March 2013

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Real Home and Real Relationships are Positive for People Living with Dementia (and all people)
The Great Personal Alarm Toss...
Meaningful Life: Celebrating 10 years, Exploring Core Values
VA Partners with the Green House...
Intergenerational Engagement at White Oak Cottages
Fast Company, The Green House Project Brings Back Dignity to Aging
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Celebrating 10 Years of Leading a Legacy


 In March 2008, Baptist Memorial Ministries opened two Green House homes in San Angelo, Texas serving adults with Dementia.
They will celebrate their 5th Year Anniversary on March 21st with Elders, families and staff members!


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One of the subjects that have befuddled Long Term Care leaders over the years is worker motivation. One of the foremost researchers in this field is Frederick Herzberg, an industrial psychologist. It is Herzberg's work on motivation and job enrichment that strikes at the heart of the success of self-direction concepts that are so foundational to The Green House model.


We're all looking for better ways to impact the quality of life for our Elders and one home in Minnesota has decided to do something about environmental noise-more specifically personal alarms.


About 20% of Episcopal Church Homes Elders in St. Paul, Minnesota have a personal alarm.  Like many of us, those alarms are usually in place because the Elder is a "high fall risk".  However, when the staff began to do some research on alarms they learned that by having them it really doesn't mean that there will be a decrease in the number of falls.  In fact, the alarms at their home increased the amount of noise, fear and confusion for the Elder and those around them. 



Meaningful Life: Celebrating 10 years, Exploring Core Values 

In The Green House Project, we value stories. We honor the stories of the Shahbazim, and the elders and their families. In the Green House, stories are the foundation of relationships and the key to discovering a meaningful life. Dr. Bill Thomas reflects on what it means to create a Meaningful life, and how this value is foundational to The Green House model.


Thanks to Kavan at ChangingMedia for producing!

Meaningful Lives: Celebrating 10 Years of The Green House Project
Meaningful Lives: Celebrating 10 Years of The Green House Project


Milwaukee, WI, will soon join two other VA sites in providing Green House homes for veterans. With one Green House home currently in construction, and plans for three more, the Milwaukee VA is adopting an evidence-based model of long-term care for elders. The Milwaukee VA Center recently wrote about the construction of the Green House homes...


Charlene, a nurse at White Oaks Cottages, brings her daughter in to spend time with the elders.  In this video, Charlene shares two endearing stories about the joy that comes from real relationships between elders and children.  You are not going to want to miss these stories, they are guaranteed to bring smiles to your day.


Fast Company, is a magazine focused on highlighting the most creative individuals sparking change in the marketplace. By uncovering best and "next" practices, the magazine helps a new breed of leader to work smarter and more effectively. Recently, they  published a piece about The Green House Project.  The article interviews, Jane Lowe, the senior advisor for...


Highlighting THE GREEN HOUSE PROJECT Team: Marla DeVries

Being an advocate for others is what Marla truly enjoys.  In fact, most of her professional career has been in roles where it has been her responsibility to make sure the voices of others are being heard.  Elders have been her focus for the last 20 years. 



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