Camelid Health Seminar
When: July 27
, 2013
Where: UF CVM
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  • Horses in Florida typically do not need to be dewormed from May to September. It is too hot for egg transmission.
  • Remember to keep fresh water available at all times and remove stagnant water from areas where animals are kept.
  • Recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) can become worse in summer months. Clinical signs include coughing, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or decreased performance.
  • Summer heat can lead to fungal eye infections that can be expensive and time-consuming to treat.
  • Skin infections and allergies are common in Florida's tropical climate.
  • Horses that suffer from anhidrosis (non-sweating) need special care during the hot summer months.

*Call the UF Large Animal Hospital at 352-392-2229 to discuss these summer tips and how you can prevent common problems associated with warmer weather.   

Breeding at the UF Large Animal Hospital


Our reproduction veterinarians are dedicated to providing complete equine breeding and reproductive care for your mares and stallions. Visit the reproduction website to learn more.

Be sure to read:
*Review our
reproductive articles and make sure to visit our
reproduction Web page
for more information and tips during breeding and foal season.

News & Events

*We are excited to welcome our new dean, Dr. James Lloyd. He joins us from Michigan State University. Read more about Dr. Lloyd in his profile.


*Join us in congratulating our graduating class of 2013!

*Camelid Health Seminar: July 27, 2013. Topics include: your pasture - where parasites and nutrition come together, pregnancy and weaning, a review of E mac clinical disease and treatment, and emergencies on the farm. Breakfast and lunch are included. Space is limited so register here soon! 

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Welcome to The Equine Ledger       
    News for Horse Lovers from the UF College of Veterinary Medicine  Spring, 2013

Equine Reproduction Mare Teasing  
Welcome to the sixth edition of
the Equine Ledger! This brief newsletter
Amanda M. House, DVM DACVIM 
Dr. Amanda House
from the UF Equine Veterinary Extension Service and Large Animal Hospital, and 
will provide you with helpful information about equine health care and upcoming educational events at our college. In this issue, we're introducing you to our large animal reproduction faculty and staff. You'll find reproduction articles throughout this edition of the Equine Ledger, in addition to a few photos and a wrap-up of this year's Healthy Horses Conference. 



As a spring reminder, don't forget about booster vaccinations! Call your veterinarian and be sure your horse is protected against  Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), Western Equine Encephalitis (WEE), Tetanus, Rabies and West Nile Virus. These are the core vaccines for all horses. You may be boosting for equine herpes virus and influenza now as well!  


The Healthy Horses Conference was a great success!  Please be sure to visit our website for additional equine event information at If you have an interest in llamas and alpacas, make sure to check out our upcoming Camelid Health Seminar on Saturday, July 27, 2013. It will be an informative day of lectures on camelid management and health care. Remember, we're here when you need us!


 Amanda M. House


Amanda M. House, DVM, DACVIM
Large Animal, Assistant Professor
UF Large Animal Hospital

Healthy Horses Wrap-up 

If you missed the Healthy Horses Conference this year, be sure to take a look at the presentations on our website! We had an excellent turn-out with great presenters and sponsors. Special thanks to Leigh Ann Skurupey for her amazing conformation demonstration! To see more pictures of the Healthy Horses Conference, be sure to like the  UF Large Animal Hospital on Facebook! 

Dr. Martha Mallicote_Equine Anhidrosis_UF
Dr. Mallicote discusses equine anhidrosis (non-sweating) at the Healthy Horses Conference.
Horse on treadmill
Biological scientist, Brett Rice, explains the horse treadmill demonstration to attendees at the Healthy Horses Conference.
Equine Conformation Demonstration_Painted Horse
Attendees of the Healthy Horses Conference with Leigh Ann Skurupey and her horse, Watson. Watson was painted for a conformation demonstration.

UF Large Animal Reproduction

Meet the Team 
UF Equine Reproduction
From left to right: Suzanne Benson, Liane Dillon, Drs. Malgosia Pozor, Justin McNaughten, Margo Macpherson & Audrey Kelleman

Your reproduction goals are the top priority of the  UF Large Animal Hospital reproduction team. They handle basic and advanced reproductive cases ranging from sub-fertile mares to basic inseminations and everything in between.

The UF Large Animal Hospital has a large equine breeding facility equipped with a hydraulic, height-adjustable phantom mare, liquid nitrogen semen storage, a full-service laboratory and stalls for stallions. In addition to the reproduction services, the reproduction staff works collaboratively with the large animal medicine staff to provide basic and intensive care for high-risk pregnancies and neonates. Have questions? Call us for a consultation today! 


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