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April 8, 2014
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With education as a cornerstone of U.S. Law Shield, we strive to reach as many gun owners as we can with our Gun Law Seminars and Workshops. We are proud to say our recent workshop at Classic Pistol Indoor Range in Southampton, PA on March 26 was a success!


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The Legal Risk of Modifying Your Trigger


There are many modifications you can make to your firearm to make shooting and carrying it more efficient and comfortable. One of the most popular is adjustment of the trigger pull weight. But, should you be concerned legally about this modification to your firearm? Maybe yes, but likely no.


The trigger pull weight is the amount of weight in pounds (or the force that represents that much weight) that is required to be exerted on a trigger by the user's finger in order to discharge the firearm. The greater the trigger pull weight, the more force is needed to make the weapon fire. Since trigger pull weight is a product of a mechanical process involving springs, the trigger pull weight can be manipulated to be lighter or heavier to better suit the owner.


There is no agreed upon standard trigger pull weight across the numerous available firearms one may own. There are as many opinions on what constitutes an ideal trigger pull as there are gun owners.


Our purpose here is not to take a position on what the perfect trigger pull weight is for your situation, but to tell you about what the law might have to say if you modify the trigger pull weight on your gun.  


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