April, 2013
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For years, the term "xeriscaping" has conjured up dry, desert-like images. However, with the recent push toward sustainability it is enjoying a rebirth. To see what we mean, check out the myths below and find out how today's landscapers are busting them. 

colorful Colorado xeriscape Myth 1: Xeriscapes look like moonscapes  


"Gone are the days of rock mulches, few plants and nerdy garden art," says Mike Woods of J&S Landscape in Longmont, CO.  Today you can cut back on your supplemental water use and still enjoy a lush and vivid landscape.  


front yard xeriscapeMyth 2: Xeriscapes are a colorless vista of cactus


"A lot of native plants look great year-round," says Rama Nayeri of Creations Landscape Design in Tustin, CA. "I try to time the bloom cycles so every season has plenty of color."   


front courtyard modern xeriscapeMyth 3: Xeriscapes only suit the style of the southwestern desert


"Xeriscaping can adapt to any style," says Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery of Boxhill Landscape Design in Tucson, AZ. "You can be French country, Mrs. Modern, or go in for a Tuscan theme."   


lush backyard xeriscape Myth 4: Xeriscapes are zero-scapes


"It's great to remove the grass and save on water, but a yard full of gravel with no plants just heats up your immediate environment," says Amy Steidlmayer of Red Twig Studio in Albuquerque, NM. "A xeriscape can actually be quite lush with the right plants, irrigation and maintenance."  


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