.

jose canseco Former major league player Jose Canseco noted that chiropractic is useful for baseball players because, "When you're out there and you're not feeling the pain, you're obviously going to be a better player."

Johnny Damon is another staunch supporter of chiropractic. While playing for the johnny damon New York Yankees in 2007, Damon advised that they hire a team chiropractor. He knew first-hand of the benefits of regular chiropractic care: he was one of only three major league players who had gone for at least 10 years in the majors without being put on the disabled list.

Team chiropractors are becoming increasingly common in Major League Baseball, and these athletes' testimonials strongly suggest that it's a good move for any team to make if they want to keep their players healthy and performing at their best.

Stress Reduction Through Acupuncture & Massage

acupuncture We're delighted to be associated with Jaquelyn Taylor, a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac) and Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner nationally certified in Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture. Her training includes more than 3,400 hours of study, focused on acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and integration with western biomedicine.    


Jaquelyn specializes in helping couples struggling with fertility issues to conceive using natural, safe, and effective methods. She is passionate about all different types of complementary and alternative medicines, and enjoys working with other health care professionals to provide the best care possible for all of her patients.


For a limited time, Jacquelyn is offering a free introductory 30-minute consult  and stress reduction treatment. Call our office at 630-513-7770 today for your appointment, and experience the awesome, centuries-old health and wellness benefits of Chinese Medicine acupuncture.

Massage Therapist massageCarol Hayes is nationally certified and a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), and been doing massage for three years. She graduated from the Elgin Community College Massage Program and is certified in both prenatal and pospartum massage.  

Of her profession, Carol says: "I love being able to offer massage to people and make them feel better, whether it is stress relief, pain relief or just time for themselves. I became interested in massage after I received a massage and it really helped me.  I also liked the whole peaceful atmosphere that the therapist was working in." Carol is also certified in nutrition to help our patients make healthy food choices.


Stop in to meet Carol or call us at 630-513-7770 to make your appointment and take advantage of her one-hour massage for just $40.

Strength Linked to Fat Loss
Richard W

by Richard Wolff, RD, LDN,
MedFitness of St. Charles

Losing weight in this day and age can be very challenging given the unsupportive environment we live in. While most Americans would agree nutrition and exercise play important roles in weight loss, successful strategies are not always applied. An example of this gap shows up in a study by fitness expert Dr. Wayne Westcott.


Over the past decade the use of inexpensive hydraulic strength training equipment has become a popular addition to fitness and recreation centers. It has become especially popular in women's only facilities. To test the effectiveness of this equipment Dr. Westcott conducted a study comparing hydraulic strength training equipment to weight stack strength training equipment (such as the equipment used at MEDFITNESS). Dr. Westcott tested 32 members of a weight management program (23 women and 9 men). One of the goals of the study was to determine if weight stack strength training equipment is more effective than hydraulic strength training equipment when it comes to producing fat loss.


In the study the use of weight stack strength training equipment produced greater fat loss than the use of hydraulic strength training equipment. Based on his research, Dr. Westcott recommends that individuals who begin exercising on hydraulic strength training equipment switch to weight stack strength training equipment as a way of facilitating greater progress after reaching a plateau.


Scientists agree that progressing to heavier weights is essential when it comes to strength training. According to Dr. Miriam Nelson, exercise scientist at Tuft's University and author of Strong Women Stay Slim "if you don't keep increasing the load as your muscles get stronger you won't progress very far." At MEDFITNESS we see the same outcome. Members who push themselves to lift heavier weights (with proper form) experience the greatest improvements in fitness.


Richard Wolff the president of WOLFFfitness and a nationally acclaimed speaker and author. His fitness column has been published in award winning newspapers and magazines including The Daily Herald,Weight lifting USA and Nautilus America's Fitness Magazine. Richard has lectured to health professionals and physicians at UCLA and the University of Pennsylvania. To experience the trademarked MEDFITNESS program schedule a free trial workout by calling (630) 762-1784.


Dr. J
Dr. Jacob M. Hertz
is a Cum Laude graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. Following graduation, Dr. Hertz practiced as an Associate Chiropractor in Peoria and for four years successfully treated over 5,000 patients and their families with many different health conditions. He moved to St. Charles in 2010 to open his own practice. 


He has been involved with chiropractic almost since he was born -- he was adjusted as an infant by his uncle, a chiropractor in Wisconsin where Dr. Hertz grew up.


Dr. Hertz uses a number of gentle and safe chiropractic techniques for adjusting the spine including Diversified, Activator, and Drop Table. He is also Nationally Board Certified in Physiotherapy and uses exercise and rehabilitation to help patients heal faster and reach optimum health.  


St. Charles Pain & Wellness Center also offers nutritional aids for those who seek to supplement their diet and improve their health, which have proved successful in preventing unnecessary surgeries for many patients.   

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