September 2, 2015

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Performing Blood Sweeps
Identifying the source of bleeding can be critically important to the survival and recovery of an injured person. Do you know how to find a major arterial bleed or find a gunshot entry wound? You will after reading Dwayne McBryde’s latest knowledge-packed article on performing blood sweeps that may make the difference between life and death in the event of a serious injury!
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New U.S. Law Shield Commercial!
Check out our new U.S. Law Shield commercial! A U.S. Law Shield membership is a must-have for every gun owner who wants the peace of mind that comes along with 24/7 legal protection in the event they are forced to use their firearm in self-defense. Back up your buddy and don’t forget to share with your friends and family members who carry a firearm!
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Be Protected: Add Bail Bond and Expert Witness Protection to Your Plan Today
It is our mission to provide the most comprehensive firearms legal coverage available anywhere for our members. Our Oklahoma Bail Bond and Expert Witness program provides invaluable added peace of mind in case you ever find yourself caught up in the legal system. Click below to add now to your legal arsenal.
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Attend a Gun Law Seminar
For the most current information from experienced firearms program attorneys and law enforcement professions, join us for a Gun Law Seminar near you. Hear working professionals separate legal fact from fiction, while answering your questions on gun laws and how to handle encounters with law enforcement. Watch this video where U.S. Law Shield President Kirk Evans explains why you should attend a Gun Law Seminar. Register today at!
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