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Turn Up the Heat for Justice in the #UMC
Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Next Steps
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Volume IX
Issue 14 

26 August 2014 


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My heart leaped with excitement. Could it be possible? Through weeks of missile attacks, economic blockades, death of the very young and the very old, could it be possible? Obviously, time will tell. But for now, if only for now, there is a glimmer of hope for the people of Gaza to begin rebuilding and to journey on the road to flourishing.

The same holds true for Ferguson - and the many other places across the United States where violence steeped in racism and class-ism are becoming too common of an experience. The silence of the Church is deafening. And so often, we jump to peace and reconciliation before the real work begins taking place.  Justice and reconciliation do not begin with being nice; they begin with deep, deep lamentation. No movement for justice in this world ever began with "kum bay ya." They begin with weeping and gnashing of teeth, with walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

It is a privilege to serve MFSA, to reflect theologically about lamenting and celebrating, and to be a voice where silence can be deafening. Let's keep raising our voices together!


Chett Pritchett
Executive Director


Turn Up the Heat for Justice in the #UMC

Summer is almost over, but we need to turn up the heat! 


We need your help! MFSA has been given a great opportunity to support inclusion for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) United Methodists and their work for justice for all. This past week, we were notified of receipt of a small grant to assist with strategic visioning for the Love Your Neighbor (LYN) Coalition, a group of 10 progressive organizations who are committed to justice in The United Methodist Church - not only for LGBTQ persons, but for all the places we find injustice and oppression in our Church.  


Unfortunately, this grant only supports the programming, travel, and some technology upgrades for the Coalition, not the personnel costs. Current grant applications for personnel costs are in final consideration, but we need your help today. Since January, MFSA has funded the LYN Coalition Coordinator position. We expected funding this summer, but now will be awaiting word regarding personnel funding in early October. Thus, MFSA has delayed other financial obligations because we believe so much in the work of the Coalition.  


Our Coalition Coordinator, Rev. Steve Clunn, is central to the work of the LYN Coalition. Help us continue this

position until we can secure more funding. Share with your colleagues, friends, family - anyone who believes in justice for LGBTQ persons in the life and mission of The United Methodist Church. Central to this work is coordinating efforts of the Coalition's cooperative event in August 2015, the Legislative Strategy team, and further fundraising to make sure there's a strong progressive presence in Portland for General Conference 2016!  



With a goal of raising $15,000 by October 1, we believe we can continue not only to support the work of the LYN Coalition Coordinator, but show potential grantors the commitment United Methodists have made to make our denomination a welcoming place for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities who work for justice.

Your financial support - large or small - will make a difference in the future of our movement for justice and in the future of the Church!  



Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Next Steps
Over the last few weeks we have witnessed the so called "Humanitarian Crisis" occurring at the southern border of the United States. We see how thousands of children from Central American and Mexico escape violence and misery in search of refuge in our country.

NOW is the time to TAKE ACTION -- Support our friends at  MARCHA and their declaration of solidarity with those who suffer at the hands of an antiquated immigration system; demand our elected government officials in Congress, and the President of the United States, develop effective humanitarian responses to a situation that transcends political and partisan self-interests.

MFSA On The Road!
August 29-September 1: Western Methodist Justice Movement's "Stepping Out in Faith"; Zephyr Cove, NV
     Chett Pritchett, Executive Director, worship co-leader

September 15: Plumbline Lecture, Foundry UMC,         
     Washington, DC

October 3, 4: In The Midst of New Dimensions Conference, Lexington, MA. Co-sponsored by MFSA. Staff will be present.

November 2: Trinity UMC, Austin, TX
     Chett Pritchett, Executive Director, preaching

November 9: Centenary-Chenango Street UMC, Binghamton, NY - 20th Reconciling Anniversary
     Chett Pritchett, Executive Director, preaching
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