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October 2013 Volume 5 Issue 10

Halloween and Leadership


Written by: Leo Bottary, VP Vistage Inc. 


    It seems like yesterday but it was years ago. My daughter was four at the time. There was a Halloween party at the child care center and as usual I picked her up at the end of the day. When I arrived, I asked if she was ready to come home, and the woman at the desk said that the director wanted to see me first. I'm thinking, "This can't be good."


    The director came out with a big smile on her face and said she wanted to tell me a story. That day, a "witch" came to the center to "entertain" the kids at the Halloween party. Apparently, the witch looked a little too authentic for some of the preschoolers; when she arrived, many of the children got really scared and began to cry. The teachers were trying to reassure the class that everything was OK, but the children weren't buying it. The crying started to spread. It was at this moment that my daughter got up from being seated on the floor, walked up to the front of the room, put both arms above her head, and exclaimed to the class, "She's not real! There's no need to be afraid." My daughter provided the reassurance that the teachers could not.


    This isn't just a story about peer credibility; it's broader than that. It's a simple and powerful reminder that leadership isn't about power, position, or even age. It's about those moments in life when people need you to step up and do what has to be done. If a four-year old can do it, so can you. It may not be as scary as you think!  Happy Halloween!




What Leaders are Reading   


Personal Power Books 

by William Walker Atkinson and Edward E. Beals


    The Personal Power Books, a 12-volume series, are a set of self-help books designed to be carefully studied to develop personal power. In the Foreword to Volume I, personal power is defined as,"The ability of strength possessed by the human individual, by which he does, or may accomplish desired results in an efficient manner." In other words, these books describe the methods to attain control and power in your own life, whether it be financial, physical, mental, or emotional--certainly a worthy goal for any individual. 


    American writer WILLIAM WALKER ATKINSON (1862-1932) was editor of the popular magazine "New Thought" from 1901 to 1905 and editor of the journal "Advanced Thought" from 1916 to 1919. He authored dozens of New Thought books under numerous pseudonyms, some of those names unknown to many today; for example, "Yogi." 
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 Leadership Tip of The Month  


 Authority vs. Power   


Successful people are individuals with high levels of personal power.  Is one born with this power? Is it learned?  

   To answer that we must understand there is a significant distinction  between personal power and granted authority.

Too many people use these terms interchangeably, however these are two very different concepts.

Power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others. Like Leo Bottary's 4 yr old daughter in the Halloween and Leadership story.

Authority is the right granted from a person or organization to another to represent or act in a specified way. The teachers in Bottary's story had authority.

Authority is granted and has defined limits. Power is earned and can be limitless. Have you known people with authority but no real power? Have you known people with great power (influence) yet no authority?

So how does one develop such power? First, be true to yourself. Be intentional about shaping your life, priorities and values. Next, trust yourself, believe in yourself, be honest with yourself and others. Others will then trust, believe and be honest with you.

This is the foundation which enhances personal power.

Finally, as Bottary said "...step up and do what has to be done...It may not be as scary as you think."


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John Branstad

John Branstad
Quote of the Month  
"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it."

Dwight Eisenhower
John Branstad