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January 2016     Volume IX, Issue I 
You get our popular model 1400 smoker + a Single Probe Thermometer with digital readout and extra accessories.
Perfect for getting the internal temp of the meat just right for your tastes!

Order yours today and get ready to smoke great food for your Super Bowl party!
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Model 1460 Testimonial
"Hi Scott-Just wanted to let you know I made my first brisket last night with the new SmokinTex 1460 I got from you Tuesday and it was incredible. A bit messy for my first time, and a few lessons I learned along the way, but overall everyone said it was the best brisket they've ever had. Already my favorite purchase of the year (and I'm not just saying 2016, but the last 365 days)! Thanks again." Edward A.



SmokinTex ProductsLinks
SmokinTex Cart
Stainless Steel Cart

Stainless steel cart made especially to hold the SmokinTex Pro Series models 1400 and 1100 Smokers.

Has fold down side shelves and stationary shelves for easy
storage of wood and accessories.


New Book by
Luke Clayton

Outdoors writer, Luke Clayton's new book "Kill To Grill-The Ultimate Guide to Hog Hunting" is out. You can check it out here.

See more hunting/smokin tips from Luke here.

SmokinTex Cover

New Cover Protect your smoker oven from the elements with our cover. We also have covers for all smokers on cart.


Wood Chip Insert
wood chip insert
Stainless steel wood chip insert allows you to put wood chips into the wood box and not have small pieces fall through the holes.
Can also be used with regular chunks to allow easy removal of the ashes after the cooking cycle is completed.



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SmokinTex Forum is a great resource for all things smoked. There you will find thousands of posts -- some with recipes and pictures. We have great members who answer questions and point you in the right direction.

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Orange Stuffed Smoked Chicken

5.88 lbs. whole chicken
1 orange
Vegetable/olive oil/butter

This is so easy and soooo good!
Clean and pat dry your chicken then rub inside and out with oil.
Stuff pats of butter under breast skin.

Salt and pepper.

Stuff cavity with quartered orange. Don't stuff too tightly as it will lengthen your smokin/cooking time.

We smoked with only a quarter cup of cherry wood chips because our smoker is well-seasoned. You can use any wood you like. Just remember if you are new to smokin start out with a small amount of wood. You can always add more on your next smoke.

We also smoked a couple of potatoes too! 

Smoke at 225F until the breast reaches an internal temp of 165F-170F. We always recommend using an internal thermometer. Smokin by time is imprecise and hit and miss.

Most important tip: Always give yourself plenty of time!

Take a picture of your finished smoked chicken and send it to us or post it on our Twitter Page.
Smoked Baked Potato

Rub potatoes with olive oil, smoke at 250F for 3 to 3 1/2 hours, or until tender. Leftover smoked baked potatoes, peeled and cubed, are great for: hash browns, potato salad, mashed potatoes, potato soups, & chowders.
Because we use every scrap of our smoked briskets we chopped leftover hickory smoked brisket and added cheese, sour cream and SmokinTex BBQ Sauce.
Chips vs Chunks
Smokin Tip from DReeves

Wood sample kit Wood Chips 1
Chips vs chunk smokin wood. DReeves has some tips:

"As for the chips vs chunks debate, allow me to add to the conv: I can control the amount of wood I am using with chips, as I can measure out 1/2 cup or full cup, whatever. With chunks, I may use a larger chunk today, and a smaller chunk tomorrow. A minor detail, but I am lazy, and I don't want to find myself searching for the perfect chunk, or breaking one up for that matter.
Now, I will say this: my neighbor has a pecan tree that keeps me supplied with branches, so in a way, I am doing both: I break up the branches into smaller, more manageable pieces.
So there ya go, I have muddied the water! Enjoy!"

If you have an opinion on this or anything else smokin related let us know by posting on our SmokinTex Facebook Page.



How Can I Order Parts?
You can order parts such as a heating element and/or thermostat by calling our office. We can assist you in getting the right part.
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We Honor Veterans Every Day
SmokinTex salutes all our veterans and active duty military every day.

We offer a discount off any SmokinTex smoker to all active duty military and first responders.

You must call 888-922-1511 to receive this offer.

SmokinTex supports our troops - thank you for all you do!
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