Do I Have To Pull The Trigger?

If someone is acting aggressively towards me, can I draw my gun to try and defuse the situation? What are the criminal liabilities if I do? In this month's video, U.S. Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Robert Robles explains when you can display your firearm legally.

Gun Sales on the Rise!

Following recent events and a presidential call for more gun control, sales are skyrocketing. Read about the impact on sales Oklahoma is experiencing and how concealed-carry classes are filling up across the State.

Don't Miss the Opportunity to Meet Your Program Attorney!

The new year is just around the corner, bringing with it a host of new gun laws. Not knowing these new laws (or only thinking you know the law) may just land you in hot water. Stay updated on the latest gun law changes. Click here to register for a seminar and bring a friend!

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How to Clear a House

One of the most frightening and dangerous situations you may ever encounter is having an intruder in your home. In this video from Ruger Firearms, Dave Spaulding, career law enforcement officer and former Trainer of the Year, takes you on a walk-through, demonstrating effective ways and strategies to clear a house in an invasion situation.