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Hi Families,

This is the special edition WJCS Autism Center's Camp Guide 2014.
If you're interested in any of the Autism Center programs or would like to gain more resources, please contact  Lee Englander, Program Coordinator, Family Autism Center, at Lenglander@wjcs.com or
 (914) 761-0600 ext. 230

Camps with an * have not yet updated their information for the 2014 summer season and information listed is from 2013. Please contact camps directly for updated information.

Internet Resources for Camps for Children With Special Needs



American Camping Association 

ACA offers a general camp directory that allows you to search for your specific need.


My Summer Camps Directory: Camps for Autism
This general camp directory includes three pages of camps that are specifically geared to kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders throughout the United States.

This website has listings of special needs camps throughout the United States, but allows you to search for your specific needs, such as age and location.  

This website has a special section of camps for children with Autism and Asperger's. It allows you to search by state and needs.

Camp Referral Services

Resources for Children with Special Needs
Contact: 212-677-4650 or visit the website: www.resourcesnyc.org

School & Camp Placements Service

Contact: Madeline Seldon at (203) 226-1422  

The Camp Connection

Contact: 1-800-834-CAMP or visit the website: www.thecampconnection.com  


The Camp Experts

Visit the website: www.campexperts.com/ContactUs.aspx to contact a camp expert near where you live


Also of Interest

ASD Vacations: Services for Traveling with Autism 

We are here to help you with IVP (Individual Vacation Plan). We start with a free consultation in order to find out about your family's specific needs and desires. We ask about the special guest. What are their special needs and interests? What are their strengths and their challenges? What are their potential trigger points? What sensory and special diet issues need to be considered? This enables us to develop their own unique Autism Passport (our document that is loosely based upon Learner Snapshot by Judy Marks and Brenda Smith-Myles). We also ask about you and the other family members. What are your dreams and desires for an ideal vacations? What do you want to do with your Respite Time? We look at all of the issues that give you problems in traveling with autism and help you find the optimal means to resolve them.  


Contact Information:  

  • Phone: (203) 750-0000
  • Email: info@ASDVacations.com, AlanDay@ASDVacations.com
  • Website: http:www.asdvacations.com/services/ 

Day Camps

New York, NY
June 30th - August 8th
Ages 5-6, 7-12
Cost: 5-6: $9,000 & 7-12 7,200 ( 25% off for parents who earn less than 150,000)
Monday-Thursday 9:15 am-3:00 pm (5-6)
Monday-Thursday 9:00 am- 4:45 pm (7-12) 
BADP is a Manhattan co-ed 6-week summer day camp for children ages 5-12 with mild-to-moderate social-emotional difficulties. We are an evidenced-based, behaviorally-oriented program with professional staff who integrate individualized goals with academic remediation, social skills training, swimming and recreational sports. We provide a fun and therapeutic experience for children who need extra support and attention at camp.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: Joshua Rosenthal (646) 450-6210
  • Email: info@bigappledayprogram.com
  • Website: http://bigappledayprogram.com


Brain Balance Achievement Center of Norwalk

Norwalk, CT

We work with families affected by ADD, learning disabilities, dyslexia, Tourette's syndrome, and autism spectrum disorders. The program is entirely drug-free, and uses a winning combination of physical, nutritional, and cognitive activities to enhance your child's performance in the classroom ad beyond. The Brain Balance Program forms effective neural pathways that improve attention, focus, academic performance, social skills, and interaction and reduce negative behaviors.  


Contact Information:  

  • Phone: (203) 847-3000
  • Website: brainbalancecenters.com/locations/norwalk



Camp Discovery- Special division trailblazers program

Rosenthal JCC of Northern Westchester

Pleasantville, NY 

Ages: 4-14

Camp hours: 9am-4pm 

Call for dates and rates 

Camp discovery is a day camp designed offer summer fun including boating, sports, crafts, and Jewish culture. Trailblazers who have Asperger's Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, or mild emotional disability, are integrated into the mainstream camp environment. Under the supervision of camp staff, individual behavior management plans are designed for each camper.  


Contact Information:  

  • Phone: Allison Langer (914) 741-0333 x15
  • Email: allison@rosenthaljcc.org
  • Website: www.rosenthaljcc.org   




Harbor Haven

West Orange, NJ 

Ages: 3-15

Full and mini day programs

Full: 9:00 am- 3:40 pm, 7 weeks, $7,090   

Mini: 9:00 am- 1;30 pm (ages 3&4), 7 weeks, $4,000

 (6,5,4, and 3 weeks available at reduced rate)


The Harbor Haven vision combines the most important elements of traditional day camping with structured support, helping our youngsters to maintain and expand social, educational and communication skills during the summer months.    


