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Every Congregation Can Reach Youth

Your diocesan staff strongly agree with the YP Ministries concept that youth ministry is different in every place and possible in every place. Whether your church is looking to start a youth program or has one already, all congregations are encouraged to be represented at the Youth Presence workshop series. Don't get caught asking, "What can we do to get youth and young families into our doors?"  Come to one of the three workshops.  Learn what your congregation can do to take action.  Participate in the Youth Presence Ministry workshops.  
The first workshops, which will be held in May and June, are on visioning. This is where your path to an offering for youth tailored to your location, its abilities and needs begins to take shape.
We ideally need a six-person team from each church. A team approach is vital. We will not, however, turn away any persons representing their congregation. See the article below for more information.

Be Who Christ Is Calling You To Be! Spring Rally 
Spring Rally brought middle and high school students across the Diocese to Honey Creek this past weekend for leadership training.  There was singing, worship, games, small groups, large groups, prayer stations, and even a talent show. Young people not only learn more about being who Christ is calling them to be, but they are also given resources that increase their leadership skills to help them  lead both diocesan youth events and events at their home parishes. The group also worked on brainstorming for next year's Youth Programs events both at Honey Creek and in other locations around the Diocese. Find all of the photos in the Spring Rally Photo Album   

Our Summer Camp Director, Elizabeth Burns, is making an open call for proposed t-shirt designs for this year's summer camp. Click here for more information: 

What is it?
Happening is a Christian experience presented by teenagers for teenagers. It is designed for youth in grades 10 - 12 and sponsored by the Episcopal Church. Most young people have serious questions about Jesus and the Church. Happening is designed to address these questions. During a  Happening weekend, participants experience the love of Christ as shown through prayer, worship, and the ministry of peers, clergy, and lay adults. The Happeners are encouraged to make their renewed faith a part of their everyday lives. Happening shows how Christianity can keep pace with the many changes in our lives and our world.
Why Go?
"You should go to Happening because it is not just a weekend, but a life changing experience that demonstrates just how great God truly is. His love is so abundant and shown in endless ways at Honey Creek this weekend."- Melissa  Smith, St. Michael and All Angles, Savannah


Here are the Details

Happening #93 will take place at Honey Creek May 30-June 1.  The cost of the weekend is $113, but financial assistance is available.  If you are a young person who has competed the 9th grade don't miss out on this incredible weekend.  


Sewanee Mission Trip and Pilgrimage 
When is the trip:
June 23-30, 2014
Who is leading the trip?
The Rev. Joshua Varner of St. Patrick's, Pooler, is the lead coordinator on the trip.  The Rev. Helen White of All Saints, Tybee, and Misty Graham of St. Thomas', Savannah, are also chaperoning.
Who can go on the trip?  
The trip is open to youth who are currently in 9th through 12th grades.

What are the travelers going to do?
Joshua has just returned from a trip to Sewanee to meet the people who will be working with the group, and to explore some of the many possibilities for our time of work, play, reflection, and prayer while we are at Sewanee.

The groups work will be coordinated by the Community Action Committee (CAC) of Otey Memorial Parish, the local Episcopal congregation, which together with the University, currently offers area residents a food pantry, housing ministry, and much more. The CAC is currently directed by Deacon Betty Carpenter, and it was my pleasure to meet with her last week. Before beginning her work with the CAC she spent over 20 years active in Youth Ministry, so she knows how to help us work well and also have a great time!

When we travel, we look not just for what we can bring to any given situation, but for what is already there, for God within us, and God in the places to which we go. I am looking forward to traveling with a great group of people, knowing that God is already going ahead of us to prepare the way.
What pilgrimage oriented activities will we do?
A few days of the trip will be set aside for a pilgrimage experience.  This portion of the trip will be based around rest and play.  The group will have opportunities for unstructured down time, intended to help high schoolers have a chance to just be and to unplug for a bit.  The group will also hike on the amazing trail system surrounding the area, and participate in other outdoor adventures.  Joshua is also looking into some adventure trips like caving.
When is the deadline to sign up?
Youth must sign-up and a down payment into Joshua no later than May 16.  Contact him at jvarner75@gmail.com  to let him know you are interested.


The Savannah Convocation Youth Events is hosting a Family Day at St. Patrick's, Pooler, on May 10 from 10 am to 2 p.m. Get your moms, dads, sisters, brothers, friends and bring them all. Bring something pot luck to share.....there will be games, water activities, singing, and more. The event is not limited to Episcopal congregations in the Savannah Convocation alone. For more information contact Misty Graham at (352) 281-6805 or misty.mcintyre.graham@gmail.com 

Vision, Plan, and Create a Strong Youth Presence

Many of our local congregations asks, "What can we do to get youth and young families into our doors?"  The Diocese and Youth Presence Ministries  are hosting a series of workshops to help congregations figure out what their youth ministry might look like and how to build or strengthen it.  YP Ministries and our diocesan staff believe that youth ministry is different in every place and possible in every place.  Come journey with the Diocese and YP Ministries as we help local congregations vision, plan, and create a stronger youth presence in their church.


Whether your church is looking to start a youth program or has one already, all congregations are encourage to come to this workshop series.  Don't get caught asking, "What can we do to get youth and young families into our doors?"  Come.  Take Action.  Participate in the Youth Presence Ministry workshops.  The first workshops are on visioning.  They will be hosted in May and June.


Participants will leave the Visioning Workshop with a:  

  • Plan for developing a youth presence in their congregation
  • List of four priorities on which to focus their efforts
  • Set of goals to accomplish in 90 days and then in 6 months

Phase One: Visioning Training Schedule 

May 16 -17 - St. Anne's, Tifton

May 30-31 - Flowing Wells Property, Augusta

June 6-7 - St. Paul the Apostle, Savannah


Click Here for more information


Sign Up Here 



If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to Elizabeth Burns, Missioner for Youth.  Elizabeth can be reached at 912-236-4279 (office), 912-656-9905 (cell) or at eburns@gaepiscopal.org.  She is very passionate about this partnership and would love to take time to answer questions and help you decide if this program is right for you and your church.  



Remember to let Elizabeth know
if your parish is interested.

 The deadline is this weekend.


Got Something to Share? 
Please send in pictures, youth group games and activities, and stories to Elizabeth Burns at eburns@gaepiscopal.org 

 You never know what you'll see

when you are out on the water.


Reserve your spot at honeycreek.org 

Calendar at a Glance

April 25-27
6th-12th grade
Honey Creek

May 30-June 1
10th- 12th grade
Honey Creek

3rd-12th grade
Honey Creek

June 23-30
9th-12th grade
Sewanee, TN

July 8-13
9th-12th grade
Philadelphia, PA
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