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December 11, 2014
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Do You Support Open Carry In Texas?


We want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to answer our question in the last newsletter regarding your opinion on legalizing Open Carry of handguns in Texas. Although the voting was not unanimous, the heavy majority of those who participated supported the legalization of open carry in some form.

Richard B. wrote: "Yes! It gives the average citizen a fighting chance in public, against criminals when no police are near."

Others supported open carry but say they will likely keep their firearms concealed. Ryan S. wrote: "I support OC because an individual should be able to choose how they carry. OC gives the individual more flexibility in wardrobe and for their situation, whatever it may be."

Then some members said they would never carry openly, but still supported the option for their fellow citizens. Art S. wrote: "I believe that open carry should be an option, even if I would never practice it."

Although it was a very small number, some did say that they do not support legalizing open carry of handguns. Eric A. told us: "No, I believe it will have the unintended consequence of inducing more owners of businesses to prohibit firearm procession on their property."

Member Sound-Off: Do You Support Campus Carry?

Now it�s time for our "Member Sound-Off." This week we�d like to ask you about a subject that we�ve seen gun owners divided on and one which seems to be less focused on when compared to the push for legalizing open carry.

We want to hear your feedback, tell us: Do you support allowing students and/or faculty to carry on college campuses if they have a CHL?

The more responses and feedback we receive, the better we will be able to serve you, our member base, in the coming months and years. This will help us correctly distribute resources to effectively fight for our liberty. We look forward to your responses.

David Donchecz
Vice President of Member Services

To answer David�s question, simply click here or the photo and respond in the comment section. Remember, you may need to be signed into your Facebook account to type a response. If you aren�t following Texas Law Shield on Facebook, now is a perfect time to do so. Simply click the �Like� button at the top of the Texas Law Shield page for daily content regarding gun news and law changes across the country. We understand that some members don�t feel comfortable posting publically that they own firearms or have a legal carry permit, but please feel free to still share what you think about carry on college campuses by sending an email to David Donchecz at [email protected].

ATF Moves Proposed Date Again

Christmas came early this year for people who are thinking about buying NFA regulated items! The ATF has moved the date for the proposed rule that could affect your ability to own a suppressor, short-barreled weapon, machine gun, or AOW.

As some may recall, in September of 2013 the ATF proposed a rule that would require all �responsible persons� to receive Chief Law Enforcement Officer authorization in order to purchase NFA regulated items. If enacted �as-is,� this rule could potentially put a halt to the purchase of all NFA regulated items (i.e., suppressors), for all practical purposes. After fierce opposition during the public commenting period (click here to read Texas Law Shield�s response to Proposed Rule 41p), the ATF set an initial target date of June 2014 to publish the final rule, but had to delay until January 2015.

Texas Law Shield is glad to report that the ATF has pushed the final rule�s target publication date to May 2015. In the meantime, the law will continue to operate in the exact same fashion. Once the ATF publishes their final rule, it will come into effect at earliest 30 days from publication (or later, if the ATF chooses an effective date after that). Keep in mind, this is still merely a target date; the rule could be published early, or they could continue to delay its publication. Texas Law Shield will keep its members informed of this situation and of any changes in the law that impact their firearm rights.

Before any new rule goes into effect, make sure you check out our NFA Trust Program here.

Come Meet Your Firearms Program Attorneys

Dear Members,

At Texas Law Shield a cornerstone of our program is firearms legal education. We want all of our members and gun owners everywhere to get educated and know their firearms rights.

We would like to invite you and your friends to join us at an upcoming firearms law seminar or workshop! Come hear Texas Law Shield independent program attorneys and firearms experts separate legal fact from fiction and discuss legal topics every gun owner should know. Make sure you understand your firearms rights and how to uphold them. Find a seminar in your area and sign up today!

Lewisville � December 13
Lewisville � December 16
Garland � December 17
Dallas � January 6
Fort Worth � January 8
Carrolton � January 10
Highland Village - January 12
North Richland Hills - January 14
Southlake - January 15
Lewisville - January 16
Weatherford - January 17
Lewisville - January 17
Lewisville - January 20
Denton - January 22
Dallas - January 23

El Paso - January 22

Rosenberg � January 27

San Angelo � January 8
San Antonio � December 13
San Antonio � December 18
Converse � January 6
San Antonio - January 10
San Antonio - January 24

Waco � December 15

To view a complete list of seminars and workshops in your area, please go to www.GunLawSeminar.com. We hope to see you at one of our next events!

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