July 29, 2015Volume 5, Number 48
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Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

Track 1 

2 Samuel 11:26-12:13a
Psalm 51:1-13
Ephesians 4:1-16
John 6:24-35
Track 2
Exodus 16:2-4, 9-15
Psalm 78:23-29
Ephesians 4:1-16
John 6:24-35
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Input Sought on Diocesan Asset Map

The churches and other ministries of the Diocese of Georgia are represented on the Episcopal Asset Map developed by Episcopal Relief and Development. Congregations are encouraged to assist in improving the information available and to use the map in networking with others in the Diocese and beyond.

The interactive map (  displays pins for each church. Clicking on a pin provides contact information and descriptions of programs at that particular location. Scan and search functions help users find ministries in their area or across the country. This means someone interested in community gardens, for example, can find others near and far with whom to share best practices.

"The Asset Map is a visual catalog of The Episcopal Church at large, enabling diocesan leaders, church members and church seekers alike to see at a glance and in depth what the Church's presence looks like in their area, both infrastructure and programs," said Abagail Nelson, Episcopal Relief & Development's Senior Vice President of Programs. "It has wide-ranging potential to facilitate the development of new ministries and partnerships, and support the mobilization of resources and expertise."

Created initially to provide a searchable database in times of disaster or emergency, the map serves as a framework for assessment and response, showing a disaster's impact and how local bodies are responding. At all times, the map can serve as a platform to connect and inspire. The success of this map depends on you. As you explore the map, please take a moment to find your church or institution. If you believe the information found there is incomplete or inaccurate, you can fill out the survey found by clicking on the "Take the Survey"text link at the top of the page for your facility. Once a Diocesan Map Administrator has approved suggested changes, they will appear on the updated map.
Diocesan Office Update    

Canon Willoughby is working on tithe letters so that each congregation will receive a letter next week naming the tithe for 2016. Tithes are based on the average of the previous three years' income unless a Diocesan Council approved appeal has been granted. If you have questions about the process, please reach out to Canon Willoughby directly. Additionally, she will be on vacation starting next week August 3rd- 14th. During this time, please reach out to Canon Logue for any financial or insurance questions. 

Canon Logue will preside and preach this Sunday at Trinity, Statesboro.
Oak Street Mission, Thomasville
First Camp Hope Proves a Rousing Success
Oak Street Episcopal Mission in Thomasville hosted a successful first Summer Camp this summer. The five-week Camp Hope promoted social, emotional, spiritual and physical growth through educational programs and field trips. It focused on the core values of the Christian faith as well as honesty and integrity. Designed to be transformational, Camp Hope empowered participants to capture and feel God's love.

Camp Hope was a success with more than 40 weekly volunteers from the three local Episcopal parishes and the community taking part. Both adult and youth were essential in role modeling and supervising the campers. Each day campers were able to go beyond their small neighborhood to experience God's beautiful backyard. The tremendous support of the community and donors allowed the camp to be one of transformation and discovery.

Morning Prayer started each day with purpose and reflection, challenging participants to ponder aspects of God's grace and love. Activities in the art room, kitchen, and in the churchyard promoted fellowship and creativity. Three afternoons a week, campers were led in instructed physical activities at Brookwood School. Coaches, players and volunteers shared their talents and promoted sportsmanship and the importance of being a team player. At the end of each day, the camp's centers focused on reading, writing, and math. Journal writing, library and computer programs enabled campers to practice fundamental skills avoiding the "summer slide" of inactivity.

Through a generous loan of laptops, from one our community partners, campers were given the opportunity to participate in the online program "Get Georgia Reading", as well as programs that build math skills. Twice a week campers received swimming lessons from two certified coaches and several adult and high school volunteers. All of our campers started the program as non-swimmers, some even fearful of the water. By the end of the camp everyone would go underwater and some even swam the horizontal length of the pool. The sense of accomplishment and pride was almost tangible.

Thursdays were always out of the box with destination field trips to places such as Alligator Point, Panacea's Marine Lab, the Painted Pony, Challenger Learning Center, YMCA's water park, and the Okefenokee Swamp. These trips not only expanded the camper's world, but also their minds. Many campers had never seen the ocean or an alligator. These experiences were both knowledge and confidence building. Their expressions of awe will be forever remembered. Fridays were also unique. Campers learned the power of stretching and mindfulness at Live Young Studio, and collaborated with the resident artists at Studio 209 and the Fuzzy Goat. These too were new experiences for the campers-right in their own neighborhood.

