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Convention Inspires Sharing the Good News
A call to action wove through the 194th Convention of the Diocese of Georgia to challenge Episcopalians to share how knowing Jesus has made a difference in their lives. This call rang out in the Bishop's address as Bishop Benhase highlighted scripture telling the delegates to go out into their communities with the Good News. He then added, "That means when we "go," we don't go to church, we "go" to the people and places of our lives taking the Good News of Jesus with us.

Practical Next Steps
During the convention, delegates were asked to 1) consider how God has been active in their lives, 2) to see the need for sharing their faith, and 3) to not hold back when they feel the Holy Spirit nudging them to share. If this message stays at the Coastal Georgia Center in Savannah, where the convention met, then our Bishop's idea of using the convention for both the business of the church and as a missionary convocation will have missed its mark. 

Online Resources
Please visit resources at:
These include every video shown during the convention, Canon Logue's opening presentation on evangelism, the Bishop's Address and most importantly a one-day workshop anyone can lead in their congregation: 

The pdf linked above can be facilitated by anyone to create a 6-hour workshop to equip participants with guidance and an enhanced comfort level for sharing their faith. The goal is to encourage people to share their faith as naturally as sharing a book or restaurant recommendation.
Diocesan Office Update    
On Sunday, Bishop Benhase will make his visitation to Good Shepherd, Augusta, in the morning and Holy Cross, Thomson, in the evening. 

Canon Logue is in Baltimore for the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church. Logue is beginning a six-year term on group which serves as the Board of Directors for our church. He returns Wednesday night. This Sunday, he will preach at St. Peter's, Savannah.
Arboleda and Steele Ordained Deacons 

Bishop Benhase ordained Guillermo Arboleda and Kelly Steele to the Sacred Order of Deacons at St. Paul's, Savannah on Saturday, November 14. An album of photos of the ordination is now online: November 14 Ordination Album

Upcoming Ordination

The Rev. Deacon John Jenkins - November 24
God willing and the people consenting, The Rev. Deacon John Jenkins will be ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests at 7 p.m. on November 24, 2015, at St. Paul's, Augusta. John is a 2015 Sewanee graduate. He serves as the Assistant to the Interim Rector at St. Paul's. Clergy wear cassock, surplice, and red stoles.  
Convention 2015
The Bishop's Address 
Bishop Benhase's Address to convention was sent by email to the eCrozier email list. The full text of his address is online here: Convention 2015 Bishop's Address.

In his address, Bishop Benhase challenged the clergy and delegates to "Go" into the communities of this diocese with a "humble boldness." In support of this, he proposed three Bible verses that will help remind us of how we should spread the Good News of Jesus. The first verse is Isaiah 55:1: "Ho, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and you that have no money, come, buy and drink!The second verse is Isaiah 25:9: "Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, so that he might save us." And the third and final verse is Matthew 28:19: "Go, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

He reminded the convention that when we actually do "Go", God does some amazing things:
  • The community youth group in McIntosh County decided to go and this last year we baptized five young people.
  • The Cornerstone Ministry in Augusta chose to go and 35 or more youth participate regularly. Additionally, some of the participants are not formal members of our churches. Our youth are evangelizing. 
  • When we go to Lake Blackshear with the Good News, people respond. The people of Christ Church Cordele decided to go, and their worship attendance has doubled in the last few years.
He added, "What might God do in our communities if we all decided to "go?" Because when we "go," we discover God's already there. When we go to the ends of the earth or just to the end of our block, we find Jesus already pitching his tent there.
My friends, I firmly believe that the future vitality of this Diocese is directly related to our collective willingness to "go." Our vitality will only grow in direct proportion to the number of us who are willing to "go.'"

The full text of the address is online here: Convention 2015 Bishop's Address
Convention 2015
Gathering Raises $10,000 in support of Homeless Ministry

At the start of convention on Friday, Bishop Benhase presented a short-term fundraising challenge in cooperation with our on-going Campaign for Congregational Development. The "Convention Challenge" called the attendees of the 194th convention to join together to support The Community of St. Joseph, a new ministry offering worship where the Savannah homeless live and gather. The request of a donation amount of $35 a person from all attendees was estimated to equal a goal of $10,000. The intention of the challenge is to show that even a small contribution made at a large level of participation can really make a difference for the Diocesan support growing ministries. By Saturday morning, $10,400 in gifts had been received through online giving and the offering at the Convention Eucharist.

