Traveling With Your Pet
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Dear Clients,  
We have helped our clients with customized relocation of their pets . We have provided assistance with domestic and international travel. This past December, we were asked to personally transport Terry, one of our boarding and walking clients' pets to Paris. It was our second personal transport out of the country. Terry was a wonderful traveler and we all arrived safely.
terry airport
Terry & I at Newark airport getting ready for departure.
Pet Travel
Paris Trip  
Terry, a small morkie, flew with us in cabin under the passenger seat. This is limited to small pets that can comfortably fit in a soft or hard carrier that complies with very specific airline guidelines. The passenger cabin is generally limited to just a few cats, dogs or birds per flight. Pets can also fly as ticketed passengers, they are on the same flight as you but in the cargo area. A pet can fly as an unaccompanied pet, your pet travels by itself or with siblings in the cargo area. International Pet Relocation requirements for vaccination and documentation vary greatly and is not a straight forward process, which means you must pay a lot of attention to detail and planning ahead of time. We are USDA certified as Class H intermediate handlers- which means we have studied specific guidelines and can provide safe information on domestic and international travel as well as ground transportation, and are routinely inspected by the US department of agriculture.
Pet Travel