About the Oak Street Mission
The Oak Street Mission is a ministry of the three Episcopal churches in Thomasville-All Saints, Good Shepherd, and St. Thomas. A result of the Campaign from Congregational Development's emphasis on creating Signature Ministries, the mission was founded as the Episcopal Development Agency of Thomasville (EDAT). The Oak Street Mission continues to foster the development of the Oak Street Community surrounding Good Shepherd Church.
Please Print and Share this Bulletin Insert
In order to share the good work taking place across the Diocese through the Campaign for Congregational Development, your diocesan staff is creating a series of bulletin inserts for you to use in your congregation. Each month, we will offer an update on a different ministry. 
For August, the bulletin insert focuses on the Community Youth Group at St. Andrew's and St. Cyprian's Churches in Darien. Please share this insert (in black and white or color) in your church bulletin on any one Sunday in the month of August.

About the Campaign
The Campaign for Congregational Development is about serving Jesus and seeking to be more fully engaged as the Body of Christ. The priorities of the Campaign fall into three areas-Congregational Development; Clergy and Lay Leadership Development; and Formation of Youth and Young Adult Leadership. Within each of those three areas, there are three specific campaign priorities. To find out more, visit
Columba House
Interns Sought for Augusta Intentional Community
Building on the growing success of Columba House-Savannah, our intentional community for young adults, we are opening Columba House-Augusta. There are still spots open for the Augusta House for this fall. Learn more at the Columba House website or contact Rudy Reyes via email.

Below is a video of Columba House intern James Rose talking about his experience this past year in Savannah:
James Rose talks about his Columba House internship.
A Call for Stories of Evangelism in our Diocese
This November, we want to share both how to share the Good News of Jesus and also give examples of the work of evangelism in our Diocese. What are the stories you know of persons coming to faith through the ministry of your congregation? What are ways we can share the life-giving love of God we have found while being true to our Episcopal tradition? 
If you have ideas, please contact Canon Logue at the diocesan office (912-236-4279) or by email at [email protected] Some of the stories will be shared here in From the Field and others at our diocesan convention.

Ruby White Honored by Church Women

The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) honored Ruby White as a Distinguished Woman of the Diocese of Georgia during the General Convention in Salt Lake City. She is a steadfast member of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Darien and has held every office in the local Episcopal Church Women (ECW). She has also served as secretary of the ECW for the Diocese of Georgia. As a paralegal in Darien, she has worked in a law office for 30 years.

There were 63 women honored at the 48th Triennial Meeting of the ECW, which also included Katharine Jefferts Schori, the 26th Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church. The ECW held a luncheon for the honorees, and White's three children, Amy Pontello, Eve Plouffe and Dan White attended the event, along with the Very Rev. Ted Clarkson, Carolyn Baker and Bishop Scott A. Benhase.

She is described as "the 'go to' person" in the parish and is the parish's Martha of Bethany. She has served on the Altar Guild for most of her adult life and manages the church's thrift store.

Her ECW comrades describe her, "She feeds the sick, shelters the homeless, and feeds the hungry. She is always available to serve our community in any capacity. Ruby is truly a servant of the Lord, and has long ago earned our respect. She deserved our recognition."

Humbled and Privileged to Witness God at Work
For the past year, I have been functioning as a hospital chaplain through an Augusta Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) course. I have been humbled and privileged to witness God at work in the lives of patients and families and would like to share one of those times with you.
For patient confidentiality, I will call this patient "Jesus." I received a request to visit Jesus in the shock trauma unit; I was told that he was recovering from a work accident and surgery and could not speak as he had a tracheotomy to help him breathe. His wife died a few months earlier; he'd had no visitors. "Oh, and by the way, you will need a translator as he does not speak English." Pictured: Deacon Larry Jesion (left) ministers to a patient with a fellow chaplain on Ash Wednesday at Georgia Regents Health hospital. Photo by Chris Thelen of the Augusta Chronicle.
I called the interpreter to come with me to meet Jesus. During our visits, Jesus wrote in Spanish, the interpreter read the message to me, and as I spoke my words were translated for him. I was struck by how this man constantly praised God for being so good to him. He expressed how he missed being able to sing His praises. He expressed how lonely he was. But through it all he continued to thank God.
As pleasing as all of this was, my heart was connecting with Jesus at a different level. His love of God and the joy in his heart was causing my heart to respond. It was like having two tuning forks of the same note; when one is struck, the other resonates at the same frequency. It was like that whenever we saw each other. God resided in both our hearts, and as a result we were able to connect in ways that words could not.
Jesus was very giving and unselfish; when I asked if I could pray with him, he always asked me to pray for the other patients in the hospital and for all in need.
He often held my hand and would not let it go unless it was to write. He too expressed that his heart had been affected in the same manner as he had affected mine. 
When he received the news that he would be weaned from the ventilator, I told him how I had looked forward to the day when we would sit across from one another, laugh and share stories about how good God has been in our lives. I especially wanted to hear him sing and to join with him in love and fellowship.

