Can My Company Stop Me From Carrying a Gun?

Can your company prohibit you from carrying a handgun? Can an employer legally keep you from having a handgun in your own home? In this week’s video, U.S. Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Robert Robles explains how Oklahoma law allows an employer to restrict your right to carry guns.

New Second Chance Law Goes Into Effect

A new law went into effect November 1st that allows persons with a misdemeanor drug conviction on their criminal record to apply for a handgun license, with a few exceptions. This article explains how a possession charge from 20 or 30 years ago may no longer prohibit you from exercising your Second Amendment rights.

Come and Meet Your Independent Firearms Program Attorneys!

New laws are always being passed and the courts continue to issue their interpretation of these laws. Thinking you know the law may just get you in hot water. Stay updated on the latest gun law changes. Attend a seminar and bring a friend. Go to for upcoming seminars and events near you. Stay legal!

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The Best Coverage Just Got Better! All Legal Weapons Now Covered!

You will now be covered for not only the use of a firearm, but for any legal weapon you use in self-defense – AND AT NO COST TO YOU! Watch this video with U.S. Law Shield President Kirk Evans as he explains the new benefits your base coverage now includes.

How to Draw Your Handgun While In Your Car

Knowing how to safely and efficiently draw your handgun while seated in your car may one day save your life in a self-defense situation. Our friends at the National Shooting Sports Foundation have put together this video to show you an effective way to draw your gun in an emergency.

Seal the Wound and Save a Life

Continuing our series of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Dwayne McBryde returns to teach airway management and treatment of wounds associated with trauma to the airway. Knowing how to quickly correct any airway problems may mean the difference between life and death.