Contact Information:  

  • Email: info@harborhavenwestorange.com
  • Website: www.harborhaven.com 



Heartsong's mission is to provide clinically-based therapeutic, educational and rehabilitative creative arts programs that seek to enhance the functioning level and quality of life of individuals with special needs.Creative arts therapy programs traditionally have been offered only in institutions and hospital settings. Heartsong has taken these experiences outside the walls to families in need, removing barriers and improving the quality of life for individuals with special needs and their families, regardless of household resources or income.


Contact Information:

  • Phone:  (914) 358-5613  
  • Email: info@heartsong.org
  • Website: www.heartsong.org  



Hempstead, NY
Cost: $1,699 (2 weeks), $3,298 (4 weeks), $4,872 (6 weeks), $5,622 (full 7 weeks)  
The REACH Program is an exciting opportunity for campers with autism spectrum disorders and other special needs to experience Hofstra Specialty Camps with peers. The REACH Program provides a safe and positive setting for campers with disabilities to be included in Specialty Camps, activities, enjoy peer interactions, with supports and/or modifications when necessary. The REACH Program provides a perfect setting for ongoing interventions during the summer break. Campers have ample opportunities to generalize and enhance social and daily living skills.

Contact information:
  • Phone: 516-463-2267  
  • e-mail: REACH@hofstra.edu

 Prior to the consultation, you will be asked to submit the most recent copy of your child's IEP.

Website: http://www.hofstra.edu/academics/CE/SC/spec/spec_reach.html

Hempstead, NY
Session 1: June 30 - July 11
Session 2: July 14 - 25
Session 3: July 28- August 8
Ages: For Girls and Boys Entering Grades 10-12 (up to 18 years old) 
Hofstra Summer Camps new REACH Program for Teens helps campers with disabilities transition to adulthood. Our goal is for individuals with special needs to become increasingly independent, learn the responsibilities and benefits of working, and obtain independent daily living skills. Responsibilities and tasks will be adapted to meet the needs and ability level of each participant. This program encourages individuals with special needs to put their newly acquired skills to the test! Participants will gain confidence navigating their environment by taking field trips to local establishments, such as the post office and the bank. Our staff will assist students with the development of their social skills and help them make appropriate friendships with peers and adults.
A consultation with the director of the REACH Program for Teens will determine acceptance to the program. Please be aware that space is extremely limited.

Contact information:
  • Phone: 516-463-2267  
  •  email: REACH-Teens@hofstra.edu 

Prior to the consultation, you will be asked to submit the most recent copy of your child's IEP. 

Website: http://www.hofstra.edu/academics/CE/SC/spec/spec_reach_teens.html
Scarsdale, NY
Ages 2 1/2 - 12
Week Program -
2's & 3's (9am-12pm) $2,825 full summer, 4's (9am-2pm/9am-4pm) $4575-4725
1st grade ( 9am-4 pm) $4, 725, 2nd grade (9am- 4pm) 
Private and state funded half-day (8:45-11:15am/12 noon or 11:15am/12 noon-2:30pm) options are available for children 2 1/2 - 6 years of age. Integrated programs (ages 4-12 years) available through Camp Gadol with specially trained staff.

Contact information:
  •  Phone: Caryn Symons (914)-472-3300 x336
  • Email: symonsc@jccmw.org
  • Website: www.jccofmidwestchester.org 

Tarrytown, NY
Ages 6-14
34 days full season June 30th- August 15th
(sessions are available)
Cost: member- $4,700 (grade 1-7), $4,900 (Super senior grade 7&up)
          non-member: $4,800 and 4,995 
Children with mild to moderate developmental and learning disabilities engage in an exciting summer experience with therapeutic recreation and activities that build self-esteem and independence, while maximizing opportunities for inclusion with typical JCC Country Day Campers. Camp BaShemesh fosters the camper's individual strengths and challenges them to stretch and grow alongside their typical peers.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: Mindy Cohen (914)366-7898 x108
  • Email: mcohen@jcconthehudson.org
  • Website: www.jcconthehudson.org 

New Rochelle, NY
Ages 5 - 21
Session 1: June 30th- July 11th
Session 2: July 14th- July 25th
Session 3: July 27th-August 8th 
8:30am - 2:30pm
Cost: $100/2 week
Camp Joy is a full-day summer camp providing supervised and planned activities, allowing participants to take advantage of the recreational facilities and trained staff available to them. Emphasis is placed on physical enrichment through sports and swimming, but also on cultural enrichment through art, community activities, dance, music, theater, games and nature and nutrition projects.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: Janet Guarasci (914) 654-2088
  • Email: www.newrochelleny.com 

New Frontiers and Learning:

 Summer in the City 

Summer in the City 2014:  
Session 1: June 2nd- June 20th
Session 2: June 30th to July 21st
Session 3: July 28th to August 15th
10:00 am- 3:00 pm  Spend half of the day navigating the city, immersing ourselves in a variety of social situations, making friends with other students in the program, and getting the opportunity to be part of the different attractions and events that the city has to offer!
Please call Samantha Feinman for more information
  • Phone: (646) 558-0085
  • Email: sfeinman@nfil.net

Camp Move to Learn

Greenwich, CT 
Ages 5-10
August 4th-15th
Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:30pm
Whether your child has a boundless energy or is very quiet and shy, Camp Move to Learn will move them through the day with engaging motor oriented games and activities.  The ratio of counselor to camper is 5:1 with a Director, Assistant Director and Counselors.

