February 11, 2014Volume 4, Number 24
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This Sunday's Lections:
Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany
Ecclesiasticus 15:15-20
or Deuteronomy 30:15-20
Psalm 119:1-8
1 Corinthians 3:1-9
Matthew 5:21-37
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Reese Dining Hall's new flooring and new chairs getting good use at a Happening weekend.
Honey Creek
Bond Sale Funded Improvements

Every where one looks at our camp and conference center, there are significant improvements to the facilities. Funded by the Honey Creek Bond Sale, renovations have made it possible to not only tend to necessary, but unnoticed, changes like upgrades to the septic system. The more than $300,000 dedicated to upgrades has gone to making our most used spaces fresher, more up to date, and better functioning for our events.


In the fall of 2010, Diocesan Council approved a Honey Creek Commission proposal to sell bonds in order to:

  1. Convert existing debt to a manageable long term basis,
  2. Perform some needed renovations and deferred maintenance on Honey Creek and
  3. Provide working capital for the near term future operation of Honey Creek.

The sale permitted the debt to be managed and funded the facility enhancements now nearing completion. Meanwhile, the 10-year bonds have steadily returned investors a per annum return of five percent.


Improvements include new roofs and HVAC systems, new flooring, new mattresses and more. A list of all of the improvements by building with a link to a photo album of the work and the results is online here: Honey Creek Enhancements 

Diocesan Office Update  

Canon Logue is en route back from Belize where he has been working with Project Smile on a short-term mission trip since February 4. When their flight to Atlanta was cancelled, the group was diverted to Miami. He will return a day later than anticipated.


On Saturday, Bishop Benhase will ordain the Rev. Dcn. Mollie Roberts to the Sacred Order of Priests. 11 a.m. at St. Paul's, Albany. 


This Sunday, Bishop Benhase will make his visitation to St. John's, Bainbridge, in the morning and Trinity, Cochran, in the afternoon. 


Diocesan House will be close on Monday February 17 in observance of President's Day. 

Bishop's Visitation 

St. Alban's, Augusta 

Front Row: Jo Rayfield (Received as Solitary Monastic), The Rev. Dcn. Rosalyn Panton, Justin Oliver (Confirmed), Johnny Gregory, Jr. (Confirmed), Renee Olaiya, and The Rev. Billy Alford. Second Row: Lissa Zanger, Court Hooper, Gloria Lawrence, Bishop Benhase, Steve Zanger, Janet Ellsworth and Ray Whiting. 


Bishop Benhase Commissions Jo Rayfield as a Solitary Monastic.


Our Savior, Martinez

Bishop Benhase, the Rev. John West, Archdeacon Sandy Turner and acolytes stand with those confirmed and received this past Sunday at Our Savior, Martinez, which also had a baptism as part of the liturgy.

EDAT Receives United Thank Offering Grant 
Marcie Cherau is pictured here presenting Bishop Benhase with a certificate showing that the United Thank Offering of The Episcopal Church donated $27,000 to the Campaign for Congregational Development grant to the Campaign to be used for the start-up phase of the Episcopal Development Agency of Thomasville's urban community garden. EDAT has created a transformational community development plan aimed at helping a depressed African-American neighborhood in Thomasville-initially to address its hunger issues and later to address other challenges faced by this community.
EDAT is a Signature Ministry of the three Episcopal Churches in Thomasville. Helping every congregation have a signature ministry is one of the strategies in our Campaign for Congregational Development to target the goal of Congregational Development. The Diocese is applying for grants as an additional means of raising the funding to support some of the areas of the campaign. A Signature Ministry is an outreach ministry that serves people who are not primarily members of the church and is something for which the congregation is known in its community.
Diocesan "Green Team": Call for a Gathering

As we all become more aware and concerned about the environmental issues facing us, congregations in our Diocese are responding to the Scriptural imperative to care for God's creation in many, different ways. Energy conservation, water conservation, recycling, composting, waste reduction, and gardening are just some of the projects already under way in the Diocese of Georgia. Given additional support and leadership, we can improve our stewardship of "this fragile earth, our island home."


To this end, the Diocese is exploring forming a Diocesan "Green Team" to bolster environmental stewardship ministries already active and to nurture new projects. The first step is simply to gather an online community of people who want to make this a part of their regular discipleship. Once we know of the interest among members of the Diocese, we will move forward to support and nurture both new and existing ministries. The Bishop has asked the Reverend Deacon Leeann Culbreath to convene this online community. If you'd like to be part of this effort, please email Deacon Leeann at [email protected].


