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February 26, 2015
Texas Law Shield
Texas Gun Law: Armed and Educated

Dear Members:

I carry a gun every day. So should you! The life you save from a criminal, may be mine! If you own a gun, make sure you know the law.

After more than a year of development & research and thousands of hours of time distilling law into a format specifically for gun owners, Texas Law Shield is pleased to announce the release of Texas Gun Law: Armed and Educated. It is the one book every gun owner needs in his or her library!

This is a comprehensive handbook written to provide essential law every gun owner needs to know! This 333 page book was written by experienced Texas attorneys in a manner everyone can understand. The authors are passionate legal professionals and defenders of our Second Amendment rights to bear arms.

Armed and Educated is different than other books available, because, it contains not only black letter law, but explains how the courts interpret that law. This is not just a book that cuts and pastes statutes together, Armed and Educated goes way beyond this and gives the reader a detailed legal analysis (with real-world examples) of specific laws important to firearms owners.

Armed and Educated also provides many equally real-life situations and examples to help the reader analyze exactly where they stand under the law in any given circumstance. It clears up many myths and misconceptions about gun law, including when a person can and cannot legally shoot, as well as what to do and what happens “after bang!”

Important topics covered:

  • The law of justification: when can you be legally excused under the law?
  • The law of self-defense: when can you legally shoot?
  • When can you protect property with deadly force?
  • Can you use deadly force against an animal?
  • What does a jury think about using firearms in self-defense?
  • And much, much more!

Get your member copy Today! We are delighted our book is receiving rave reviews. One Texas CHL instructor and experienced Police Officer had this to say after reading the book.

Anyone would be able to easily understand this detailed deadly force and gun law manual. I would consider this the “Bible of Deadly Force” in Texas.

-Sgt. Keith McGuire

For a limited time, Texas Law Shield Members will receive 15% off their purchase of Texas Gun Law: Armed and Educated. Because it could happen to you anytime, anywhere, make sure you know the law in order to protect yourself!

David Donchecz
Vice President of Member Services
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