Norwalk, CT
Swim Whisperers: $225 for the day 
Totally Treatment: $225/person

Contact Information
  • Phone: (203) 545-0024
  • Website: angelfishtherapy.com 


Ages 4-20
June 30th-August 8th
9 am-3 pm
Cost: $700 for Westchester residents 
Community based therapeutic recreation agency serving children and adults with developmental disabilities in the north east portion of Westchester. Offers summer recreational programs for campers with special needs.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (914) 347-4409
  • Website: www.northeastspecialrec.org 

The College of New Rochelle
New Rochelle, NY

Ages 7 - 11
June 30th- August 15th
7 week program
Cost: $9,500 
Session: June 30 - August 15
Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm
The NYU Summer Program for Kids (SPK), established in 1997, is an evidence-based summer program to treat children with ADHD and behavior disorders. The seven-week, all day, therapeutic program is focused to build self-esteem and help children develop attentional, organizational, and friendship skills.

New! PRE-K program
June 30th-August 8th
Monday-Friday 9:00am-2:00pm 
For children entering kindergarten in September who are struggling with their behavior and friendship skills. We will be able to offer our expertise and clinical strategies, drawn from our years of experience, Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and other evidence-based methods, to help younger children learn better self control, improve their emotional regulation, and engage in more positive social interactions. As a result, we expect that younger people who participate in our program will develop better behavior, fell more confident and have improved self-esteem by the end of the program.  

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (516) 358-1811 
  • Email: www.aboutourkids.org  
Dobbs Ferry, NY
Ages 5 - 13
7 week session
June 30th- August 15th

Oriented towards children with learning challenges and/or attention difficulties who need a structured and supportive summer environment. Campers participate in a non-competitive camping program. (Campers over age 13 who were previously enrolled may re-enroll until age 16 with the Director's permission.)

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (203) 329-3394
  • Email: ourvictory@aol.com
  • Website: www.ourvictory.com 



Sociable Kidz
Summer Fun Club
Mamaroneck, NY
Pre-K through Grade 2
June 30th-August 15th
Morning class: 9am-12pm $105/day
Lunch bunch class: 12pm-1pm $35/day
Afternoon class: 1pm-4pm $105/day
You pick your days! 10% deposit required at time of sign up 
As seen on CNN, Sociable Kidz offers a summer program providing social skills groups. The groups are taught by trained teachers Monday-Friday for seven weeks in the summer. The small groups ensure that your child receives individualized attention including sharing, turn-taking, play skills with Legos, anti-bullying techniques, etc. using hands-on activities, games, role-playing, and social stories. We also offer expressive art and conversational table tennis classes.

Contact Information: 
  • Phone: (914) 502-3295
  • Website: www.sociablekidz.com OR sksummerfunclub.com 

Southeast Consortium Summer Programs
*Ages 5-14 - Summer day camp in conjunction with Scarsdale Rec Camp
Ages 14-21 - Teen travel summer camp
 (Call for updated dates and times)
The South East Consortium serves as an extension of it's local recreation programs. Available first for residents of: Mamaroneck, Pelham, Rye Brook, Portchester, Larchmont, Rye, Scarsdale, Eastchester, Bronxville, Tuckahoe, and Harrison. Only accepts campers outside these areas if there is room.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (914) 698-5232  
  • Website: www. secrec.org 

Yorktown Heights, NY (varied locations including Pleasantville and Mercy College)
Offering summer activities for youth, teens & young adults, and adults.
Horseback Riding (4-12)
Cimarron Ranch, Putnam Valley
9am, 9:45 am, 10:30 am
Cost: $400/ 10 weeks

Teen Program and Teen Time

Tuesday's and Thursday's
July 1st, 5 weeks
Cost: $225
6:30 pm- 9:15 pm
Contact Information:
  • Phone: (914) 243-0583
  • Website: www.sparcinc.org 
*YWCA White Plains Summer Camp for Children with Developmental Disabilities
515 North Street
White Plains, NY 10605
Ages 5-21

Summer programs are designed to compliment children's extended school-year programs. Participants enjoy a variety of therapeutic recreation programs that support and strengthen cognitive, physical, social and affective skills in a safe, supportive and funfilled environment. Family members receive support, respite, and the opportunity for family participation in recreation activities. Enrollment is limited and pre-registration is required. A personal assessment and tour of the facility is required for new participants.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (914) 949-6227 x108
  • Website: www.ywcawhiteplains.org 


 WeeZee Summer Day Camps


Camp sensational

Camp Sensational is a day camp operated at the weezee facility that sends your kids home happy, exhausted and sleeping better, and peaceful in the evening. With our sensitive and proactive expert coaching staff, an exciting schedule that changes daily, and a fun theme for every week, kids will challenge themselves to learn, grow, and explore new things all while making new friends!  


