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April 28, 2014
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Attention Pennsylvania Members!
New Member Portal + New Free Service
We are proud to announce the new U.S. Law Shield Member Portal. With the new Member Portal, you have complete access to our newsletter, seminar, and gun law video archives to help you stay educated and stay legal when carrying your firearm.

Most importantly, Pennsylvania members have access to their new FREE Legal Emergency Plan.

Our Legal Emergency Plan offers you the unique ability to tell your program attorneys vital information about you, BEFORE there is a legal emergency. Your Legal Emergency Plan could allow your program attorneys to help you when you can't help yourself. Let them know how to communicate with your loved ones, facilitate bail, handle work obligations, etc., if you are ever unfortunately ensnared in the legal system and can't do it yourself.

The Legal Emergency Plan was created after seeing even the most trained, mild mannered, law abiding members, unprepared for that moment when they were caught up in the legal system. No matter how well you prepare, the legal system can leave you isolated and unable to access the help you need.

Remember, if you are ever in police custody or jail, you won't have your smart phone with all your contacts. You won't have access to the internet. You will be cut off from daily life.

Make sure you have a plan! All you have to do to get the benefit of this valuable service, free to our members, is go to our updated website and Member Portal to access your Legal Emergency Plan. Be prepared for when the unthinkable happens.

Fill out your Legal Emergency Plan here

To log in to your new member portal, your username is the member number on your U.S. Law Shield membership card, including the two-letter state prefix. Your password is the password to your old billing portal. If you have trouble logging in, you can reset your password using the "Forgotten Password?" link. If you have any questions, please call us at 877-474-7184.

All Legal Emergency Plan information is transmitted to a secure server to which only program attorneys have access. Your plan and information will not be viewed until there is a legal emergency and never be used for marketing or given to third parties. Best of all, it's free with your membership.
From U.S. Law Shield Program Attorneys
5 Reasons Legal Gun Owners Go To Jail
From our member stories, it's easy to see that even when you're the good guy (or gal) you can easily go to jail.

Watch the two-minute video below as U.S. Law Shield President Kirk Evans explains five reasons why the good guy (i.e. you) can end up in jail. Learn what could be the difference between your freedom and getting locked up, because it can happen to you. Be prepared!

Pennsylvania Speaking Engagements
U.S. Law Shield of Pennsylvania is a movement to preserve all of our firearms rights. As a member, you can be proud to be part of a movement that completely underwrites for a program attorney to speak to you free of charge. If you have an organization, or are part of a Sportsmen�s Club, Gun Club, Rotary Club, Lions Club, etc., and would like to schedule a speaking engagement with our program attorneys, we�d love to meet you.

To schedule a speaking engagement, please contact David Donchecz, the Director of Member Services, at 877-474-7184.
Legal War Story From The Front Line
This Member Was Charged After A Road-Rage Incident
While out driving, one member crossed paths with an aggravated driver. At a red light, the other driver got out of her vehicle, approached our member and began yelling at him through the car window. With a child in the car, our member didn't want any trouble. He simply placed his gun on his lap to get the road-raged driver to leave him alone. At this point, the assailant revealed she was an off-duty cop and had our member arrested despite the fact he had done nothing wrong. Thus, our member's legal nightmare began. The good news, the case was ultimately dismissed and our member paid zero attorneys' fees.

In Case You Missed It
The Legal Risks of Modifying Your Trigger Pull
In case you missed our previous newsletter, you can read "The Legal Risks of Modifying Your Trigger Pull" on our blog.
Read it here
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