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Dear Friends,
News from the DoG House is a monthly email created by and for teens, their parents and youth leaders in the Diocese of Georgia. We'll use this email to keep you in the know about what has been going on and what is coming up.

I hope that you will make this newsletter your own by sending me things you write about what's going on in your church, a quote you love that you want to share with this group, or a talk you wrote for a youth event....whatever is meaningful to you that you want to share with others involved in youth programs. You don't want this to just be a bunch of announcements any more than I do, so help a sister out and sends some words and photos and I'll share them.
Happy Camping!

Elizabeth Burns, Missioner for Youth
Diocese of Georgia Youth Programs
Diocese of Georgia Youth Programs
Video on Youth Programs 

Diocesan staff created the video linked above to give an update on Diocesan Youth programs to the special convention that met in Dublin this past weekend. This News from the DoG House email is part of the follow up to the Youth Summit reported on in the video. It is just one of the ways we are working on better communication.

Playing with Fire in Church 

More than 60 youth and adult leaders crashed in on St. Peter's Savannah for this year's acolyte festival. On Saturday, the group enjoyed a mix of education, skill-building and fun, including a capture the flag game with almost no serious injuries. Sunday, following breakfast and a rehearsal, the whole crew took part in the Sunday Eucharist at St. Peter's. Everyone left with acolyte pins, t-shirts, and experience at swinging a thurible. More photos can be found online here: Acolyte and Youth Leadership Festival 2013 in Photos


New Beginnings #43 was a blast
Thanks to Rebecca Chancey and her team, New Beginnings #43 was the place to be this past weekend. Next up is #44 with Jenny Way as the lead teen.

Happening #92 in January
Happening is a Christian experience presented by teenagers for teenagers. It is designed for youth in grades 10 - 12 and sponsored by the Episcopal Church. Most young people have serious questions about Jesus and the Church. Happening is designed to address these questions. During a  Happening weekend, participants experience the love of Christ as shown through prayer, worship, and the ministry of peers, clergy, and lay adults. The Happeners are encouraged to make their renewed faith a part of their everyday lives. Happening shows how Christianity can keep pace with the many changes in our lives and our world. Happening costs $113 to attend, and financial assistance is available. For more information, please visit the Georgia Happening website.
Apply for Staff 

You loved your Happening. Why not apply for staff. Happening #92 will be held at Honey Creek January 24-26 and is open to those in grades 10 - 12. Staff is open to past Happeners ready to come back and serve. Happening costs $113 to attend, and financial assistance is available. For more information, please visit the Georgia Happening website.


 Happening #92 Staff Application

Also get your friends who have yet to go pumped up for an awesome weekend. Be sure to point them to the Happening website to register. All of the forms for participants, staff and lock in are online here: Georgia Happening Forms
Summer Camp 2014


Make plans now! The 2014 summer camp sessions will be as follows:


High School (Completed grades 9-12)

June 15-21         


Joseph and Mary I (Completed Grades 3-5)

June 22-28         


Peter I (Completed 6-8)

July 6-12              


Joseph and Mary II (Completed grades 3-5)

July 13-19


Peter II (Competed grades 6-8)

July 20-26