Full day: 9am-3:30pm, $400

Half day: 9am-12pm or 12pm-3:30pm, $250

Early drop-off-7:30am, $50

Late pick-up- 6:30pm, $75


Camp Kiwi Konnection

Campers grades kindergarten and up will spend the mornings at WeeZee enjoying their favorite activities and the afternoon at Kiwi Country Day Camp for a traditional camp experience. Campers will depart WeeZee at noon by bus and enjoy KCDC's hot lunch program, recreational swim, sports, adventure, boating and so much more. Campers will return to WeeZee between 4:15 and 4:30pm each day.  

Full day: $550

Half day (pm only): $350  


Contact Information


  • Phone: (914) 752-2100
  • Website: weezeeworld.com 


Sleep Away Camps

Thetford Center, VT
Grades 3-10 
Session 1: June 28th- July 21st- $6,950
Session 2: July 24th- August 16th- $6,950
Beyond Akeela 
Session 1: June 30th- July 21st- $6,950
Session 2: July 26th- August 16th- $6,950  
Our mission is to provide campers with an incredible life-changing summer experience. Camp Akeela is a structured, well-rounded camp that offers a wide variety of activities. Within a traditional camp program, Akeela is a small, supportive community that helps campers improve their social skills. Many of our campers have been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome or a non-verbal learning disability and are boys and girls who have difficulty connecting with peers.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (866) 680-4744
  • Email: info@campakeela.com
  • Website: www.campakeela.com 
Bedford, NH
Open House: May 3rd 
Ages 6-60
Day: 8 sessions starting June 23rd $400/week
Residential: 8 different sessions for varied ages and abilities starting from June 8th, 1 week session $775. (Rates vary) 
Camp Allen welcomes about 600 campers each summer and provides opportunities for growth, friendship and fun for children and adults with developmental disabilities and other challenges in an outdoor environment.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: Mary C. Constance or Michael Constance (603) 622-8471
  • Website: www.campallennh.org 


Camp Altitude 

Menlo College, Atherton CA  
 Residential: July 20th- August 8th- $3,800 (entering 6th-12th grade)

Camp Altitude is a two-week summer camp experience for boys and girls with social cognitive challenges (Asperger's Syndrome, LD, NVLD, ADHD, PDD-NOS, & High Functioning Autism) who are entering 6th through 11th grades. We are committed to providing a safe, fun and rewarding summer experience that promotes social learning and independent living skills. 


Contact Information:

  • Phone: (888) 464-4997
  • Website: www.camp-altitude.com 




Ancramdale, NY

Ages: 5-20 & 21-59  

5 sessions beginning with orientation on June 16th 

Camp Anne offers a fun-filled, loving, nurturing, and safe environment for children and adults who require various levels of support, and who may also have physical and/or medical needs. Emphasis on promoting independence in daily living skills, increasing communication, increasing self-confidence and improving appropriate social interaction.  


Contact Information:

  • Phone: (212) 780-4491 or (212) 780-4493
  • Michael Rose (518) 329-5649
  • Email: michael.rose@ahrcnyc.org
  • Website: www.ahrcnyc.org/campahrc/index.html 

Isabella, MN  
Ages 6 - 18 
Session 1: June 15th- July 14th- $4435 
Session 2: July 19th- August 17th- $4665


Camp Buckskin is an overnight summer camp program that specializes in serving boys and girls ages 6 - 18 who are experiencing social skill and academic difficulties. While not an entrance requirement, the majority of our campers have a primary diagnosis of AD/HD, Learning Disabilities, or Aspergers while others may have a secondary or related diagnosis. 

Contact Information:




Camp Encourage

Kansas City, Missouri

Ages 8-18  

Session 1: June 24th-June 27th Tuesday-Friday 

Session 2: July 23rd- July 26th Wednesday-Saturday

Cost: $1,200 (scholarship opportunity available)  

Our Mission is to encourage social growth, independence, and self-esteem in youth with autism spectrum disorders through a quality, overnight experience located in the greater Kansas City area.    


Contact Information:

  • Phone: (816) 830-7171
  • Email: info@campencourage.org
  • Website: www.campencourage.org 



Clover Patch Camp

Glenville, NY
Ages: 5-30
Open house: Wednesday June 4th 3pm-6pm
2:1 camper/counselor ratio
Overnight: 7 sessions starting June 15th for varying age groups
Day: 5-18 starting June 30th 
Clover Patch offers a traditional overnight camp experience for children and adults with special needs. All activities are adapted to ensure that every camper experiences success. 