The Community of St. Joseph, led by the Rev. Jamie Maury, aims to provide worship services by and for Savannah's homeless persons living in the city, approximately 4,200. The ministry now offers worship at Emmaus House on the Third Friday of the month and every Sunday worship near Camp 2, an area identified with the assistance of Homeless persons interested in the Community of St. Joseph. This work is also coordinated with the city's Homeless Authority.

You are welcome to join the worship on Third Friday morning's at 8:45 a.m. in the courtyard of the Christ Church Savannah Parish House at the corner of Abercorn and Bryan Streets. The next service is this Friday, November 20, with Canon Frank Logue preaching.

Sundays, the liturgy will be at 9:30 a.m. at Old Louisville Road and Pritchard Street near Camp 2 (Four blocks west of Liberty & Martin Luther King Boulevard). Contact the Rev. Jamie Maury at (912) 659-8585 or [email protected]  

The Community of St. Joseph's is a Signature Ministry of the Diocese of Georgia. This outreach effort is part of the 9 strategies put forward by the Campaign for Congregational Development. You can still donate to this new ministry online using the link created for the convention:

Convention 2015
The Actions of the 194th Convention
The 194th Convention of the Diocese of Georgia met in Savannah, Georgia from November 12-14. During the meeting, the convention elected persons to diocesan offices, passed the 2016 budget, and approved two canonical changes as well as two resolutions.

Convention elected the following persons to diocesan offices:

Board of Corporation-2 Laypersons
Billy L Dowdle and Robert Harrison

Disciplinary Board-3 Clergy
The Revs. Lee Lowery, Liam Collins, and the Rev. Dcn. Yvette Owens

Disciplinary Board-2 Laypersons
Sam Colville and Laura Wheaton

Sewanee Trustee-1 Layperson
Val Crumpton

Diocesan Council at Large Member-1 Layperson or Clergy
The Rev. June Johnson

Standing Committee-1 Clergy and 1 Layperson
The Rev. Al Crumpton and Skip Jennings

Other Convention Actions
In addition to approving budgets for the Diocese and Honey Creek, Convention unanimously approved the two canonical changes and the two resolutions proposed for consideration. The Canonical Changes enlarged, by one clergy person and one lay person, the size of the Church Disciplinary Board and added a new Congregation at Risk Canon. The resolutions made the Disciplinary Board canon take immediate effect, so elections could proceed and approve a first reading for advancing Holy Comforter Martinez to Parish Status. The full text of all four actions are online here: Convention Actions.
Convention 2015
Awards Honor Service to Others, Church and Diocese

Julia and Julius Ariail receive the Bishops' Award

Each year, the Diocese of Georgia honors persons for their service to their community, the congregation, and the Diocese through awards made by the Deacons, the Deans, and the Bishop.

Deacons' Award
The 2015 Deacons gave their award for servanthood to Christ Church, Savannah members Montie and Steve Acuff for their continual effort in Project Smile, a free dental clinic in Belize run by the Acuffs, which has grown into much more through their work and oversight.

Deans' Award
The Deans gave their award to John Hayes of St. Augustine's, Augusta who has provided leadership in getting Columba House Augusta successfully launched.

Bishop's Award
Bishop Benhase gave his award to Christ Church, Valdosta members Julius and Julia Arial (pictured above) who have given years of service, first through their photo ministry, and now through their work as co-chairs of our Companion Diocese Committee.

The Very Rev. Billy Alford presents the Deans' Award to John Hayes of St. Augustine's, Augusta.

Bishops Louttit, Benhase, and Shipps share a laugh before processing in to the Convention Eucharist at Christ Church, Savannah.

Convention 2015
Convention Photos Online for All to Share
The diocesan photo albums are open for all to use as a pool of photos for your own newsletters, websites, Facebook pages, and more. You will find an album from the meeting online here: Convention 2015 Photos

Deacon Jonathan Tuttle and A.L. Addington talk during a break and the Rev. Charles Todd, Guillermo Aroboleda, and the Rev. Leigh Hall take part in a table discussion on evangelism.

Evensong on Thursday at St. John's, Savannah.
Convention 2015
Video Reports to the Convention
The video report from diocesan youth programs on a move toward more youth leadership.

