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3 Smart Phone Ideas for Lent
So maybe you give up sodas or chocolate for Lent, or maybe even Facebook. But instead of only giving something up, here are seven good and godly ways you can use your phone this Lent:  
  1. Text a different person every day between now and Easter. Affirm them, tell them how they make your world a better place, and ask how you can pray for them. Then, actually pray for them.    
  2. Set an alarm on your phone every day reminding you to pray. Pick an unusual time like 4:02 p.m. something you can remember is for prayer when it goes off and is at a time when you can spend a couple of minutes praying each day. At that time, stop whatever you're doing and pray.    
  3. Pray Morning or Evening Prayer using your phone. You can set it up here: www.missionstclare.com/english/
Churches Work Together to Host Lunches for Students
Two years ago, because it was simply challenging to get older high school youth to stay in touch with their churches, The Rev. Alan Akridge, Rector of St. Mark's Brunswick, said, "I knew where most of them were every day during the school year so I just asked Andrew Lyons what he liked to eat and told him to recruit the rest of our crew and some friends and I'd bring lunch to the parking lot"

Andrew reported that seniors could go off campus and get pretty much anything they wanted for lunch, "But Chic Fil A is too far to get there and back in time." He asked, "Could you bring us chicken?" And from this request, a ministry was started. Akridge began loading his pick up with drinks and nuggets and headed to the parking lot at school. By the end of the school year, over a hundred kids were "stampeding" to the parking lot every Monday and Tuesday. "It got so big, the principal had to shut us down" said Akridge. "But we didn't give up and neither did the school. I spoke with the youth leader and pastor of the 1st United Methodist Church across the street from us and we both agreed that we we shared a border with the High School and they had a great open and unused space where we could host a lunch for students. Later that summer the principal of Glynn Academy allowed kids (who were members of the downtown church youth groups and had their parent's permission), to walk off campus one day each week to eat with their youth leaders. The rest, they say, was history.

Careful to insure food and school regulations are being observed and that the safety of the kids is paramount, the two churches entered into partnership with Zaxby's and recently achieved a milestone in ministry: on March 4 St. Mark's Episcopal Church and 1st United Methodist Brunswick fed 209 kids without charging them a nickel. These kids ate 819 Zaxby's chicken strips and untold amounts of chips, sodas, and water.

"We tell the kids that each meal, 3 strips, a bag of chips, and a soda, costs us $3 but they can pay whatever they like. Up to an including "Nothing". NO ONE GOES HUNGRY IF WE HAVE FOOD." said Shanon Lewis, 1st United Methodist Youth Pastor. "Zaxby's and the local supermarkets make it possible because they really see it as a ministry too. We could not do it without them and the help of Hollington Vending (who have provided bags of chips FREE of charge)"

"We don't preach at them and we never turn kids away. When they ask why we are doing it, we just tell them we love them and they are worth it." Said Akridge "While the numbers and ministry is astounding, what it even more miraculous is what it costs, " said Akridge "Bear in mind that we never turn away a kid who has no money, we don't charge them for food, and we don't track who pays us and who does not.
On a recent week, they collected $629 of donations. The chicken cost $543. Seventeen cases of sodas cost $63 and chips were $13. This means that we came into this week with a $30 surplus.  That is one week's experience, but they find that somehow it averages out to breaking even. The churches give thanks to God for the ministry which has developed among our two congregations to feed about 1000 kids each month and costs virtually nothing and has no strings attached. And for their key volunteers, Melinda Hollington, Dan Redanze, and Shannon Lewis. "They are my heroes," Said Akridge.
Barely time  to Register!   
New Beginnings is next week
Who: Young People in 7th-9th grade
What's the cost: $112.00
When:  March 28-30
Where: Honey Creek 
Why:  This weekend is designed specifically to address the things that youth in grades 7th-9th grades face.  Youth get to spend an awesome weekend at camp singing, praying, and playing.  The weekend is lead by mostly teenagers, with a few adult and two clergy spiritual directors. 


New Beginnings Participant Application

Spring Rally: Be Who Christ is Calling You to Be!

A retreat with a leadership component, Spring Rally offers music, worship, self- discovery, and fellowship.  Young people not only learn more about being who Christ is calling them to be, but they are also given resources that increase their leadership skills to help them  lead both diocesan youth events and events at their home parishes.  Attendees participate in workshops ranging from planning and playing games, leading prayer, facilitating small groups, and event planning to understanding Episcopal Church governance.  These new skill-sets will give participants opportunities to take leadership roles in Youth Programs during the 2014-2015 school year.  Come for an amazing weekend of worship, singing, talks, games, and workshops!  Leave being spirit-filled with new skills, new friends and new opportunities to serve.


Spring Rally is an established, traditional diocesanevent that is being re-branded and given a new identity.   Held at Honey Creek, the retreat is for youth in grades 6-12; cost is $114.50.



Summer camp is the stuff! Reserve your spot at honeycreek.org 


Matthew Lewis, Assistant Rector at Good Shepard Augusta, gets silly stringed at Youth group dance party last Sunday night! Don't worry, he deserves it! 

Fun and Games
Savannah Convocation Youth Event met this past weekend at St. Thomas Isle of Hope.
Teaching Children To Worship Deeply
The Savannah Convocation is sponsoring a Teaching Children To Worship Deeply: A Lenten Learning Day on Saturday, March 29th 2014 from 9am-1pm at Christ Church, Savannah. 


The Rev. Jeff Jackson, rector of St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Hamilton, Georgia, will speak on engaging children worship, including Sunday worship and family devotions. Father Jeff is the father of four children, and has done children and youth ministry for almost 20 years. The day will include workshops led by dynamic church leaders in our convocation. 



Workshops include: 


Becoming Disciples Through Prayer (for children of all ages) 
Misty L. Graham, Director of Christian Education at St. Thomas', Savannah 

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Preaching To & With Children
The Rev. Jeff Jackson, Rector of St. Nicholas', Hamilton

Teach them well: When Sunday School no longer works
The Rev. Canon Frank Logue

The Bible isn't boring and Hymns rock:
Teaching Children to Worship Deeply through Scripture and Song
The Rev. Helen White, Vicar of All Saints, Tybee Island  




Got Something to Share? 
Please send in pictures, youth group games and activities, and stories to Elizabeth Burns at eburns@gaepiscopal.org
Calendar at a Glance 

March 28-29
7th-9th grade
Honey Creek

April 25-27
6th-12th grade
Honey Creek

May 30-June 1
10th- 12th grade
Honey Creek

3rd-12th grade
Honey Creek

June 23-30
9th-12th grade
Sewanee, TN

July 8-13
9th-12th grade
Philadelphia, PA