Contact Information:
  • Laura Taylor (518) 384-3081
  • Email: cloverpatchcamp@cfdsny.org
  • Website: www.cloverpatchcamp.org 
Ages 8-39
South Windham, CT
Session 1: June 22nd- July 5th & July 6th-July 19th
Session 2: July 27th- August 9th & August 10th- August 23rd
summer masters program available for ages 40+ 
Our mission is to create and sustain person-centered opportunities for people with special needs where they live, learn, work and play. Camp Horizons is a positive environment for campers who are mild to moderately developmentally disabled. We build on what campers can do, promote their self esteem, and support them as they grow. Activities include horseback riding, health & fitness, arts & crafts, swimming, boating, and more.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (860) 456-1032 x111 or Michelle Heimall x133
  • Website: www.camphorizons.org 

Effort, PA
Ages 8-80
8- 1 week sessions starting June 22nd
Cost: $750/week 
The goals of Camp Jaycee are centered around developing social skills, improving self esteem, increasing confidence, learning in a fun environment, developing physical fitness, and establishing meaningful relationships with new friends.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (732) 246-2525 x44
  • Email: info@campjaycee.org
  • Website: www.campjaycee.org 
Lakewood, PA
Ages 7-19
Full season: June 26th- August 14th, $10,475
Session 1: June 26th- July 22nd, $7,045
Session 2: July 22nd- August 14th, $5,625
10 days: June 26th- July 6th $3,295
$1,200 incentive for first-time campers 
Round Lake Sleep away Camp serves children, teens and young adults with special needs. Our program of therapeutic recreation is designed so that every activity is planned to meet the capabilities of each child.

Contact Information:
  • New Jersey Y Camps (973) 575-3333
  • OR (570) 296-8596 x145
  • Email: rlc@njycamps.org
  • Website: roundlakecamp.org  


Wheatley Heights, NY
Ages 4-21
  • Camp Kehilla provides an emotionally safe environment for children with special needs who are not able to meet the socialization demands of typical local day camps. It helps children and teens develop social skills, build friendships, heighten communication skills, encourage interpersonal relationships and build self-esteem. Your child/teen receives personalized attention in small groups with low camper-to counselor ratios: 3:1 for children and 4:1 for teens. 

Full summer: June 30th- August 15th

Sessions available, rates vary according to length of stay and age.  

(Available on website)  

  • The Kehilla Vocation Experience gives campers with special needs who have aged out of existing camp programs the opportunity to continue to grow with JCC. We provide a vocational/recreational program that opens the doors to many new experiences. These opportunities help individuals make decisions regarding their future careers after their educational studies are complete.
Contact Information:
  • Phone: (516) 484-1545 x148
  • Email: Pzimmer@sjjcc.org
  • Website: campkehilla.org 
Lackawaxen, PA
Ages 7-21
Private 7 week residential program  

Session: June 25th- August 12th

Cost: $10,100 

Camp Lee Mar has over 55 years of changing children's lives. Highly acclaimed program for children with mild to moderate developmental challenges. Includes all camp activities and academics, as well as speech & language therapy.


Contact Information:

  • Phone: (215) 658-1708
  • Email: gtour400@aol.com
  • Website: www.leemar.com 

Hunter, NY
Ages 4-28
5 different sessions for different age groups starting June 21st
2 week sessions
Cost: $1,850, $3,785 (out of county) 
Camp Loyaltown is a private, nonprofit, summer residential, respite camp which cares for children and adults with developmental and other disabilities. We offer traditional camp programs including swimming, boating, arts & crafts, dance, music, athletics and recreation.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (516) 293-1111 or voicemail (516) 293-2016 x5611
  • Email: camp@ahrc.org
  • Website: camployaltown.org   


Ages: 5-13

Mon: June 30th- Tues: August 19th

Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds

Camp Tova

Children with learning and developmental disabilities thrive in Camp Tova's small group setting. Making friends and developing a wide variety of creative, social and physical skills are the goals for Tova campers. They participate in a variety of camp activities specially designed to foster each child's emotional, social and physical growth. They swim each day and participate in a variety of sports, arts, nature and other activities. Counselors and specialists have a background in special education and are committed to providing each child with a positive and rewarding summer experience. Our small (approximately 4:1) camper to staff ratio ensures that each camper receives individualized attention.

Camp Bari Tov

Camp Bari Tov offers children with a variety of severe developmental disabilities direct, one-on-one supervision from dedicated, positive counselors with a strong special education background.


Contact information:

  • Phone: (212) 415-5573
  • Website: 92y.org

*To register a child for Camp Tova or Bari Tov, parents must first complete an intake form.

(accessable through the website)




Children & Adults

July 1st-August 18th

Parksville, NY

Camp HASC is a unique summer program which provides over 300 children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable camp experience. Camp HASC serves the social, therapeutic, academic, recreational, and medical needs of all its campers with a positive, 'person first' approach to care. 