A video report on seven places where the Campaign for Congregational Development is making a difference.
Convention 2015
Evangelism Videos Speak Directly to Sharing Faith
In drawing out the theme Spread the Good News, the diocesan convention brought a variety of voices to the conversation through video:
The Rev. Charles Todd speaks of evangelism beyond program and curriculum to bringing people to an encounter with Jesus Christ.
Seven Episcopalians from around the Diocese speak briefly about evangelism.
Deacon Leeann Culbreath talks about her journey toward discovering how she came to see liturgy and the Book of Common Prayer as means of evangelism.
Deacon Kelly Steele tells how one Christian listening to her with curiosity changed her life.
The Episcopal Church's Presiding Bishop Michael Curry tells the Convention about the Jesus Movement, describing the marks of being part of that movement.
Convention concluded with this short, rousing video in which our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry calls us to evangelism.
Celebrate Thanksgiving at Honey Creek
In a growing tradition, Honey Creek is offering Thanksgiving at the Creek again this year. There will be a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, ham, green beans casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, salad bar, pecan and pumpkin pies, and more.)

Thursday, November 26, at Noon
Reese Dining Hall
$25 per person
$12 for 8-3 yrs old
Free for under 3 yrs old
If you want to stay the night, lodging is available too. Lodge 1 room $89, Lodge 2 room $78, Chapin or Hunt Cottage (minimum 5 persons) $35 per person.
Join in Diocesan-Wide Studies this Advent and Lent
1Book1Diocese Starts Sunday, November 29
This Advent, you are encouraged to join with Episcopalians across the Diocese in reading Rowan William's Being ChristianThis work, written by former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, is based on talks given at Canterbury Cathedral as part of a series of open lectures in 2013. In it, he shares insights into baptism, Eucharist, reading the Bible, and praying. While the work is brief, the view Williams' offers is deeply Anglican, immanently accessible, and bracingly profound. 

How to Take Part
While congregations are encouraged to form study groups to share their thoughts face to face each week in Advent, you can also participate with the rest of the Diocese online. First, each week in Advent read the selected portion of the 96-page book or listen to the corresponding part of the 2 hour and 25 minute audio version. Then each Sunday in Advent, we will add a reflection on the section for the week to the website where you can also take part by adding your comments on that reflection as well as your thoughts on the questions Williams poses at the end of the chapter. Selections to read will be shared at the 1Book1Diocese website, here in From the Field, and at the diocesan Facebook page.

Plan Now for Lent 2016
For Lent 2016, we will offer a similar study using Rachael Held Evans' thoughtful Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church. In this memoir of the messiness of community and the power of grace, the New York Times bestselling author centers her memoir of leaving the church and returning again around the seven sacraments. Evans is funny and heartbreaking and always honest, Searching for Sunday is about overcoming cynicism to find hope and, somewhere in between, Church. This book is also available both as a 288-page paperback from Thomas Nelson Publishers and a 7 hour, 28 minute audio book, which is read by the author. 
A Video to Paris from Augusta, with Love
Youth taking part in our Augusta Convocation youth group made a video for the people of Paris in the wake of terrorist attacks:
Prayers for Weekly Liturgies
Our one-year prayer cycle combines prayers for every congregation in the Diocese of Georgia with prayers for our ecumenical partners and for our Companion Diocese of The Dominican Republic. The 52 weekly prayers are available in one document: 

Prayer for November 15-21
In our diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for our congregations in Valdosta, Christ Church, Christ the King, and St. Barnabas. We also pray for our ecumenical partners in Valdosta, especially Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church. In our companion diocese of the Dominican Republic, we pray for the congregations in Santo Domingo, especially St. Philip the Apostle (San Felipe Apůstol).

Prayer for November 22-28
In our diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for our congregation in Vidalia, the Church of the Annunciation. We also pray for our ecumenical partners in Vidalia, especially Sacred Heart Catholic Church and for St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church in Reidsville. In our companion diocese of the Dominican Republic, we pray for the congregations in Santo Domingo, especially St. Peter and St. Paul (San Pedro y San Pablo).
Caption Contest

Send your captions for this photo from the Very Rev. William Willoughby II's Evensong sermon to [email protected] So far, clergy of the Diocese of suggested the following captions:

"See? This is why we can't have nice things!"

"It was the Bishop in the sacristy with a crozier."

"My friends, for years we've been asking the question: Who let the dogs out? And now we know. The Bishop let the dogs out!"

"I ask you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, to look at my client. Is that the face of a guilty man?"

"All this man has ever asked of us, is that we pause at the asterisk when we pray the psalms . . . ."

"The eyes of the choir betrayed their evil thoughts as Fr. Willoughby praised the bishop's selection of the Hokey Pokey for the retiring procession."
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