The objective of the conference, which happens only once every 10 years, is to identify and advance actions to improve the quality of life of older Americans, and to look ahead to the issues that will help shape the landscape for older Americans for the next decade.

"I want us to challenge our outdated beliefs about aging and begin the hard work of developing new, innovative solutions that will allow more people to choose how they age. I call this disrupting aging. By disrupting aging, we're offering a new perspective. We're giving people the opportunity to embrace aging as something to look forward to; not something to fear; to see it as a period of growth, not decline; to recognize the opportunities, not just the challenges; and, perhaps most importantly, to see themselves and others as contributors to society, not burdens." -JoAnne Jenkins, CEO, AARP

 "We live in an exciting era of growth and change in which outdated models of long term care are, at long last, being disrupted and replaced," said Bill Thomas, geriatrician and founder of The Green House Project, who attended the conference. "I am delighted that the White House Conference on Aging will be bringing well deserved attention to how we're helping America reimagine care and caregiving in the 21st Century."

"The Homeplace at Midway represents a new beginning for older adults in Kentucky and for communities across the Commonwealth to embrace them as living treasures, not a burden or a challenge," said Dr. Keith Knapp, president and chief executive officer of Christian Care Communities. "We are extremely grateful to the City of Midway, Midway Nursing Home Task Force, Midway College, state and

Governor Jones, Libby Jones, Dr. Bill Thomas, and Jude Myers-Thomas celebrate the opening of the first Green House Homes in the state of Kentucky.

local government agencies, our capital campaign's Leadership Council and all our friends and supporters who championed this new direction and envisioned with us a new day when older adults would receive the highest quality care and support, without feeling their lives are being disrupted or overtaken. We trust that it will inspire other senior living providers to move in a similar direction."


On July 15th,  Ceder Sinai Park (CSP) broke ground on a $33 million construction project focused on renovation of the Robison Jewish Health Center and its transformation into a 44-person post-acute rehabilitation center. 


The project will also include the construction of two additional buildings with four homes in THE GREEN HOUSE® model - providing 12 Elders each (48 total) for an improved model of long-term care.  


"We commend Cedar Sinai Park for their vision to further their mission by implementing The Green House model, and their commitment to transform long term care in Oregon" said Susan Frazier, Senior Director, The Green House Project.

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A son's personal experience shapes his support for bringing The Green House model to Maplewood Nursing home, in Cheshire County, NH. 

As someone whose father greatly benefited from living in a Green House cottage, I feel compelled to lend my voice in support of the concept as the proposed alternative to the deteriorating Maplewood nursing facility which now serves many needy elders of Cheshire County.

My father was a well-educated, highly respected writer and clergyman who, in his final years of life, had the misfortune to develop Lewy Body Dementia, a disease that resembles a devastating combination of  Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. It was one of the most difficult experiences of my life to watch this highly articulate man robbed of his joy, his speech, and, eventually, his mind.

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Rebecca Priest engages with elders at the Penfield Green House homes


Rebecca Priest, Chief Operating Officer, and Jim Clark, Chief Financial Officer, of St. John's homes in Rochester, NY share their Green House journey through the lens of delivering financial success to their organization and value to their customer. In the webinar St. John's Journey: Providing the Best Quality of Care at the Lowest Operating Cost, Rebecca and Jim encourage listeners to "rethink all that you think you know" in order to provide the most incredible, elder engaged service at the best value in Green House homes. 


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Present Perfect, a documentary about the magic that can happen when a preschool is located within a nursing home, was the catalyst for a panel of innovators today on HuffPost Live's  #WhatsWorking series. 

Susan FrazierSenior Director of The Green House Project, highlighted the power of creating real home and meaningful lives for elders through a normalized and integrated environment,

"It is time to reframe the purposefulness of Elderhood, and as a society to recognize the beauty of each unique person."

A Special Tribute to Hannah

As part of their Grand Opening, Christian Care Communities, planted a tree in honor of Hannah O'Hara Thomas.


As you may know, Hannah, daughter of Eden Alternative Founders, Bill and Jude Thomas, passed away in March.  For all of her 18 years, Hannah has helped the world-wide Eden Alternative community to grow. A master teacher in the art of BEING, Hannah has mentored us all in the truth that each of us has a special gift to offer the world, no matter who we are or what life sends our way.

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