Contact information:

  • Camp administrator: Mrs. Chaya Miller at (718) 686-5930
  • Other: (845) 292-6821
  • Email: Info@camphasc.org 

Camp Hidden Valley

Ages 8-12

Starting June 27th

Fishkill, NY

Camp Hidden Valley serves 130 girls and boys with and without special needs, ages eight to 12. At this unique camp, children with and without disabilities live and play together and find out how much they have in common. Some of the special needs our campers have include sickle-cell anemia, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, hearing impairments and physical disabilities that require the use of wheelchairs, braces or crutches. Camp activities include art, hiking, nature and creative writing. The specially-designed pool complex is enjoyed by all campers, including children who use wheelchairs, braces or other forms of assistance.


Contact Information:

  • Phone:
  • Website: http://www.freshair.org/camp-hidden-valley   


*Camp Huntington

Ages: 6-21

High Falls, NY

June 23rd-August 24th (3 different sessions available)

Single-Rate all-inclusive tuition starts at $2,150 per week

Camp Huntington is a co-ed, residential program for children and young adults with special learning and developmental needs. Our program is designed to maximize a child's potential, locate and develop strengths and hidden abilities. Your child will enjoy the fun-filled days of summer camp while learning practical social and life skills. We offer a unique program approach of adaptive therapeutic recreation, which combines key elements that encourage progress: structured programming, nurturing care, a positive setting, and academic instruction to meet IEP goals. We offer three distinct, specially designed programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of special needs children.

  • Recreation and social skills development for children with Learning Disabilities/ Attention Deficit Disorders, including Hyperactivity
  • Independence for the Developmentally Disabled
  • Participation for children with Autism, Asperger's and Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: 1-855-707-2267
  • Website: camphuntington.com



Camp Northwood and The Northwood Center


Camp Northwood

July 5th- August 22nd

Ages: 8-18

Cost: $10,200

Ramsen, NY

Northwood programs specialize in working with non-aggressive children ranging in age from 8-18 classified with Asperger's Syndrome, HFA, Attention Deficits, Language Processing Weaknesses and children with other forms of minimal learning issues. All of our campers experience delayed social development, weak executive functioning and poor organizational skills. Most importantly, our campers crave a sense of normalcy and opportunity to belong to a community of peers.

The Northwood Center

July 5th- August 22nd

Ages: 16-20

Cost: $10,400

Ramsen, NY

The Northwood Center is a seven-week life skills training experience for young adults preparing to make a post-secondary school transition away from home. This comprehensive program gives students an opportunity to develop independent living skills under the watchful eye and supervision of our staff.


Contact Information:


Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck

Start: June 22nd

Ages: 6-21

Cost: $ 875/ session (ten different sessions)

Center Moriches, New York

Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck's mission is to help children and young adults ages 6-21 with both physical and developmental disabilities achieve equality, dignity, and maximum independence through a safe and quality program of camping, recreation, and education in a summer-time environment. In a structured, compassionate environment, the children engage in a number of activities designed to broaden their horizons. 

Contact Information:


  • Phone: (631) 878-1070
  • Website: camppaquatuck.com



Clover Patch Camp

Open house: Wed. June 6th
3pm-6pmAges: 5-30


Cost: $1300/ session

Clover Patch offers a traditional overnight camp experience for children and adults with special needs. All activities are adapted to ensure that every camper experiences success. 2:1 camper/ counselor ratio.


Contact Information:

  • Phone: Laura Taylor @ (518) 384-3081 OR Christopher Scheldin @ (518) 384-3080
  • Email: cloverpatchcamp@cfdsny.org 
  • Website: cloverpatchcamp.org




The Friendship Circle

2014 dates pending

Ages: 5-15

Times: 10 am-3 pm

2013 rates: $500 per child for the week

The Friendship Circle Summer Camp allows children with special needs the opportunity to taste a full action-packed camp experience. With constant one-on-one attention from teen volunteers, the children enjoy field trips, music, arts & crafts, special performances - in a very spirited camp environment. While all FC programs tend to build a strong relationship between the teen volunteers and their special friends, the Summer Camp is one in which this bond becomes that much more animated and pronounced. Many parents have been known to say that their children enjoyed their best days of the year at the Friendship Circle Summer Camp.


Contact Information:

  • Phone: (646)820-1066
  • Website: friendshipnyc.com





  Camp Ramah in New England


Palmer, Massachusetts

Ages 13-18  

June 24th- August 17th

Cost: $7,955 

 The Tikvah Progam
at Ramah in New England is an eight-week program serving teens ages 13-18 with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, neurological impairments, and physical challenges. Tikvah campers live in accessible bunks with specially trained counselors and participate in an extensive camping program.