Jesus was released from the hospital, reunited with his once estranged family, to continue to heal-but not before we were able to speak together in fellowship and brotherly love.
I thank God for bringing this man, this good Christian, this good friend into my life. Rarely is ministry a one-way street.

The Rev. Deacon Larry Jesion was ordained in 2013 and is currently assigned to Christ Church, Augusta. His primary areas of servant ministry are ministering to the elderly and dying as a volunteer with hospice. Additionally, he serves the hungry with the Community Meal and Soup Kitchen ministries at Christ Church. He is a CPE intern with the Augusta VA and GRHealth hospital until September 2015. He also serves on the board of directors and the chairperson for community programs for the New Bethlehem Community Center in downtown Augusta. Lastly, he is a discussion group leader with a non-denominational men's Bible Study Fellowship.

Honey Creek

Four Upcoming Retreats for Adults

Looking for a way to deepen your spiritual life? Honey Creek offers retreats that give room for recharging as well as learning more. Here are three upcoming offerings:


Cursillo - October 8-11

Pronounced 'kur-see-yo', this a short course in Christianity taken from the Spanish word meaning 'little' or 'short course'. Cursillo developed after World War II with Roman Catholic men. The short course has now been given to men and women around the world and in the process has assisted generations of Christians to more faithfully follow Jesus in their daily lives. Cursillo begins on a Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday evening. During those three days the participants engage in listening to talks given by priests and lay people, and small table discussion, while worshiping and playing together. The next Cursillo weekend will be October 8-11, 2015, at Honey Creek. You can find out more and register to attend at


Women's Retreat - October 16-18

St. Elizabeth's, Richmond Hill will again host a Women's Retreat at Honey Creek. The retreat meets October 16-18. With the theme "Deeper Into the Heart of God: Place of Freedom" the weekend is dedicated to bringing participants into an ever-deepening love relationship with Jesus. For more information or to register, contact Emily Hubbard at (912) 856-7902 or email her at [email protected]

Advent Retreat - December 11-12
In December, the Revs. Dwayne Varas and Lonnie Lacy will lead an Advent Retreat at Honey Creek on following Jesus in the way of St. Ignatius. This retreat will be held December 11 from 5 p.m. until 5 p.m. on December 12th. Click here for a brochure on this retreat.

The rates for the conference including three meals are: Lodge 1 Single $144, Lodge 1 Double $99.50, Lodge 2 Single $133, Lodge 2 Double $94, Cottage $90, and Campers and Commuters $64. Registration information will follow.


Lenten Retreat - February 19-20, 2016

In Lent, the Revs. Liam Collins and Frank Logue will offer a retreat at Honey Creek. The retreat will explore reconciliation, making room for real changes to take place in the lives of retreat participants during the weekend itself. This 2016 Lenten Retreat will meet February 19 at 5 p.m. and conclude by 2 p.m. on the 20th. The costs will be identical to those for the Advent Retreat above.

Acolyte Festival Hosted by Christ Church, St. Simons Island

The Acolyte & Youth Leadership Festival (AYLF) registration is now open to 3rd through 12th graders.


This year's festival will be hosted by Christ Church Frederica on St. Simons Island and will be held Saturday and Sunday, August 22 & 23, 2015. The cost is just $50 to attend, which includes meals, snacks and a t-shirt. Priests will work with youth ministers in putting on this fun event. Participants should bring their own vestments (marked with a church  name or participant's name) and their home church's banner, which will be processed during the 11:15 Sunday morning Eucharist at Christ Church.

During the Acolyte Festival, participants can expect to participate in acolyting and church leadership workshops facilitated by experienced practitioners; to meet other young acolytes and church leaders from across the diocese; to learn about other liturgical practices; to share their own church experience; and to have fun! There may be a possible field trip on Saturday to the beach, so please come prepared with bathing suits and sunscreen!

To register for this event, please follow the link below: 

Register for the Acolyte Festival

Musician Sought for Savannah Homeless Ministry

The Community of St Joseph is a new ministry for homeless persons living in Savannah. The ministry is an initiative of the Diocese, led by the Rev. Jamie Maury and funded by a grant from the United Thank Offering.  This new ministry needs a musician to lead music for liturgies.


Primary Responsibility: Assist the presiding priest in developing and executing liturgical music and hymnody for a newly established worshiping community for homeless persons in Savannah.


Necessary Skills: Play the guitar well while also competently leading singing during worship (versatility in playing other musical instruments a plus). Must also identify members of the congregation who sing and play an instrument and help them contribute to worship.


Character traits:

  • Be "people-oriented" rather than "performance driven."
  • Patience in working with people with a variety of musical skill levels.
  • Sensitivity to the population the church is serving.


