July 2013

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Empowered Staff Video: Celebrating 10 years of The Green House Project
Learning From David Pearce
Reflections from the Director: Changing Times / Changing Measures / Changing Behavior
The Pioneer Network Conference: Hear the Voice, Honor the Choice
THRIVE: The Research Initiative Valuing Eldercare
Raising Awareness about Elder Abuse
Celebrating 10 Years of Leading a Legacy


In July, 2008, The Green House Project testified at hearings conducted by the Senate Special Committee on Aging, chaired by Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. (D-PA). The hearings established  reforms necessary for creating a person-centered system of health care and long-term care for Elders.

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In The Green House model, the core value that contributes most significantly to a deep and sustainable transformation is "Empowered Staff". The hierarchy of the organization is flattened to bring power into the home, with the elders and those working closest to them. This group of direct care staff, who have a base education as  Certified Nursing Assistants and then receive 128 hours of additional training, become Shahbazim, an honored and valued group who work  in self managed work teams to protect, sustain and nurture the elders. The self managed work team reports to a Guide, and partners with a Clinical Support Team to provide individualized and holistic care with the elders. The Green House Project provides over 200 hours of education across the organization to develop coaching leaders in an environment where Elder's Rule! 
EmpoweredStaff: Celebrating 10 years of The Green House Project
EmpoweredStaff: Celebrating 10 years of The Green House Project
Check out this video to highlight how the Core Value of Empowered Staff!



Eleven years ago, I came to work at the Gardens. At that time David Pearce had already been here 17 years. I knew from my first interview with him that he would make a great boss. During the interview he suddenly remembered something and with my permission, he called the Grounds Dept. to alert them to some leaves that needed removing outside a resident's window. I was astonished. Here was the Administrator who knew of a particular concern of a resident, cared enough to call about it and reported it using the resident's name. He knew these residents. Within a week or so of my first day on the job, David was leaving for a 3 week vacation. When I asked him what he wanted me to focus on while he was away, he said...



Changing performance metrics can catalyze a dramatic improvement. I recall the story of Walgreens in the book "Good to Great" by Jim Collins. Collins and his research team describe Walgreens as nothing more than a sleepy retail pharmacy chain that limped along for years before a dramatic rise to great results that lasted for over 15 years. The researchers examined what triggered the change and discovered that Walgreens had deviated from the industry norm of measuring their performance. All retail pharmacies, including Walgreens before their rise to greatness, had used one key performance metric to measure their performance - revenue per square foot per store. When Walgreens began measuring their own performance with a new measure...




The Pioneer Network once again is calling. The annual conference held each August has become tradition for many who are deeply committed to cultural transformation, and also serves as a big brother/sister for those just starting the journey. It's a place of kindred souls, of networking, of listening and of sharing about person-directed living and transformation. Old and new friends gather to build roots into the transforming world. The aura of the conference is almost legendary...






Why is the Minimum Data Set so Important for Research?  The Minimum Data Set (MDS) - nothing very "minimum" about it! - was developed to monitor and improve the quality of care in nursing homes. Nursing home staff use it to develop resident care plans, and the information is used more widely to develop quality measures and resource utilization group case-mix reports. Indeed, the MDS is the source of the quality information on the Federal Nursing Home Compare website (www.medicare.gov/nhcompare). What many nursing home staff don't realize is that ...




June 15th was  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.  Elder abuse is described by the Administration on Aging as any knowing, intentional or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult.  This can take the form of physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect or exploitation.

In a recent studies, 7.6%-10% of elders reported abuse in the prior year.  Only about 1 in 14 cases actually reaching the attention of authorities.  This means that the number of known elder abuse incidents is just the tip of the iceberg.  Abuse can also affect elders living in nursing homes.  In a study that interviewed 2,000 nursing home residents...




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Mary Hopfner-Thomas
Rachel Scher McLean

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