Ages 18-21
 Tochnit Avodah
is a vocational education program for 18-21 year-olds. The Voc Ed participants live in a group home environment with two advisors. The Post Voc Ed Program offers summer employment to a select group of Tikvah graduates. The inclusion program is for a carefully selected group of younger campers with special needs, including physical challenges, who live in and participate in the daily activities of a typical bunk. Inclusion campers receive additional support and participate in a full range of activities in a typical camping division.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (781) 702-5290
  • Email: info@campramahne.org
  • Website: www.campramahne.org 

Wingdale, NY
4th - 6th Graders
Full session: June 25th- August 14th
Cost: $7,785 
For children with ADHD and other related learning and social challenges, Ramah Berkshires offers B'reira B'Ramah ("Choice in Ramah"), a four-week program designed for campers entering fourth through sixth grades. B'reira campers are integrated into the regular Ramah day, guided by dedicated, trained staff. B'reira campers receive ongoing socials skills guidance, support for achieving attainable goals, and the tools necessary to strengthen their Jewish identity like any other Ramah camper.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (201) 871-7262
  • Email: info@ramahberkshires.org
  • Website: www.ramahberkshires.org 

Lakewood, PA
Full session: June 19th- August 10th
Cost: $7,790
The Tikvah Family Camp at Camp Ramah in the Poconos is a five-day overnight program that provides Jewish children with developmental disorders and/or social learning disorders, their parents, and their siblings the unique opportunity to experience together the magic of Jewish summer camp.

Contact Information:
  • Director: Rabbi Joel Seltzer
  • Phone: (215) 885-8556
  • Email: joels@ramahpoconos.org OR INFO@RAMAHPOCONOS.ORG
  • Website: www.campramah.org 

Colorado Rockies
Ages 11 - 17
2-week sessions July 8th- July 21st
Cost: $2,350
The Tikvah Program at Ramah Outdoor Adventure is a two-week or four-week program serving adolescents ages 11-17 with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities, including Asperger's Syndrome and Autism Disorder. Tikvah campers (or chalutzim as they are known at Ramah Outdoor Adventure) will live in cabents (cabin tents) with specially trained counselors and will participate in the many activities that Ramah Outdoor Adventure offers all of its participants. These activities include: horseback riding, Jewish learning, rock climbing, wilderness survival, arts and crafts, agriculture, sports, aerobics and mining. While their schedule is slightly modified from the typical day, Tikvah chalutzim will participate with their typically-developing peers in elements of the camp program, such as meals, evening programs, and Shabbat services. Individual chalutzim will be integrated into other activities in camp according to their abilities.

Contact Information:
  • Elyssa Hammerman (303) 261-8214 x103
  • Email: info@ramahoutdoors.org
  • Website: www.ramahoutdoors.org  


Ramapo For Children - Camp Ramapo

Rhinebeck, NY

Ages 6 - 16 (Summer Adventure)

Ages 14 - 16 (Teen Leadership)   

Price varies upon weeks and sessions 

Camp Ramapo provides an opportunity for children with a wide range of needs to experience success in a natural, outdoor environment. It provides educational and recreational experiences which promote social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.


Contact Information:  




 Sail to Prevail: The National Disables Sailing Program 


Newport, RI: For Adams State Park, Nantucket (daily in the month of July) Nantucket Boat Basin 

5 day camp experience: $150 per child

Full and partial scholarships are available

Campers can register as of May 1 for the week(s) of their choice in July

Sail to Prevail creates opportunities for disabled children and adults to overcome adversity through therapeutic sailing. Teach people with disabilities the skills of sailing in our fleet of five specially adapted :Independence 20" sailboats. Program strongly encourages disabled individuals to be active participants, steering the boat as well as opportunities to grin winches and trim sails. It is available to all people with disabilities and is designed to meet specific needs.  


Contact Information:  

  • Phone: (401) 849-8898
  • Website: sailtoprevail.org   




Pennsburg, PA
Boys ages 8-17

Full Season: June 29th- August 9th, $9,600
1st Session: June 29th- July 19th, $5,450
2nd Session: July 20th- ugust 9th, $5,450   
Camp Sequoia is an overnight summer camp for boys ages 8-17 who need support developing their social skills. Camp Sequoia is filling an unmet need in the overnight camp market for children and teenagers who do not need the level of support offered at special needs overnight camps, yet need more than what a traditional overnight camp can offer.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (610) 771-0111
  • Email: office@camp-sequoia.com
  • Website: camp-sequoia.com 


Dingmans Ferry, PA
Ages 8-19

ACCES (All Children Can Experience Speers-Eljabar) is an inclusion program that enables campers with mild to moderate developmental disabilities to participate in traditional residential camping activities. We focus on guiding and empowering campers with special needs to gain independence, build relationships, master activity skills and successfully socialize with both typically and atypically developing peers. All of this while having FUN and feeling good about themselves.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (570) 828-2329
  • Website: www.campspeersymca.org 



Summit Camp

Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Ages 8-19

Two & Three Week Sessions, Travel and Teen Programs  

Rates vary according to age group (see website) 

In its 4th decade serving boys and girls with issues of attention. Clinical diagnoses may include: Verbal or Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, A.D.D./A.D.H.D., Asperger's Syndrome, mild Pervasive Developmental Delays, Tourette's Syndrome, O.C.D. and Mild Mood Disorders.   


