Congratulations to Washington County Nursing Home! They have recently broken ground on four new Green House homes. They took a moment to celebrate with a groundbreaking ceremony at the end of July.  These Green House homes will be a total replacement of the current county nursing home and provide long term care to residents in Washington County, Colorado.
U.S. News & World Report awarded two of Buckner's Green House homes in Longview, Texas with a four-star rating in its annual 
Best Nursing Homes issue. Congratulations to all!  The magazine rated almost 16, 000 nursing homes across the country.  The ratings are awarded by looking at the data collected in the homes.

Administrator and Guide for the Buckner homes, Wes Wells, explained that the rating was the result of a number of resident surveys.  "(U.S. News & World Report) didn't come out here and look at us," Wells said, "They looked at our measurements based on assessments that we have to turn in."

Plans to reimburse doctors for conversations with Elders about what to do about end-of-life care has been talked about for years-and at times a very controversial topic-but it appears Medicare is ready to implement that change. Currently they are gathering public comments and if approved, would take effect in January.
It's a proposal applauded by many because they believe people should have a greater say about how many medical options they want used to stay alive such as a ventilator or feeding tube.

It's a topic close to the heart for Dr. Atul Gawande, author of the book, "Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End".  He challenges people to think carefully about the decisions they make for themselves and their loved ones at the end of life.


The Green House model  was originally designed as a long term care solution where  elders could live for the remainder of their lives.

Leonard Florence Center for Living (LFCL) has expanded their Green House homes to include three short term rehab homes within their ten home building in Chelsea, MA. In the webinar, Short Term Rehab in the Green House Model - A Case Study, Ina Hoffman, Director of Admissions, and Jill Tura, Director of Rehabilitation, describe how short term rehab can be delivered in a real home environment, and highlight their positive clinical and financial outcomes.
The Green House Project was highlighted as an innovator and thought leader during the 2015 Pioneer Network Conference.  The Pioneer Network is a convener of organizations who are moving away from institutional models of long term care to more consumer-driven models that embrace flexibility, self-determination and a belief that elders are meant to thrive.  During the stimulating days of educational sessions, representatives from the national Green House initiative, and Green House organizations from around the country spoke on various topics to help move the field forward.

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It's Carnival Time in Nebraska!

Tabitha Health Care Services, in Lincoln, Nebraska celebrated life, community, and elderhood at their 4th annual carnival this July.

Elders, Shahbazim, families, and community members enjoyed a day filled with food, fun, and dancing! 

"Everything was so wonderful.  I loved getting to dance and hang out with my friends" Richard, Green House Elder.
"It was awesome, I loved getting the whole community and all of Tabitha together", LaRoyce, Green House Shahbaz.
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The Chelsea Jewish Nursing Home's first wedding in its 96 year history took place on Friday, July 10, 2015. Rose Stetson, a 91 year old resident, truly wanted to see her son Kevin get married and her son couldn't imagine his mom not being present. What better place for a wedding than Rose's home at Chelsea Jewish Nursing Home? 

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