April 17, 2015

Firearms Legal Defense Program
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Bumper Stickers and Signs

Did you know that something as simple as a bumper sticker could make your day in court a nightmare? In this video, former prosecutor and Texas Law Shield Firearms Program Attorney Emily Taylor explains why you should be careful of the stickers you place on your car and the signs you post on your fence.

Launch of YouTube Channel

Now that you�ve seen one, check out the rest! The U.S. Law Shield � Gun Law Center YouTube Channel contains more than 20 videos covering important and interesting topics featuring attorneys, law enforcement, firearms instructors, and more.  Our plan is to add new and exciting content every month, so don�t forget to subscribe!

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Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated

This is a comprehensive handbook written to provide essential law every gun owner needs to know! Armed And Educated gives the reader a detailed legal analysis (with real-world examples) of specific laws important to firearms owners.  Members receive 15% instant discount.
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Attend a Gun Law Seminar

Every week, Texas Law Shield hosts gun law seminars and workshops across the state where independent program attorneys, law enforcement officers, and other firearms professionals separate legal fact from fiction. Register now and come meet the team that works to ensure your 2nd Amendment rights remain secure!

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