Can I Show My Gun to Stop a Threat?

If someone is acting aggressively towards me, can I draw my gun to try and defuse the situation? In this month's video, U.S. Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Justin McShane explains when you can legally display your firearm.

Paris Attacks Spur Spike in Gun Permit Requests

The recent attack in Paris has impacted Pennsylvania by causing a spike in demand for gun permits here at home. One county even had to take to Facebook asking people to stop calling in and requesting permits. Other counties saw demand double. Read this article for the full story on how events 3,700 miles away can affect you here at home.

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How to Clear a House

One of the most frightening and dangerous situations you may ever encounter is having an intruder in your home. In this video from Ruger Firearms, Dave Spaulding, career law enforcement officer and former Trainer of the Year, takes you on a walk-through, demonstrating effective ways and strategies to clear a house in an invasion situation.