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Palestine: Positive Investment
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Volume VIII Issue 17                          

13 September 2013




Sometimes even the most ardent supporters of justice can have the most human of responses. I know I have felt paralyzed when trying to understand and respond to the potential of United States military force in Syria. Dr. Susan Thistlewaite of Chicago Theological Seminary recently knocked me from my paralysis when she offered 10 tips for personal and corporate action.

Two weeks after the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the March on Washington, I can't help but wonder if we didn't miss the point. Michelle Alexander makes this observation regarding Martin Luther King, Jr.: "He saw the connections between the wars we wage abroad and the utter indifference we have for poor people and people of color at home. He saw the necessity of openly critiquing an economic system that will fund war and reward greed hand over fist, but will not pay workers a living wage. In the years following the March on Washington, Dr. King ignored all those who told him to stay in his lane, just stick to talking about civil rights."

Since 1907, MFSA has been helping to connect the dots between personal holiness and social holiness; between poverty and war; between racism, sexism, and heterosexism. While last month's events were key to raising awareness and empowering a movement, the signs, the speeches, the teach-ins all lose their importance if we don't keep the momentum going.

Where will you add to the movement? What ideas do you bring to the work of justice-seeking? How will you turn your passion into action? How will you help connect the dots? 


Grace and peace,  
Chett Pritchett 
Interim Executive Director 
Fall MFSA Events All Across the US
September 28
Wilsonville UMC in Wilsonville, OR

MFSA's Oregon-Idaho Chapter invite you to their fall gathering: "Can We Really Be One Church?"

Learn more by downloading their flyer.

October 4-5
Kingswood UMC in Buffalo Grove, IL

Progressive leaders in MFSA and beyond in the North Central Jurisdiction will be gathering to discuss out common work, reconnect, and begin to work toward Episcopal elections in 2016.
Please email your confirmation to attend to this email,    Please email program, process, and agenda questions to Rev. Amanda Stein at or Rev. Steve Zekoff at  Local arrangement issues, airport pick up and other local issues  can be addressed by emailing Rev. James Preston at 



A light breakfast and a lunch will be served on Saturday, October 5. The church has plenty of parking and the building is fully accessible.   We hope to see you in October!

Saturday, November 23
First UMC of Wilson, NC

Join the North Carolina Chapter of MFSA for their Jack Crum Conference. This year the Conference will be co-sponsored by the North Carolina Conference of The United Methodsit Church with a focus on Child Poverty.

The goal of the Faith Summit on Child Poverty is to give churches the tools to help begin breaking the chains of childhood poverty. Learn how churches can work together to help provide after school programs, early child learning centers, and better attention to health and housing needs. For more information and registration, visit this website.
More Than Marriage: FaithsCalling
Marriage Equality is a hot topic today. With the Supreme Court decisions around DOMA and Prop 8, momentum is growing for marriage equality initiatives across the country.

Marriage is important because it shows a shift in public attitudes toward LGBTQ persons. However, winning the battle for marriage equality does not equate to justice.

LGBTQ people still face discrimination in housing and employment; economic opportunity and access to health care are lacking for many. Trans* individuals face roadblocks to name change documentation, airport security issues, and, yes, even the ability to use the restroom without fear of ridicule or harm.

You can TAKE ACTION on this coming TUESDAY by calling your Senators and asking them to End Employment Discrimination.

Check out these talking points - and encourage your friends, family, and church members to stand for LGBTQ equality!
Palestine: Positive Investment
At General Conference 2016, The United Methodist Church voted down divesting from corporations who support the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. Instead, the Church resolved to engage in positive investment.

While MFSA (and other faithful United Methodists) continue to work for The United Methodist Church to divest as a moral statement, we must also hold the church accountable to acts of positive investment.

One form of positive investment would be to consider encouraging economic empowerment through the Palestinian Fair Trade Association. This is a network of fifty different farming and women's cooperatives, including 1,700 farming families in dozens of Palestinian villages. 

PFTA is a partner with the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, of which MFSA is a member.
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