Mollie Roberts to be Ordained Priest this Saturday

God willing and the people consenting, the Rev. Dcn. Mollie Roberts will be ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests at 11 a.m. on February 15, 2014, at St. Paul, Albany.  Roberts serves a Assistant Rector at St. Paul's, Albany. Clergy wear cassock, surplice, and red stole.      



Steve Larson to be Ordained Priest on February 21

God willing and the people consenting, the Rev. Dcn. Steve Larson will be ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests on February 21 at 7 p.m. at St. Paul's, Jesup. Clergy wear cassock, surplice and red stole. Larson currently serves as a deacon at Good Shepherd, Swainsboro, where he has been working alongside the Rev. Curtis Johnson as part of his formation for ministry. He was a long time lay leader at St. Paul's, Jesup. Larson retired last year from management at Rayonier.

Youth Programs

Living the Story Retreat Deadline this Monday

The theme of this years February retreat is "Living the Story." Participants will explore who they are and what do they believe. This retreat is for those who are 14 years of age and older, and are looking to explore who they are as Christians and Episcopalians with other young people in the Diocese. The retreat will be lead by Maggie Bloodworth, Elizabeth Burns, Bishop Benhase, Canon Logue. Those young people seeking confirmation in 2014 are encouraged to attend. 


Register Now for Living the Story

Spring Clergy Conference

The Spring Clergy Conference will be held at Honey Creek from May 4 to 6. The main speaker will be Lauren Winner, Assistant Professor of Christian Spirituality at Duke Divinity. Winner is the author of numerous books, including Girl Meets God and Mudhouse Sabbath. Her study A Cheerful & Comfortable Faith: Anglican Religious Practice in the Elite Households of Eighteenth-Century Virginia will be published in the fall of 2010 from Yale University Press. She has appeared on PBS's Religion & Ethics Newsweekly and has written for The New York Times Book ReviewThe Washington Post Book WorldPublishers WeeklyBooks and Culture, and Christianity Today


The rates for the full conference program, meals and lodgings are $158 for lodge room (based on double occupancy), $240 for a Lodge room (single occupancy), $118 to stay in one of the cottages with other clergy, or in a dorm, and $100 for those tent camping or commuting. For those choosing double occupancy, please let Honey Creek know who you are sharing a room with. 


Click here to register for clergy conference 


If you have any questions about the variety of accommodations, call Carolyn Middleton at Honey Creek at (912) 265-9218, but remember to register online rather than over the phone. 

Honey Creek Summer Camp

Priority Deadline for Summer Camp Staff This Saturday

Do you know a college student looking for the best summer job ever? Honey Creek is now hiring summer camp staff for the 2014 season. Applicants must be high school graduates willing to work hard in a fun environment where they will also serve as good role models for the campers. The priority deadline has been moved back to February 15.


Camp employment dates are June 9-July 26, excluding June 29-July 5, plus a staff weekend in late spring. Kamp Phun, if offered is separate employment.


 Honey Creek Staff Application

Honey Creek Staff Application for Returning Staff

Companion Diocese

Mission Trip Focused on School Building

The Southeast Convocation of the Diocese of Georgia sponsored its third mission trip to the village of El Carreton in the Dominican Republic from January 27 through February 3, 2014. This small village has an Episcopal church, Iglesia San Antonio de Padua, and a two-story school, both under the pastoral and administrative care of the Rev. Milquella Mendoza who is based in the nearby city of Bani. The school has an enrollment of approximately 70 students now, with plans to enroll over 100 in the next academic year.

Their primary work site was in the school building. On Tuesday and Wednesday, January 28-29, they painted a tall concrete block wall that surrounded the school property. This wall is necessary both for security and to stop farm animals and chickens from entering the grounds of the school. The library shelving was assembled and put into place on Friday, and the existing library books were moved to the new shelves.

One challenge the team faced was trying to install blackboards in several classrooms. That work required the use of a concrete drill, but given that the school only received a little over an hour of electricity daily and that the available electrical current was barely sufficient to support the heavy-duty drill, it required much patience and good fortune in timing to finish this job. The lack of electricity also prevented the completion of another project, the installation of iron gates at the school. While the gates were not finished, the convocation provided funds sufficient to make sure that this task would be accomplished in the near future. Another task that they accomplished was to clean the downstairs classrooms in the school by washing the floors and walls with water from a hose that was fed by a water tank on the roof that had been installed by this team in 2012.

On Sunday morning, the team attended the worship service at Iglesia San Antonio de Padua, where the Very Rev. Ted Clarkson, the team leader, preached the sermon which was translated into Spanish by a fellow missioner. Approximately 80 people from the village of El Carreton attended this service, completely filling the church.

The Southeast Convocation expects to return to El Carreton next year to continue work on the school and any other projects that would be helpful to the church in El Carreton. The convocation has already raised funds for 11 scholarships to the school for next year, with the possibility of even more scholarships. The complete report and a link to the full photo album are found at our Companion Diocese web page.



