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May 23, 2014
U.S. Law Shield
New States Added to U.S Law Shield Multi-State
Great news members! We have added four states to our Multi-State Program! These states are added free of charge to our current Multi-State Program to help you be even better protected when outside the Great State of Florida. If you travel to other states with the Multi-State Program and have a legal use of your firearm, you will have continued seamless coverage.

If you don't already have Multi-State coverage added on to your membership, then consider having the additional peace of mind. With the newly added states to the multi-state program, the membership ad-on is still only $2.95 a month!

New states added to our Multi-State Program include:

Illinois, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Jersey

To add on the Multi-State option to your membership or for more information, please log in to our Member Portal or call our office at 877-474-7184 and we will be happy to assist you.
New Free Report: Traveling With Your Firearms
Dear Florida Members,

At U.S. Law Shield we want all gun owners to travel safely and legally this summer. As summer approaches, many will be traveling outside the state of Florida, so we prepared a new report called "Behind Enemy Lines: A Guide to Traveling through Firearm-Hostile States."

Be prepared for when you cross state lines with your firearms. Don't let your road trip end early because you didn't know the law. Click on the link below to read how you can safely and legally travel across the country with your firearms.

Florida Gun Law Seminars


Join Us At Our Next Seminar Sponsored By Home Safety Academy
In case you missed our previous Gun Law Seminar in Jacksonville, we have another Gun Law Seminar scheduled for Thursday, June 19, 2014, from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. EDT. in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida!

This one is being sponsored by the Home Safety Academy! Dave D'Eugenio from Home Safety Academy, one of the Top 10 NRA trainers in the country, will be co-hosting the seminar along with U.S. Law Shield program attorneys.

Hear Dave D'Eugenio and your firearms program attorneys speak on topics including the Law of Deadly Force, understanding Stand Your Ground and the Castle Doctrine, civil liability if you use your firearm, and how to deal with a difficult police officer. Food and drinks will be provided!

Sign up today at www.GunLawSeminar.com.
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