Save Popponesset Bay December UpdateDecember 2012
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About SPB


Save Popponesset Bay is a 501 c 3 all-volunteer organization founded in 1987.  Its current mission is to:
  1. Preserve, protect and restore the Popponesset spit
  2. Maintain open navigation channels into and out of Nantucket Sound
  3. Keep the waters in and around Popponesset safe and navigable and preserve and protect the Popponesset Spit as an endangered species habitat and registered barrier beach.

Through generous private donations, SPB is able to take the appropriate actions to ensure the stability of the Spit and navigability of the waters around the Popponesset Bay, including maintaining the required permitting with the federal, state and town authorities, as well as maintaining strong partnerships with like-minded organizations.





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If you have donated or will donate $100 or more this year, you will receive a SPB t-shirt ("I helped rebuild the Popponesset Spit after Hurricane Sandy - 2012").  



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Happy Holidays and Best Wishes For A Wonderful New Year!!!



Save Popponesset Bay would like to thank all who have contributed this year to help ensure the stability of our beloved Popponesset Spit and the waters of Popponesset Bay and access to its various inlets,  creeks and coves. SPB works tirelessly to preserve, protect and restore the Spit, maintain open navigation channels into and out of Nantucket Sound and ensure the waters of Popponesset Bay remain pristine.


Without your support, the Spit could simply disappear. This would mean your family wouldn't be able to:

  • Sit and sunbath on the Spit
  • Swim in the Bay
  • Boat in the Bay
  • Boat through the Channel
  • Keep your boat at the New Seabury Marina
  • Protect your waterfront property investment 

This year was especially challenging because there was, and still is, much work to do post-hurricane (see update below).  As we reach the year-end, there is still time to donate!  With possible changes to the tax code in 2013, we'd like to remind you that Save Popponesset Bay is a 501(c) (3) organization and your contributions to our efforts are tax deductible.


We appreciate the support of all who have donated and send our best wishes to all for a happy and healthy holiday season and a wonderful 2013. 



Post - Hurricane Update


We expect the total cost to rebuild the Spit and clear the channel to reach $50,000.  Since the Channel is vital to boat owners in Bright Coves, the Creek side of Popponesset Island and those who use the New Seabury Marina for fuel and/or docking, there is much work to be done to ensure that the waterway is deep enough.


The first phase focused on rebuilding the Spit after the hurricane with the sand from the dredging of the 1916 Channel in mid-November. It was not possible to also dredge the channel in this phase.  Now the work to remove the sand from the channel at the southern tip of Popponesset Island is beginning.   We have hired a contractor whose equipment includes a bucket and drag line (below, left and right) so the work can be done from the shore.  We expect this work to be completed by year-end. 












With the engineering costs incurred at each phase of the repair work, plus the actual excavation and spreading and grading of the sand once it's on the Spit, the repair process is costly.  We are fortunate to have our permits in place to be able to do this work.  We have been able to pay for this work with money we had raised previously, but our coffers are being depleted by this work.  Many of you have stepped up to contribute so we can keep these natural resources intact.  We ask those who have not given, but who benefit from and enjoy the Spit, who use the channel at the southern tip of Popponesset Island to get to the New Seabury Marina and into Bright Coves and up Popponesset Creek, to click on the Donate button and replenish what we have depleted.  


Year-end is upon us and the tax laws are currently favorable for contributions to 501c3 organizations so the time has never been better.  This is an all-volunteer organization and the money spent goes toward engineering, permitting, excavation, dredging and grading.        


We thank those who have contributed in 2012 to help us get through this expensive rebuilding exercise.  A special thank-you will be coming your way in appreciation.  We will publish the list of 2012 contributors in an upcoming newsletter and again we thank all for your support.


We'd also like to specifically thank the Popponesset Beach Association (PBA) for their donation to support hurricane repairs.



Mike Oleksak/Mike Moskowitz/Eric Peterson



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