January, 2013
Video of the Month
video: bluestone fire pit

Check out this gas fueled bluestone fire pit and get info on its size and design.
Outdoor Kitchen Packages
outdoor kitchen cupboards and appliances

Discover how to get a high-end outdoor kitchen without the hassle of construction. 
Adjustable Plant Cage
adjustable cage for climbing plants and veggies

See how this problem solving cage supports plants and allows them to absorb more sunlight.
Clinger Clips
vertical planters

Learn how to go vertical by using these brackets to attach garden containers to walls.
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2013 Landscaping Trends Forecast

Throughout the month of December we asked our Facebook followers to vote for their favorite patios, gates, pergolas, pools and more. Their choices and remarks provided great insights into what will be popular in the world of landscaping and outdoor living in the coming year.

Low-Maintenance Landscapes Will Be Popular
formal vs. informal front yard

Question: Which front yard do you prefer?


Winner: 122 people chose the second photo, saying it looked like less work, while only 65 chose the first photo.


Take away: Homeowners are increasingly concerned with the amount of maintenance landscaping requires.


Next steps: Low Maintenance Landscaping, Front Yard Design 


Natural Materials Will Be Prevalent

rectangle vs. freeform pool

Question: Which swimming pool would you choose?


Winner: 75% of the commenters said they liked the pool with natural stone paving and boulders.


Take away: People want their landscapes to appear natural and casual.


Next steps: Flagstone, Boulders, Rustic Landscape Design 

Relaxation Will Trump Entertainment
entertainment vs. relaxation

Question: Which of these outdoor living setups would you prefer in your backyard?


Winner: 60 people chose the second option with the fireplace, while only 19 wanted the space equipped with televisions.


Take away: The purpose of outdoor spaces is shifting from party zones to quiet retreats for escaping everyday stresses.


Next steps: Outdoor Fireplaces, Technology in the Landscape 

Spaciousness Will Be Sought

spacious vs. enclosed patio

Question: Which patio do you prefer?


Winner: 44% of the commenters selected the first patio, while 27% picked the second.


Take away: Homeowners want their yards to be open and flowing regardless of the amount of space they have.


Next steps: Large Yard Landscaping, Small Yard Landscaping