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March 2016     Volume IX, Issue III 
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"Hi, just want to drop you a line. I have had my SmokinTex 1460 for 3 years now. I LOVE it!!!!!
I have had other smokers in the past, but this is hands down the BEST one yet!! I'm not bragging, but I have turned out the best briskets anyone has ever eaten. Thanks for the videos they are a great help.
Keep On Smokin."
John K.
SmokinTex Cart
Stainless Steel Cart

Stainless steel cart made especially to hold the SmokinTex Pro Series models 1400 and 1100 smokers. Has fold down side shelves and stationary shelves for easy storage of wood and accessories.


SmokinTex Thermometers



An internal probe thermometer is a must have for smokin!




SmokinTex Products



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Wood Chip Insert
wood chip insert
Stainless steel wood chip insert allows you to put wood chips into the wood box and not have small pieces fall through the holes. Can also be used with regular chunks to allow easy removal of the ashes after the cooking cycle is completed.
SmokinTex Cover

New Cover Protect your smoker oven from the elements with our cover. We also have covers for all smokers on cart.




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SmokinTex Forum is a great resource for all things smoked. There you will find thousands of posts -- some with recipes and pictures. We have great members who answer questions and point you in the right direction.

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If you have any questions, comments, pictures, or videos of your SmokinTex experience please contact us at:

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How Can I Order Parts?
You can order parts such as a heating element and/or thermostat by calling our office. We can assist you in getting the right part.
888-922-1511  M-F 9-5
Top Senior Member Sodaking27 has been very active on our SmokinTex Forums lately. He's a seasoned smoker and is a valuable contributor with lots of recipes and smokin tips.

He smokes a lot of boneless hams and turkey and slices them up for lunches. He says, "Sure beats store bought."  We agree!

Here is his recipe:

"Rubbed ham with a cracked pepper and garlic rub.
Loaded up the smoker with some cherry chips.
Internal temp of 160F. Going to let it rest and cool down for slicing later."

Easy and delicious and everyone will be jealous at work!

Sodaking27 smokes his BBQ in his SmokinTex model 1400 on our great stainless steel cart.

See how he smokes boneless turkey too here.

More smoked ham and pork loin inspiration for your Easter table.

Pecan Praline Honey Ham

Much More Smoked BBQ Pork Inspiration on our SmokinTex Pinterest Page.
Smoked Pork Loin Video
by Chef Sandy
Chef Sandy shows us how to perfect a smoked pork loin!
Her mushroom gravy adds another flavor layer.
Try it!

True Story
"True story.
When I did my break-in smoke, I went to the store to buy some apple wood chunks for my first rack of ribs.
I am at checkout and the lady says to me 'You smell delicious'. So some folks dig that smell." (We do!)


Posted on SmokinTex Forums by Pepperbo.


By Smokin-tnpete
"I was one of the lucky ones to be able to buy one of the first dozen SmokinTex Pro Series Model 1500's before the owner put them out on the market. And it's been a joy to use from day one. I have smoked meat on it for 2 people up to 400 people.

Most Boston butts I had on it at one time was 120 lbs. and let me tell you that baby was full. Put them on at 3pm that Friday evening and at 8 am pulled all the butts off. Wrapped them in foil, then with towels in the bottom of the cooler. Placed meat in the cooler. A 5 day cooler will hold Boston butts or whole shoulders for 5 hours without any problems. They're still way to hot to pick up by hand after 5 hours."

Smokin-tnpete is a Top Senior Member on SmokinTex Forums.
He uses charcoal in his smoke box for a nice smoke ring and sprays his chicken with pam.
We Honor Veterans Every Day
SmokinTex salutes all our veterans and active duty military every day.

We offer a discount off any SmokinTex smoker to all active duty military and first responders.

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SmokinTex supports our troops - thank you for all you do!

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