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March 11, 2015
Texas Law Shield
UPDATE: ATF Halts AR-15 Ammo Ban!

Dear Members:

The ATF has just announced that a final decision on their recent controversial proposal to ban common M855 and SS109 AR-15 ammunition will be delayed. After receiving a large number of comments critical to the ATF’s proposed “armor-piercing ammunition” framework, along with strong opposition from a majority of Congress, the ATF has decided to shelve the proposal indefinitely in favor of further study. The framework was to be used to evaluate whether or not ammunition was to be considered armor-piercing under federal law, and would have lifted a long-standing exemption applied to M855 and SS109 ammunition, effectively making it illegal to import, manufacture, or sell the cartridges.

Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated

In case you missed it, Texas Law Shield is pleased to announce the release of Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated. With over 1,000 copies sold in its first week, Armed And Educated is the one book every gun owner needs in his or her library!

This is a comprehensive handbook written to provide essential law every gun owner needs to know! Armed And Educated gives the reader a detailed legal analysis (with real-world examples) of specific laws important to firearms owners.

Important topics covered:

  • The law of justification: when can you be legally excused under the law?
  • The law of self-defense: when can you legally shoot?
  • When can you protect property with deadly force?
  • Can you use deadly force against an animal?
  • Why can I carry in some parking lots but not others?
  • And much, much more!

Get your copy today! One NRA Law Enforcement Division Firearms Instructor had this to say after reading the book:

This book is a “must read” for any Texan who owns a gun. The authors have skillfully cut through the legalese and produced a format that is easy for the average Joe to utilize and understand. If its true that knowledge is power, then this book is a heavyweight.

John Helms

Now until March 31, 2015, Texas Law Shield Members will receive 15% off their purchase of Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated. Because it could happen to you anytime, anywhere, make sure you know the law in order to protect yourself!

David Donchecz
Vice President of Member Services

Come Meet Your Firearms Program Attorneys

Dear Members,

At Texas Law Shield, a cornerstone of our program is firearms legal education. We want all of our members and gun owners everywhere to get educated and know their firearms rights.

We would like to invite you and your friends to join us at an upcoming firearms law seminar or workshop! Come hear Texas Law Shield independent program attorneys and firearm professionals separate legal fact from fiction and discuss legal topics every gun owner should know. Make sure you understand your firearms rights and how to uphold them. Find a seminar in your area and sign up today!

Austin - March 24

College Station - March 12

North Richland Hills - March 11
Weatherford - March 14
Lewisville - March 20
Lewisville - March 21
Fort Worth - March 22
Burleson - March 25
Garland - March 25
Grand Prairie - March 26
Fort Worth - March 28
Trophy Club - March 28
Highland Village - March 30

Houston - March 12

Lumberton - March 24

San Antonio - March 14
Converse - March 17
San Antonio - March 19
San Antonio - March 28

To view a complete list of seminars and workshops in your area, please go to www.GunLawSeminar.com. We hope to see you at one of our next events!

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