In Memory: Honoring Hannah Thomas

"Pure Love....Pure Grace...Pure Beauty...Totally Pure...

That was my precious Hannah"

-Jude Meyers Thomas

Hannah O'Hara Thomas  
February 3, 1997 - March 27, 2015

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The Eden Alternative, P.O. Box 18369, Rochester, New York 14618


While cold temperatures and snow undoubtedly create challenges for construction crews...the Green House homes being developed in Lawrenceville, New Jersey are still set to open within the next four to five months.  



Morris Hall Meadows will include six     skilled nursing Green House homes.  Ten Elders will live in each home, which will include their own private bedroom and bath, a central hearth area with a fireplace, full kitchen with home cooked meals and a dining area.


The project is being developed by Morris Hall/St. Lawrence, Inc.  Morris Hall and St. Lawrence are both not-for-profit agencies sponsored by the diocese.



A mutual goal of providers and regulators is for elders to experience high-quality lives, enjoying choice, freedom and dignity. The Green House Project understands this, and supports dialogue and education to build strong relationships among all stakeholders. The Joint Provider Surveyor Training, recently held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provided an opportunity to spread our message about the importance of partnership, and its necessity to achieve positive outcomes for the future of aging.


As Senior Director of The Green House Project, I joined Renee Cunningham, Director of Nursing for Kalkaska Memorial Health Center, to present the latest research on The Green House model. Renee shared her organization's journey to adopt The Green House trademark, and the value that they believe it will bring to help them achieve their goal of opening two Green House homes in 2015.

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The weather has warmed and melted away the white of winter.  We honor and love our elders while we welcome the new life of spring with open arms. Spring can mean baby season around here!

Our MDS Coordinator, Shelly Jelly, brought in two motherless day old lambs. You can see our Social Services coordinator holding them at her desk.

A Shahbaz from Whitney cottage came up on her time-off to bring her Clydesdale to meet the elders of GHL. Elders from all four cottages stood out in the sunshine to see and pet the gentle giant of a horse.

Our own Dietary Mentor, Emily, brought in her three new baby chicks of this spring. They were a hit with their happy peeping that brought spring sounds indoors.

Two brand new baby calves enjoyed the warm weather on the other side of our ranch neighbor's fence.  Our Elders enjoy walks outdoors with our Shahbazim, as can be see with elder Lois Brandjord and Shahbaz Itealya. They got to see the mother cows and the brand new babies.


In an exclusive interview with Provider, Dr. Thomas casts the vision of living in a world where the ageist slur, "elderly" is no longer a part of polite conversation.  He says, "Think back in memory to the last time an older person referred to themselves as 'elderly.' People don't introduce themselves by saying, 'Hi, I'm Bob's elderly mother.' That's put onto them. That's the definition of a slur."  Dr. Bill Thomas believes that to change long term care, we need to change the larger societal attitudes toward getting old. 


In pursuit of this reality, Dr. Thomas is hitting the road for the Age of Disruption Tour, "I'm going on tour again, starting in April," [Dr. Bill Thomas] tells Provider. "I feel a responsibility to have an impact on not just long term care, but how our country views aging and how our country thinks about older people. I think that many of the issues we deal with in long term care are driven by deep, cultural misunderstandings about aging."  

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When it comes to long-term care, Kris Angevine strongly believes smaller is better.  


"It's better for relationships with the residents and it's better for the teams who take such good care of them," Kris, who serves as the Guide at the Penfield Green House homes, said on a mild March day in 2015. "You get to know the residents so well. And if anything changes, you can respond immediately. This leads to a better quality of life."

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