Save Popponesset Bay November UpdateNovember 2012
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About SPB
Save Popponesset Bay, Inc. is a 501 c 3 all-volunteer organization with the mission of keeping the waterways in and around Popponesset Bay safe and navigable and to protect the Popponesset Spit, an endangered species habitat.

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Social Gathering on November 23!

Join the Bright Coves neighborhood on Friday afternoon, November 23 (the day after Thanksgiving) before dusk on Bright Coves Way (block party) to watch the holiday lighting of the (Petersons') sailboat in Spoondrift Cove.   Food and drink and a fire pit starting around 4 PM and we'll throw the switch for the lights around 4:15 PM. Last year we had 60-70 people join to kick off the holiday season.   


Hello SPB Supporters, 


Thank you again for your continued support in protecting a place that is important to all of us, Popponesset Bay.  We have updates to the spit post hurricane, as well as changes to share on the structure of our organization, new supporters, events, a Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Twitter account and much much more.

The newsletter contains the following information:
  • Hurricane Sandy - Spit Repairs
  • Dredging of 1916 Channel Underway
  • Changes within SPB
  • Popponesset Beach Association (PBA) is supporting us
  • Fundraising Needs
  • Upcoming Events / Social Gatherings
  • Social Media - Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

As you will see from this newsletter, we have a tremendous amount of work to do, but we also have great supporters to help us get it done.


Please consider supporting us with your time and your contributions. Join us online at our website, on Facebook or Twitter.  Let us know if you want to help out with creating the next chapter in the development of SPB!


view from Popponesset Creek

Hurricane Sandy - Spit Repairs 


Hurricane Sandy was the worst storm to hit the Spit since Hurricane Bob.  There were four separate overwash areas on SPB land and we will NOT be able to repair some of the areas until the spring.  The repair work will be costly.
In order to get the Spit into condition resembling its prior form, we will need dredging, re-nourishing and grading services provided by local firms.  Our hope is to have the Spit back to its original shape by the spring (hoping for no more storms in the interim).  
Not only will the repair work be extensive, but we will continue to spend on engineering services and eventually on re-permitting.
We have contracted with Bonito Construction in Falmouth, MA to construct a de-watering pit, to extract spilled sand, and place it on the Spit. Work began on November 13. This is covered by our existing permits.  We are still evaluating our options for overwash area #4, closest to Audubon's stretch of the Spit.
We are doing our best, under the current permits, to get the Spit back to its previous condition. We appreciate the financial support of our neighbors as we restore the Spit!


Dredging of 1916 Channel Underway

The dredging of the Channel had already been scheduled prior to the arrival of this storm. This meant that the Barnstable County dredge is already here and should help us speed the repairs from the storm.



Re-Organization of SPB

One of Save Popponesset Bay's founders, Greg Smith, is stepping down 25 years after he co-founded the organization with Kevin Harrington to preserve the safety of the waterways in and around the Bay. Greg and Kevin also led the acquisition in 2001 of the portion of the Spit that we own today. Greg has contributed greatly to the quality of life in the area. We will miss his leadership, but are pleased he will be around the area as we continue his work.


It will take a lot of work to fill Greg's shoes, so we are assembling a good team. Eric and Dawn Peterson, Pat and Steve Bell, Marissa (Moskowitz) Goldstein and her father Michael (currently our Clerk), Bob Hughes, Todd Pavone, John Malloy, Mike (currently President) and Mary Adams Oleksak have begun to create a foundation of our leadership going forward. We invite others to step up and join us.   Marissa has created a Facebook Page, Twitter Account and LinkedIn Group - please connect with us!



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We will be working on more community outreach, new fundraising ideas and activities for our community.   


Thanks to Marissa and her company MG Strategic Communications for stepping up to help us with outreach!

Popponesset Beach Association Reaches Out

The Popponesset Beach Association (PBA) has already approved a generous contribution to SPB to help us with the storm recovery.  In addition, they will also be reaching out to individual homeowners to encourage support and participation.  We are very thankful to have such good neighbors and appreciate their support!


Fundraising Needs

Storms seem to be increasing in frequency and severity in recent years.


If you have a boat in Bright Coves, at the New Seabury Marina, or the creek side of Popponesset Island and need to use the Popponesset Creek to get in and out of the Bay and Sound, you need SPB to keep Popponesset Creek clear and safe for boating. SPB has actively sought and attained permits to dredge in emergency cases. This proactive action allows us to move quickly to dredge the channel so that boat owners can continue to use the Popponesset Bay and move through the channel safely to access the open waters. Without this, there is a possibility that you could not use the channel!  However, permits only provide the opportunity, we need funding to be able to perform the dredging.


If you live on the Bay side of Popponesset Island and there was no Spit, those waves in the Sound would be coming up to the front of your houses. What is Bay-front would become ocean-front. And with the increasing severity of these storms, the maintenance of the Spit as a (strong and) registered barrier beach will be important to your peace of mind.


If you enjoy the Spit as a beachgoer, you benefit from one of the few "free" beaches on Cape Cod. Free in that you don't pay. There are costs to maintain it (engineering, time spent to negotiate with local, state and federal officials for permitting, occasional lawsuits).


We appreciate the financial support from all our constituents. The funding allows us to quickly step in and repair the Spit and restore the channels.  Contributions to this 501 c 3 before year-end may qualify for tax benefits.