The St. Anne's Team is Home from the DR

The mission team from St. Anne's Tifton returned home on Saturday, February 8, after a week of working to construct a church for the Episcopal congregation in Las Carreras. The team is posting photographs here: St. Anne's Mission Trip Photos


St. Peter Savannah's Team leaves this Friday

The mission team from St. Peter's Savannah leaves on Saturday, February 15, for a week of working to establish an optical department in the Episcopal Church's Hope and Charity Clinic (pictured here) in the city of San Pedro de Macorís. They return home on February 22. 

Columba House

Intern and Fellow Applications Still Welcomed 

Columba House is a radically inclusive, welcoming faith based hospitality space located in the heart of Savannah. Columba House offers two residential programs for young adults who want to live intentionally and serve passionately. The first is a full-time residential internship and the second is a part-time residential fellowship. Interns and Fellows will live together intentionally in community through sharing a house, breaking bread, praying, and learning together. Interns and Fellows will support Columba House's mission to build spiritual community among young adults. There will be leadership opportunities and avenues to explore your gifts. Columba House's residential programs are 10 months from August to June with an option to extend for a 2 year.


The full-time residential internship program is well-suited for those individuals who want to immerse themselves in the life and work of faith, justice, community, and discipleship. Interns will serve in a local congregation and work in the community. The full-time Internship program strikes a balance with the needs of the congregation and the passion of the interns. This is an opportunities to purse your passions and expand your talents. Interns are given a modest stipend and provided housing, health Insurance and training.


The part-time residential fellowship program is tailored to those who wish to live intentionally and serve passionately while working or attending school. Fellows will serve a few hours each week at Columba House in a hospitality context. This is a unique opportunity to live in intentional community and put your faith into practice.


For more information, please contact Program Manager Rudy Reyes at [email protected] or at 912-236-4279 and visit the Columba House website:



St. Barnabas, Valdosta

Hymns and Beer Party 

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Valdosta hosted a Hymns & Beer Superbowl Party. The event provided a way of inviting people to get to know the congregation better outside of church, but with a hope of eventually welcoming them into church. The church took up an offering to support the Sheriff's Boys Ranch at the gathering. Those taking part report they had fun eating good food, making a joyful noise and cheering on our favorite team. 

Please Complete Survey for Cursillistas

To assist the Commission in its work, all of those who have attended a Cursillo weekend are asked to complete this five-question survey: Cursillo Survery


Cursillo in March

The Diocese of Georgia Cursillo movement will soon host its own new "ROLL OUT". After several years of hiatus and much prayer, deliberation, study, team work and effort the new Cursillo weekend will be held at the Conference Center-Honey Creek- on March 19-23, 2014. 


Cursillo 118 is planned to be a life enriching experience for participants and will represent a new dawn in how to better live a Christ focused daily life.


Register for this Cursillo weekend online

or print and complete the paper application

Deacons Retreat at Honey Creek in March

The theme for the Annual Deacons Retreat will be Passion and Peace. The retreat meets March 14-16 at Honey Creek. Sister Ellen Stephen, OSH will be the conference presenter. A member of the convent in Augusta, she is the author of the book Vessel of Peace as well as others. This is a Lenten opportunity for the servant ministers of the Diocese to enjoy rest, reflection and renewal. The retreat will offer a balance of quiet time for reflection as well as social time. For more information, deacons may contact the Rev. Dcn. Ri Lamb ([email protected]). For reservations at Honey Creek contact Carolyn Middleton at (912) 265-9218.

 St. Paul's, Augusta

Mardi Gras Fundaiser Planned for March 1

The annual Mardi Gras Dinner, Dance and Auction at St. Paul's on the Riverwalk in downtown Augusta will be on Saturday, March 1 at 7 pm. It's a festive evening of fun and dancing, with great food and exciting auction items. The music of "Paul Roberts All Stars Band" will be featured. Tickets are $35 per person. Group reservations are available. All proceeds go to fight hunger in our community. 


Tickets are available through the church offices, (706) 724-2485, or online, www.saintpauls.org. For more information, the contact person is Dr. Jack Hayman, [email protected].

Greeting Students
The Rev. Helen White greets students as they leave chapel at St. Mary's Anglican School in Belize City, Belize. White and Canon Logue read scripture and provided the devotion for this past week's chapel service for the more than 400 students. The two are traveling back today with the rest of the 17-member team taking part in a week long mission trip as part of Project Smile. 
Canon Logue's music video, created with some talented middle school students as part of the enrichment offered by the mission team, is online here: I Am Belize
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