Law Professor's Lawsuit to Overturn Campus Ban Moves to Federal Court

U.S. Law Shield reported previously about a University of Missouri law professor who sued the school challenging the Constitutionality of its gun ban. That suit has been removed to Federal Court. For the latest update, read this article.

State Rep. to Reload Bill That Takes Aim at Shooting Down Need for CCW

A bill introduced last legislative session by Rep. Eric Burlison, that would have eliminated the need for a CCW following the passage of Amendment 5 to the Missouri Constitution, died when the session ended in May. Burlison says he will re-introduce the bill when the session re-convenes in January.

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How to Clear a House

One of the most frightening and dangerous situations you may ever encounter is having an intruder in your home. In this video from Ruger Firearms, Dave Spaulding, career law enforcement officer and former Trainer of the Year, takes you on a walk-through, demonstrating effective ways and strategies to clear a house in an invasion situation.