May 2013

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May Marks 10 years Since The First Green House Homes Opened Their Doors
Leadership and Vision
Older Americans Month, "What is special about Green House homes" in 3 words
Christian Care Communities Breaks Ground on the First Green House Homes In the State of Kentucky
The National Real Estate Investor Highlights The Green House Project
The Wall Street Journal Investigates: How Does Dementia Impact Health-Care Spending?
Despite the weather ground is broken for the first Skilled Nursing Green House homes in Minnesota
Staff Highlight

Celebrating 10 Years of Leading a Legacy


May is a good time to start construction......


May 2008: Porter Hills break ground for 2 Green House Homes

May 2008: Seward Alaska break ground 4 Green House Homes


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 June 5-6



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It has been 10 years since Mississippi Methodist Senior Services in Tupelo, MS opened the firstGreen House project in the country. Throughout May, The Green House Project will celebrate this pioneering organization, and the revolution that they sparked. On Sunday, May 5, there was a block party to celebrate this milestone, with Green House team members and Dr. Bill Thomas in attendance. Check out the photos here and Follow us on twitter at#Tupelo10.  


Steve McAlilly Reflects on 10 years of The Green House Project
Steve McAlilly Reflects on 10 years of The Green House Project


Joe DeMattos


If you are reading this blog post, three things are clear: You are an innovative leader, who values elders, and you have a definite vision for a better tomorrow.

So, I begin with the most important message: Thank you.
From a leadership perspective, you are driven by governing values, have a clear image of a positive future and have the foundation to take action and be effective.

As leaders in our community, we know 10,000 of our friends, family members and neighbors will turn age 65 every day for the next 19 years! What a blessing it is to be able to tap the energy, insight and expertise of Boomers as they become our elders! And what a challenge it will be to adapt care in terms of financing, engagement and wellness.



Older Americans Month, "What is special about Green House homes?"... in 3 words  


To celebrate Older American's Month, we asked Green House homes around the country to send us a photograph of  "What makes Green House homes so special?" in 3 words.  Click here to see the album that was created from their responses.  In these photos we see illustrations of family, love, meaning and above all, HOME! While we asked for 3 words, these photos are truly worth 1000 words!



Congratulations to Christian Care Communities for breaking ground on The Homeplace at Midway, the first Green House homes in the State of Kentucky!  Today, supporters of The Homeplace at Midway gathered to celebrate this very special moment for Elders in Kentucky.


In the words of Christian Care Communities, "With shovels in hand and wearing hard hats, public officials, community and business leaders joined with Christian Care for the groundbreaking, signaling the start of the new $13.5 million Green House® community at 671 East Stephens Street, across from Midway College."



CCC Break Ground


Porter Hills  

Investors find it hard to believe that "smaller is better" when it comes to skilled nursing homes. In an article this week by The National Real Estate Investor, The Green House Project is noted as an exception to that rule. The article explains that with tweeks to staffing levels and the support of Medicaid supplements, Green House homes not only attract more customers, they can be run less expensively and more safely than traditional long-term care.

 Why was the Green House model created? Director David Farrell, talks about his days as a former nursing home administrator.


"I remember struggling to provide optimal care in those properties, which are driven by tight schedules and staffing [hierarchies] that places the person directly caring for the senior as the low person on the totem pole," he says.


The article says the largest difference is staffing.  In the Green House model, the traditional hierarchy is flattened.  


Researchers from the Rand Corporation recently published a study that found medical costs of treating dementia totaled $109 billion in 2010. This is more than was spent on heart disease or cancer! What can be done now to slow increases in expenses and improve care? The Wall Street JournalReal Time Economics Blog highlights the financial impact of The Green House model:          


RWJ and a nonprofit, NCB Capital Impact, have also funded the Green House Project. Each Green House accommodates 10 to 12 seniors with medical help provided by certified nursing assistants.




We all know how crazy the weather has been this past winter...but who would have thought snowflakes would fall on a May 1st groundbreaking ceremony? Well, that's exactly what greeted the guests for the Episcopal Homes of Minnesota ceremony to launch the construction of six Green House homes on their campus.


Episcopal Homes  

The $45 million project will provide a variety of living options for Elders including the skilled nursing services in the Green House homes which will be called "Episcopal Church Home - The Gardens".  Episcopal Homes has been providing house and care for Elder for more than 100 years in St. Paul, Minnesota. The homes are slated to be open in late 2014. 



Highlighting THE GREEN HOUSE Project ® Team: Margaret Stansbury, Project Manager
Margaret Stansbury  Margaret has always been concerned about the social injustices she noticed as a young person and the people who are "left behind" as result in our society.  So, it was no surprise that she chose a career in Social Work.   Margaret wanted to be part of a positive change in our society.  Her journey began with an undergraduate internship at Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly, it opened her eyes to the reality of aging without support in our society. This was a transformative experience and Margaret knew she had to pursue a career in aging services.  
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Rachel Scher

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