Do I Have to Show the Police My ID?

If you’ve done nothing wrong and a police officer stops you on the street and asks for your ID, do you have to give it to him? Can you just walk away? In this week’s video, US Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Justin McShane explains exactly what your rights and legal obligations are when stopped by the police.

Warning Shot: Pennsylvania Lawmakers Reload Gun Bill Shot Down by Court

Pennsylvania legislators are introducing two bills to reinstate provisions of a law governing reporting mental health records to NICS and that also allowed outside groups to sue local cities for their gun restrictions in a civil suit and recover legal fees that Commonwealth Court declared unconstitutional in a ruling this past summer.

Come and Meet Your Independent Firearms Program Attorney!

Misinformation can land you in jail. Stay up to date on the latest gun laws. Attend a seminar and bring a friend. Go to for upcoming seminars and events near you. Stay legal!

Take Full Advantage of Your Membership - Complete Your E-Plan Today

Have you completed your Emergency Plan yet? The E-Plan gives your independent program attorneys instructions on who to contact or things you need taken care of in case you get arrested, like call your spouse or work, pets that need tending to, etc. Don’t overlook this valuable tool that should be part of your “after bang plan.” Click here to sign into your member portal.

Video – Proper Pistol Grip and Stance

Having a solid grip and stance can make all the difference in your accuracy. Watch this video from our friends at the National Shooting Sports Foundation containing useful tips from world champion shooters and Babes With Bullets instructors Kay Miculek and Lena Miculek–Afentul that could just save your life in a self-defense situation.

Ready for Hunting Season? 4 Mistakes Every Hunter Should Avoid.

Read this article and learn how to avoid these four common mistakes. Pick up a few pointers along the way that will improve your accuracy and make for a more successful hunt.