Contact Information:

  • Phone: (800) 323-9908 OR (973) 732-3220 
  • Email: info@summitcamp.com
  • Website: summitcamp.com  

Camp Venture

Valley Cottage

Ages: 5-12

Call for rates

10:00 am- 3:00 pm

Camp Venture is for children with or without developmental disabilities. While on the 7 acre campgrounds children can swim in one of two pools, ride horses or play on a playground.


Contact Information:

  • Phone: (845) 624-3860
  • Website: www.campventure.org 



YAI's MAC (Mainstreaming At Camp)

Frost Valley in New York's Catskill Mountains

Ages 8-18

Call for dates and rates 

Offers an inclusive, safe and caring summer camp opportunity to children with disabilities. Campers are fully included in all summer camp activities with additional support as needed with specially trained counselors. Our intake process begins in January and ends in May. We fill our open sessions on a first come first served basis; calling early is best.


Contact Informations:

  • Phone: Gail Morris (212) 273-6658
  • Email: gmorris@yai.org
  • Website: www.yai.org/services/playing/camping and travel/mac/ 



Worcester, PA

Ages 7-21

Variety is offering seven one week camping sessions beginning June 22    

The summertime is the heart of what we do at Variety Club Camp and Developmental Center - providing fun and education in a safe and friendly environment.  Variety Club Camp and Developmental Center offers a Day Camp for children with developmental disabilities and an Overnight Camp for children with physical and/or developmental disabilities.  For children looking for some educational assistance we offer our Extended School Year Program, and for older youth looking for job development, we offer a newly designed Vocational Program.   


Contact Information:

  • Phone: Samantha Friedman (610) 584-4366 x1030
  • Email: samfriedman@varietyphila.org
  • Website:  varietyphila.org/club-camp 




Parks and Recreation Departments


Families may want to check with their local Parks and Recreation Department to see what programs they have available for children with special needs. Below is a list of the Parks and Recreation Departments for each city/town:

18 Center St
Ardsley NY 10502
15 Bedford Road
Armonk NY 10504

425 Cherry St
Bedford Hills NY 10507

48 Macy Rd
Briarcliff Manor NY 10510
200 Pondfield Rd
Bronxville NY 10708

Chappaqua Recreation
200 S Greeley Ave
Chappaqua NY 10514
1 Heady St.
Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567

1 Van Wyck St
Croton-on-Hudson NY 10520

112 Main St.
40 Mill Road
Eastchester NY 10709
11 Olympic Lane
Ardsley NY 10502
1 Heineman Place
Harrison NY 10528
Temp Location: 7 Farragut Ave
Hastings-on-Hudson NY 10706
I. K. Benjamin Recreation Center
71 Main St
Irvington NY 10533
Larchmont Village Hall
120 Larchmont Ave
Larchmont NY 10538
914-834-6230 ext 6 
65 Old Bedford Rd
Goldens Bridge NY 10526
740 W Boston Post Rd

104 Main St
Mt Kisco NY 10549
1 S Roosevelt Square# 3
515 North Ave
New Rochelle NY 10801
270 Titicus Road
North Salem NY 10560

95 Broadway
Ossining NY 10562
20 5th Ave
Pelham NY 10803
350 N Main St
Port Chester, NY 10573
179 Westchester Ave
Pound Ridge NY 10576,
1001 Post Rd
Scarsdale NY 10583

28 Beekman Ave
Sleepy Hollow NY 10591
Somers Parks and Recreation
Reis Park
Rte 139
Somers NY 10589

West Main St
PO Box 292
Tarrytown, NY 10591
71 Columbus Ave
Tuckahoe NY 10707,

85 Gedney Way
White Plains, NY 10605
285 Nepperhan Ave.
Yonkers NY 10701

WJCS Autism Center


About Us: The WJCS Autism  Center offers a range of supports and services to youth, adults, and families to reduce the stresses and relieve the sense of isolation affected by Autism. Individuals with ASD can find a variety of services. Family members can join on a formal and informal basis to build support. The AFC offers all members of the community (families, individuals, and professionals) a centralized information and referral resource.

Our Programs:
  • The Supper Club (for 19+)
  • Special education consultation and advocacy 
  • Project Lifesaver (a bracelet program for children who wander)
  • Grandparents' Support Group
  • Workshop Series for families and professionals
  • Parent support group 
  • 5 day a week call and drop-in center for families
For More Information: Please contact Lee Englander, Program Coordinator, at Lenglander@wjcs.com or (914) 761-0600 ext. 228.

 WJCS Autism Center is possible with the support of

If you are not receiving this listing directly and would like to be placed on our email list, please contact the WJCS Autism Center at Lenglander@wjcs.com
  *This list is not an endorsement of any services or programs, but rather a resource for professionals and families to learn of upcoming events that have been made known to us.*