July 3, 2015
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3 Things Every Gun Owner Should Know When Traveling

Planning a summer vacation or road trip? Did you know that Federal Law provides law-abiding gun owners safe passage through all 50 states in the Union? This month, learn the three things that every gun owner needs to know about traveling across state lines and how to ensure you don’t get caught in a legal nightmare doing so.

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Hemorrhage Control: Pack the Wound and Stop the Bleed

The third article in our TacMed Series with Dwayne McBryde illustrates how you should treat a major bleed when the use of a tourniquet is impossible.  When confronted with a catastrophic injury, the ability to survive may depend on your ability to properly pack the wound and stop the bleed! 

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Pennsylvania Law Abiding Gun Owner Blog

Did you know that U.S. Law Shield of Pennsylvania Program Attorney Justin McShane maintains a Pennsylvania Gun Law Blog?  Attorney McShane regularly updates his blog on important issues facing Pennsylvania gun owners.

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