  • Each Sunday arrive no later than 30 minutes before the established worship time and remain after the worship concludes and all music, instruments, and other related items are properly stored.
  • Meet with the presiding priest weekly for one hour to assist him in planning worship.
  • Dress for worship in casual attire as appropriate to the season.

Compensation: $100/Sunday.  Additional worship times will be compensated at the same rate. All approved music will be furnished and/or reimbursed as needed.


Other Considerations: The music leader or the presiding priest may terminate their agreement with two weeks notice. This is a contract position. Start date estimated to be October 4, 2015.


Interested persons should send a resume to include a personal statement of why they want to lead music in a worshiping community of homeless persons. Resumes must include complete contact information.


Send resume to: The Rev. Jamie Maury at [email protected]

Clergy and Spouses Register Now for Conference

The Church Pension Group (CPG) is hosting the Clergy Conference this September 27-29 and spouses as well as clergy are encouraged to attend. Learn how to secure your financial future and take steps toward a healthier lifestyle at this special conference. As with recent conferences, the meeting will begin with dinner on Sunday evening and will end with lunch on Tuesday (Draft Conference Schedule).

Even if you've previously been to a Planning For Tomorrow or Steps to Wellness conference, we encourage you to attend. You may now be at a different stage of life and will benefit from a review of this information.

Cost subsidized by CPG
  • You pay: $125 for a single attendee; $150 per couple (includes all meals and lodging for two nights)
  • Reduced rate if you stay in the cottages, offsite, or camp
  • Child and elder care costs may be reimbursed
  • For financial assistance, please contact Katie Willoughby at [email protected] prior to registering

For more information, please call Admissions at (888) 274-2828 or email [email protected].
Vacation Bible School at St. John's, Savannah included a sword wielding Rector as the Rev. Gavin Dunbar got in on the creative catechesis.

Share VBS Photos with the Diocese

We want to share your Vacation Bible School with the Diocese in photo album collecting pictures of our kid-friendly catechesis taking place around the Diocese this summer. Send your congregation's photo to [email protected].

The photos will be added to a VBS album and used at the diocesan website. Seven congregations are already represented in the 25 photos in the Summer 2015 VBS Photo Album. Some of the photos will be shared here in From the Field. If you create a Facebook or other online album, you may also just send a link to that album to the address above we will copy a selection of photos to the diocesan album.  

Prayers for Weekly Liturgies
A new one-year prayer cycle combines prayers for every congregation in the Diocese of Georgia with prayers for our ecumenical partners and for our Companion Diocese of The Dominican Republic. The 52 weekly prayers are available in one document: 

Prayers for July 26-August 1
In our diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for our congregation in St. Marys, Christ Church. We also pray for our ecumenical partners in St. Marys, especially Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church. In our companion diocese of the Dominican Republic, we pray for the congregations in Puerto Plata-Jesus the Messiah (Jesús Mesías) and St. Francis of Assisi (San Francisco de Asís).

Prayers for August 2-8
In our diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for our congregation on St. Simons Island, Christ Church and Holy Nativity. We also pray for our ecumenical partners on the island, especially Lord of Life Lutheran Church and St. William's Catholic Church. In our companion diocese of the Dominican Republic, we pray for The Church of the Nativity (La Natividad) in Salcedo.
Convention 2015 Hotel Accommodations
The 194th Convention of the Diocese of Georgia meets November 12-14, 2015 at the Coastal Georgia Center in downtown Savannah. The meeting is hosted by the Savannah Convocation, with the Thursday Evensong at St. John's, the Friday Eucharist at Christ Church, and the Saturday morning Eucharist at St. Paul the Apostle. The Diocese has secured blocks of rooms at the following hotels. Convention registration will follow.

Courtyard by Marriott Historic District
415 West Liberty Street, Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 790-8287


Hampton Inn Savannah Historic District
201 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 231-9700


To reserve a room, dial the hotel's Front Desk Agents directly at (912) 231-9700 and refer to the groups block code (EDC) to ensure proper room rates. You may also register online here:  Register for Hampton Inn with the convention rate.


The last day to secure a reservation at the quoted discounted room rates is 10/12/15, or when the block of rooms is booked.


Holiday Inn Express Savannah Historic District
199 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 231-9000


To reserve a room, dial the hotel's Front Desk Agents directly at (912) 231-9000 and refer to the group block code (EPI) to ensure proper room rates. You may also register online here:  Register for Holiday Inn Express with the convention rate.


The last day to secure a reservation at the quoted discounted room rates is 10/12/15, or when the block of rooms is booked.


SpringHill Suites Savannah Downtown/Historic District
150 Montgomery Street, Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 629-5300

Joyful Singing

Summer Camp concluded the 2015 season last week with the second session of Camp St. Peter's, our middle school camp. 200 campers enjoyed their summer camp experience this year at Honey Creek.
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