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Volume VII  Issue 18                   

7 November 2012




Do you have "morning-after-the-election" brain? I know I do! No matter your political affiliation, Election Day in the United States is an exciting, nail-biting, frustrating, celebratory time.  


Beyond the partisan elections for office-holders, there were a lot of justice issues on the ballot yesterday.  Maryland, Maine & Washington passed marriage equality, while Minnesota stopped a constitutional amendment against marriage equality.  Florida defeated a measure that would have limited funding for reproductive health. And Maryland voted to extend in-state tuition to children of immigrants in their own version of the DREAM Act.  


Not everything was perfect yesterday, however. California narrowly defeated a proposition to repeal the death penalty. Montana voted to deny access to state services to those who cannot prove US citizenship or legal status. Maryland voted to expand gambling which will pave the way for a private casino just minutes from our office in Washington, DC. 


Today, more than ever people of good faith are needed to stand for justice, equality, peace, and fairness. Since 1907, MFSA has led the movement for progressive values in both Church and society. Yesterday's ballot initiatives show the need for MFSA's vision and action, now more than ever. Hearts and minds can change about LGBTQ equality, immigration, reproductive rights, worker's rights, and access to healthcare.  


If this change can happen in the American political scene, this change can happen in The United Methodist Church!


Be a part of this change:

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  • Donate! Every donation helps MFSA attain our mission of being a progressive voice. You can donate online  or by sending a donation to the address at the end of this email.

We cannot let "morning-after-the-election" brain get the best of us! In the words of church musician Mark Miller, "God has work for us to do!" Let's get out there and do it!


Grace and peace,    

Chett Pritchett
Interim Executive Director

National CalltoActionAlternativeMFSA Program Council Affirms Direction 

At it's meeting in Detroit in October, the MFSA Program Council affirmed a number of initiatives that impact the work of the staff, board, and Chapters.

The Council re-affirmed MFSA's Social Justice Prayer Network as a way to combine our work in social holiness and personal holiness. MFSA's pilot program in Cross-Cultural Organizing was also re-affirmed, as was supporting our involvement in the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Central to that involvement was affirming language change in the Coalition's charter from abortion to broader issues of reproductive health.

The Program Council heard presentations on a number of program directives that were approved, pending action from MFSA's Board of Directors, including support of a Young Adult Internship in Community Service and Community Organizing. The Council overwhelmingly approved a statement of support for current discussions about the world-wide nature of The United Methodist Church:

"MFSA supports the Western Jurisdiction in their recommendation to the Connectional Table to use the results from the Study Committee on the Worldwide Nature of The United Methodist Church as the basis for study and response by annual conferences during 2013-2014 and to enable a process to support the study and receive the results. We support the actions of the Northeastern and North Central Jurisdictions to study and develop proposals addressing the worldwide nature of the church. We encourage the leaders of the Connectional Table and these jurisdictions to be in communication with one another and work together."

Fifteen Chapters from across the United States were represented at the Program Council. The Council connects grassroots MFSAers with one another and with the national leadership. Consisting of one representative from each MFSA chapter the Program Council meets once a year for the following purposes:   
     - hearing about the work and activities of other members and chapters
     - having speakers and conducting workshops
     - sharing information across chapter lines
     - conducting leadership training receiving
     - updates from the Board of Directors and national staff
     - resourcing jurisdictional events and gatherings of the full MFSA membership
     - proposing strategies for action
     - advising the national staff and MFSA Board of Directors

Finally, the Program Council affirmed representative members to MFSA's Board of Directors, plus welcomed Rowland Curry (SWTX) to co-leadership of the Council with Betty Kobata (Cal-Pac).  
Winners and Losers: A Reflection on the Election from Religion News Service


Kevin Eckstrom from Religious News Service offers these reflections on the "winners" and "losers" this election from a (mostly) religious perspective.

Check out what he has to say - some may surprise you!

Stand With Bishop Talbert
The United Methodist Council of Bishops are currently meeting at Epworth-By-the-Sea in Georgia. It is a closed meeting - an unusual move for The United Methodist Church's top leaders. (Read Rev. Steve Clunn's blog post about this).

Some have called for the censure of Bishop Talbert and other United Methodist bishops for their support of marriage equality at a General Conference press gathering in Tampa this past spring.

Please show your support for equality by Standing with Bishop Talbert.
  • Like the Facebook page and invite others to join you
  • Email your bishop. Emails can be found here.
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