Virginians: Gun Laws Have Changed!

2015 was an active year for new gun legislation in the Commonwealth. Read this article for a recap of the new laws that have expanded your gun rights. Stay up-to-date to avoid running afoul of the law.

Governor Bypasses Legislature to Push His Anti-Gun Agenda

Having tried unsuccessfully in prior legislative sessions to impose his own anti-gun regulations, Gov. McAuliffe avoided another defeat at the hand of Virginia's elected representatives by issuing an Executive Order to further restrict gun rights. This article explains what the Governor did and the regulations he is imposing on the law abiding gun owners in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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How to Clear a House

One of the most frightening and dangerous situations you may ever encounter is having an intruder in your home. In this video from Ruger Firearms, Dave Spaulding, career law enforcement officer and former Trainer of the Year, takes you on a walk-through, demonstrating effective ways and strategies to clear a house in an invasion situation.