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The Second Wind Tour: Act III Begins
National Nursing Home Week® 2014 Success Stories
Groundbreaking and Grand Opening Ceremonies Fill Our Calendar This Summer
Episcopal Homes of Minnesota: Despite Harsh Winter, Major construction Progress has Occured
Sr. Director of THE GREEN HOUSE® Project, David Farrell, Honored by California Medical Organization
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When we heard that Bill Thomas was working on a "non-fiction theatrical experience" we knew this would be a once in a lifetime chance to join a national conversation about what it means to age in today's culture. From March 31st to 

June 6th we have visited 25 cities with Bill Thomas' Second Wind Tour.  It has been such an experience to be on the road touring with

visionaries in elder care. But even more exciting were the discussions we had with attendees who want to change how we think about the aging process.


In two acts, the performance used a blend of the spoken word, innovative set design, film and music to stimulate a new conversation about aging, and to re-frame "life after adulthood" as an exciting stage of human growth and development.


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Green House adopters and enthusiasts across the country came together last month during National Nursing Home Week to educate their local communities and policymakers about The Green House difference. This year, the American Health Care Association used the Hawaiian theme, "Living the Aloha Spirit," for the week. The Green House model's core values of Meaningful Life, Empowered Staff, and Real Home, aligned  closely with this year's theme and we were excited to invite communities across the country to see the difference that our model offers for elders and their families.

Here are just some of our success stories from that week:

  • From February 2014 to today, we have gained 220 followers on Twitter totaling 1,635
  • From April 2014 to today, we have received 73 new likes on Facebook totaling 2,483

  Groundbreaking and Grand Opening Ceremonies Fill Our Calendar This Summer

It was a LONG winter for all of us, but the summer promises to be a time of sunshine and celebration for many in the Green House family!  Five homes will be opening and groundbreaking ceremonies will take place for another 12 homes.

View from Elders room

We start the summer off on June 26th with the grand opening ceremonies for the first Green House homes in the land of 10,000 lakes.  The three assisted living Green House homes are called "Water's Edge" and are located in Mankato, Minnesota.

They are being developed and operated by Grace Senior Services. Services.  The owners, Brad and Heather Bass, have been committed to serving Elders for many years.  In fact, they started their journey by opening an adult day service in their home 17 years ago. They currently have several senior housing cooperatives, two assisted living communities, and an adult foster care program.  


Green House Homes are known for providing a healthy and stimulating environment to their elders. Meaningful life is key to the Green House Project's mission. And now there is research to support the importance of intellectual stimulation as one ages.


The Association for Psychological Science conducted a study whereby 221 people, ages 60-80 were randomly assigned an activity to engage in, ranging from learning a new skill to participating in more familiar activities, to study the effects on one's memory.

"Some participants were assigned to learn a new skill - digital photography, quilting, or both - which required active engagement and tapped working memory, long-term memory and other high-level cognitive processes.


Other participants were instructed to engage in more familiar activities at home, such as listening to classical music and completing word puzzles. And, to account for the possible influence of social contact, some participants were assigned to a social group that included social interactions, field trips, and entertainment."

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Citing his extensive work in transforming long-term care in California, the California Association of Long Term Care Medicine  (CALTCM),  honored our own Sr. Director, David Farrell with their 2014 Leadership Award.


CALTCM is the professional organization for California physicians, medical directors, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, and other professionals working in long-term care.  CALTCM is the state chapter of the American Medical Directors Association (AMDA).  It is an organization that advocates quality patient healthcare, provides long-term care education and seeks to influence policy within the industry.


The Leadership Award presentation took place at the CALTCM 40th Annual Meeting for group. 


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Mary Hopfner-Thomas
Rachel Scher McLean

Tara Cugelman-McMahon

Published monthly to share information with providers, elders and others about THE GREEN HOUSE® Project, a new and innovative approach to long-term, skilled nursing care. To learn more, visit www.thegreenhouseproject.org.

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