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October 2014     Volume VII, Issue X 

Thanksgiving Smoker Special!

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Turkey Tray

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"I have had my SmokinTex so long I have forgotten when I got it. It still keeps on chugging away. My meats from it are famous now. I always recommend these units to those who express interest. You can buy cheaper, but not better."



Turkey Tray

Turkey Tray

Carry the turkey to the smoker and smoke it! Also can be used to smoke nuts!


Cold Smoke Plate

Cold Smoke Plate

Cold smoke cheese, salmon and more! Perfect for when you want the smoked flavor but not the heat.




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Sittin Chicken Beer Can Roaster


Create a whole meal in one pan!


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SmokinTex Forum is a great resource for all things smoked. There you will find thousands of posts -- some with recipes and pictures. We have great members who answer questions and point you in the right direction.

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Pecan Wood Smoked Salmon
"I dry brine my salmon with 1/4 cup kosher salt, 1 cup brown sugar, some onion powder, garlic powder and dill weed.

I brine for 4-6 hours and then rinse and dry to skin them on a plank in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

Once skinned I smoke with pecan wood for 1-1.25 hours at 170F or until internal temp hits 160F."

By SmokinTex Forum member BirdDog

Dehydrate Tomatoes
Using the SmokinTex Jerky Dryer
A crate of tomatoes were about to go bad so Chef Sandy dehydrated tomatoes using the SmokinTex Jerky Dryer.

Dehydrating the tomatoes makes a more intense flavor.

She put them in the freezer to use later in salads, soups, or anything.
Smoked Pork Loin
Smoked Pork Loin with Chef Sandy by SmokinTex
Smoked Pork Loin with Chef Sandy by SmokinTex

See Smoked Pork Loin recipe here.
Chef Sandy's Mushroom Gravy recipe



How Can I Order Parts?
You can order parts such as a heating element and/or thermostat by calling our office. We can assist you in getting the right part.
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Active Duty Military Discount
SmokinTex salutes all our veterans and active duty military every day.

We offer a discount off any SmokinTex smoker to all active duty military.

You must call 888-922-1511 to receive this offer.

SmokinTex supports our troops - thank you for all you do!
Need Help?
If you have any questions, comments, pictures, or videos of your SmokinTex experience please contact us at:

Office 888-922-1511 M-F 9-5.

Thanks for your business and happy smokin!
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SmokinTex Gourmet Package S100
Pro Series Model 1100

 Portable for RVs, patios and condos.




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