October 2013

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Nancy Fox to speak to the Imperative of Hope in Leadership
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dementia
A Pre-Conference Intensive for Shahbazim at The 6th Annual Green House Meeting and Celebration: A Day to Explore the Coordinator Roles and Relational Coordination in Green House Homes
Dreaming Up a Community: Reflections on Housing Policy Innovations
Coaching for Partnership & Adult Learner Centered Education
Seniors Aid New Hampshire at the Pioneer Network Conference
Seniors Aid New Hampshire at the Pioneer Network Conference
Celebrating 10 Years of Leading a Legacy


On October 9, 2007 the 12th Green House home opened in Newton, Kansas.
Also, on October 30, 2008 The Village of Redford Green House homes hosted 18 visitors from the Netherlands! 

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Nancy Fox is a nationally-recognized culture change consultant, and as a Green House adopter, we are especially delighted that she is going to be the closing plenary speaker at The 6th Annual Green House Meeting and Celebration in Boston, MA from November 18-20th. This event is exclusively for Green House organizations and serves as a venue for learning, networking and celebration!  

Nancy believes that leadership is a behavior not a position. In fact, all leadership is volunteer work! Leaders bring hope into the world. In order to shift the leadership paradigm, we must work to redefine accountability.  This is a challenge because, most of human behavior is driven by things happening on a sub-conscious level, and leadership requires self-awareness.




Dr. Al Power will be giving the opening plenary during the second day of The Sixth Annual Green House Meeting & Celebration.  The title of Dr. Power's presentation is "The Person Comes First- Best Practices around Serving People Living with Dementia." 

Changing performance metrics can catalyze a dramatic improvement. I recall the story of Walgreens in the book "Good to Great" by Jim Collins. Collins and his research team describe Walgreens as nothing more than a sleepy retail pharmacy chain that limped along for years before a dramatic rise to great results that lasted for over 15 years. The researchers examined what triggered the change and discovered that Walgreens had deviated from the industry norm of measuring their performance. 


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On the day a Green House home opens the Shahbazim become the managers of the home as well as partners to the Elders.  It requires a deep understanding of the systems that support the home. The core functions include the Food, Scheduling, Care, Team, and Housekeeping systems and the Coordinator Roles each Shahbaz fills on a rotating basis.  These functions are the guts of the home and to be successfully carried out require strong relationships and excellent communication.  If the systems work, the days go smoothly. Without good systems, respectful relationships and high communication it can be a rocky road!


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Project Guide, Rebecca Priest, from St. John's Living will present at The Sixth Annual Green House Meeting & Celebration.  She will conduct an Education session on the second day entitled, "Convivium!" 
As I sit in the recent Innovations in Housing conference, held in Atlanta, learning about how to finance new housing projects, create transit-oriented designs, and develop a way that people can age in community, I can't help but be a bit overwhelmed by the expertise in the room and so I just remain quiet and listen. With a prevalence of (Housing and Urban Development) HUD experts, homeless housing innovators and affordable housing gurus' surrounding me, I wonder, "what is a woman who eats, sleeps, and breathes reinvention of long term care doing here? Why would The AARP Foundation want someone like me to come here?" I was like a horse of a different color.




Last week, from September 24-27, the Green House Project hosted the Adult Learner Centered Education (ALCE) program for Green House adopters only at their home office in Arlington, VA. Green House adopter s from across the country joined us for the four-day educational training which began with two days of Coaching for Partnership programming, followed by two days of the ALCE curriculum. Green House adopters came from Arkansas, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Wisconsin came to participate in this critical educational training program. 


In a recent blog on ChangingAging.org, Kavan Peterson discusses the need to build an elder friendly future. According to Jim Diers, internationally renowned community-builder and former director of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, it means that we've created a world in which we've separated "the built environment from the natural and social environment, even though that's not how we live. We separate our elders and our young people and people with disabilities. We can't create community when we're breaking up."

Under the Aging Your Way initiative created by Denise Klein, CEO of the Seattle non-profit King County Senior Services, individuals came together and were asked to envision the lifestyle they'd want as elders. While individual answers varied, there were several themes which matched those of the Green House homes.



When Claire Lucas entered a nursing home for the first time, she was anticipating walking into a room filled with smiling faces with laughter echoing throughout the halls. She expected to see nurses walking alongside Elders as they'd wave hello to her, their faces gleaming with happiness and joy. She thought she'd see something resembling a real home. Instead, she was greeted by unpleasant fumes and the sound of someone calling numbers for bingo. A group of Elders were huddled around the nursing station and the atmosphere was unsettling.  Almost instantly, Claire felt like leaving - but thankfully, stayed.


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Mary Hopfner-Thomas
Rachel Scher McLean

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